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Entry 06/15/2005 09:12:41 PM – Mentat 166


Entry 06/15/2005 09:12:41 PM – Mentat 166

     Well, I didn’t exactly sit down to work on that year in review entry like I said that I would.  Not surprising given the chain of events that I had gone through on my birthday…  Not to mention that while some of the events for last year were relatively okay — this year’s have been bloody well disasters — the kind of which would probably make me want to ball my eyes out for a while.  Not the kind of thing that I want to do, given the fact that I don’t have any beer in the house to cry into.  So instead, I may wait a while until my next holiday (Emancipation Day — June 25th) to reconsider the year in review. 
     As for some of the other news.

     I sat down with Keeya’s boss in a teleconference between myself, Dawn, and the my firm’s management to discuss my explosion on Friday and all the shit that I was going through at work.  Dawn thought that some of the issues were somewhat petty — but I explained to her that this has been a slow build up over the course of months, of which most of it has to deal with Keeya being an über-micromanager.  She said that Keeya had positively no previous experience as a manager — of which I had spoken up and told her maybe she shouldn’t have been given the role, given that there’s no one to correct her on the rights and wrongs of proper management skills. 
     Dawn had stressed that at any time I were to have an issue, that I could easily give Dawn a call to work through the issues that way this sort of thing wouldn’t happen again.  She also stressed that Keeya is not my boss, but my equal — which means that I don’t have to taken too much direction from her; nor do I need to listen to her criticism unless it’s taken with a grain of salt.  Dawn even approved the hour that Keeya supposedly thought that I had "padded" to my timecard. 

     Of course — since that blow-up on Friday; coupled with the teleconference call on Monday has been so sickly sweet and nice to me, I’ve been tempted to order insulin online in order to counteract the sickly sweetness in that neck of the woods. 

     There were a couple of other issues that came up during that teleconference that were pretty interesting.  The first was that there has been discussion between Dawn’s boss (Al), and Dawn’s boss’ boss (Chris) that there may be another position available some time in the near future involving support for the Sales and Lead Program that they have running there — which I’ve been recommended for the position once the scanning project has been completed.  There was also talk that Chris wants the temps that are currently in place to stay there for the remainder of the year, as there’s strong possibilities that there will be other positions available of which what we currently do and what we currently know will play an important factor on why we should stay onboard. 
     I came to find out that the reason why I had been considered for this position had to do with the fact that Chris’ Admin had recommended me because of the amount of knowledge I have when it comes to computers, software and Microsoft in general.  And it was through her that she had told Chris a little of what was going on, and how Chris got involved indirectly with talking to Dawn about keeping me on, or even getting me back (not sure whether this is entirely true, but it did give me a slightly fuzzy feeling that someone was watching out for me, in spite of the fact that I had exploded for being treated so unfairly. 

     So that’s the news of the moment.  I’ll be writing more this week as I think a little about the bullshit that’s still left on the burners. 

     T-Minus Twelve days and counting… 

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