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Entry 05/25/2005 09:34:31 PM – Mentat 157


Entry 05/25/2005 09:34:31 PM – Mentat 157

     "These days are just packed…"  as one of my favorite comics compilation books reads. 

     First off — just as I was getting used to the in-between time that comes after the end of a contract and the hunting for another, I get word at the beginning of the week as I was sitting there at my desk working — that the contract’s going to be extended another couple of weeks.  Four to eight weeks according to what I’ve been told by Keeya.  Then yesterday, Doris — the other temp that replaced the oversensitive cow (Lynn) — didn’t come into work.  Which turns out today while I was sitting there working through the million contracts that I still have sitting at my desk is because she’s gotten herself another job outside of this place and that she’s going to be gone in another week or so…  For which Keeya tells me that I’m going to be "training" the next person that comes in.  By training this means that I’m going to say hello, for which she’ll take over and do all the training. 
     And here I wanted the hell out of this assignment because working in this department just plain sucks.  Do I get it?  Of course not.  In fact, I seem to be lasting longer than the other two temps combined.  Just how bloody wrong is that? 
     It’s because of this particular assignment, that I’m going to be working on a review system for the Personal WebPages.  Particularly because of today, because every department within the company was able to get breakfast pizza for the people in their department, and while Keeya got some for herself, she didn’t tell either of us that the food was available (even though all the other temps were able to partake of it).  I really don’t think she has what it takes to be managing temps or any other human beings for that matter.  *sigh*  Some things just don’t change. 

     And the air conditioner, I think has totally died…  The motor doesn’t even seem to be starting up.  Of course, the temperatures have been surprisingly cool (upper 70’s — with a breeze in the 60’s), which means that I don’t really need to run it at the moment, as the house seems just a teensy uncomfortable until the sun goes down and the breeze comes into the house.  This, of course will probably change for June when summer begins it’s vengeance on the South.  Which means that it’s back on the queue to get replaced. 
     Here’s to hoping for a really mild summer…  Just like the one the season before I moved to Atlanta which everyone told me about, but I never personally experienced. 

     Well, I’ll write more later…  Until the next time. 


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