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Entry 07/12/2005 08:30:57 AM – Mentat 173

Entry 07/12/2005 08:30:57 AM – Mentat 173
     I survived another weekend of insomnia, although I have to admit that I almost didn’t wake up on time this morning due to the fact that sometime after midnight, I had lost the power for a significant amount of time.  I woke up around 4:25 this morning and saw the telltale signs of the blinking clocks.  So, I got a quick catnap in for the last half-hour before the alarms went off and I got up to get ready for another day at the slave-pit…
     Of course, Atlanta has survived another bout of heavy rains, potential flooding, and the abortive  tropical storm: Dennis.  While it’s a good thing that the apartment complex is on the lee side of a hill, unfortunately the rest of the neighborhood isn’t.  Not to mention that one of the big problems of the ‘burbs of many of the neighborhoods is literally filled with nothing but pine trees.  While nice that it’s evergreen in the neighborhoods, pine trees (Pitch Pine) are notoriously shallow rooted; which means that whenever the winds kick up — the trees will all be uprooted and blown down.  This is what had happened yesterday early morning on Lavista (between Cheshire Bridge and Briarcliff Roads), as one of the larger trees had been blown down causing traffic to have to re-route.  By the time I had headed home from work — traffic had further been re-routed around from Woodland Hills, as more trees had come down during the afternoon.  It had taken them most of the day; and a good majority of the night — but they did finally clear everything up, and I had gotten up and left the house early all in vain. 
    Eh, it’s sometimes a good thing to get into work early before everyone else — mainly because I get a whack at the coffee freshly brewed, instead of having to brew two pots, because some of the lazy gits here don’t think twice about brewing and run the hell out of the break room to let someone else do it. 
     And I’ve also come to the conclusion that there are just some classical pieces of music one should hope never to listen to while at work.  For example — Wagner’s Ride of the Valkerie being one of them.  The instant that it had started, I about lost my composure.  It was a surreal 15 minutes as it played because I couldn’t help but think of the über-geeky dogfight scenes out of the movie Hardware Wars while it was playing.  I was almost glad that it ended, because I’m sure that I had turned a couple of shades of goofy while listening to it. 
     Another one of those that I’m glad I haven’t heard so far was Dance of the Scimitars (don’t know who the composer is, and the three sites that I’ve been to, don’t have any information on it)…  But there has been a threat of them playing Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, which is also one of those that will bring memories of Bugs Bunny cartoons. 
     On second thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a lot of classical pieces that I’ve heard that simply seem to add a really surreal feeling while performing data entry for contracts.  Maybe I should just stick to dance/circuit music to keep my speed up. 
     Anyway — it’s time for lunch…  I’ll write more when I get back.
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