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Entry 07/26/2005 11:27:44 AM – Mentat 177

Entry 07/26/2005 11:27:44 AM – Mentat 177
     I said that when I deleted the last attempt at writing a journal entry, that was nothing more than a Holy Hell Bitch Session about the bullshit that I had endured towards the end of last week, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be using my journal as a method of venting my frustration with my job.  However, today isn’t so much a bitch session as it’s mildly amusing to see how things played their way out here after the implosion.  But I’ll get to that in a couple of moments. 
     I am coming into a five week month, and because of that, I’m going to be paid 5 paychecks.  So, because I didn’t get the chance in a long time to take a mad day out of work, So, on Friday morning, I called in Queer and took the day out to collect my thoughts and feelings, shake the bullshit that I put myself through the day before, and had a three day holiday to myself, and my cat to play games, chat with people online.  Joke and have a generally good time being bored out of my mind by Sunday evening.  Of course, the weekend didn’t go without a couple of hitches.  First hitch had to do with the fact that the laundromat closest to the house went out of business a full week prior to the date they had at the back of the store.  Which meant that I needed to get out of the house at some time, and either pick up a laundry bag, or a new basket (since the last one was taken by someone that thought it was theirs even though I watched them walk in and they didn’t have one in their possession).  I had gotten out of the house on Saturday briefly, but when I hit the wall of humidity, I decided to wait another day before I tried again. 
     It wasn’t too bad Sunday however.  I had gotten out of the house relatively early (before 9 am) to head down to Kroger for some groceries and needed supplies and to confirm that the laundromat that I remember being near to Kroger was still open.  Which it was (thank god), and did my grocery shopping before heading home to wait ’til 12 noon when Target would open, and I could pick up either a laundry bag or a replacement basket.  Didn’t actually leave the house ’til almost 2 PM, and by that time, when I had started the less than a mile trek to Target the temperatures and the humidity had become frightfully oppressive again.  So, I decided on chickening out of making the jaunt to the laundromat and decided that I should try doing it Monday. 
     Yeah, I know, incredibly lazy of me…  But after the walk to Target, and the chest pains I was having from both the heat that I had to endure and the ground level ozone that I had to breathe in order to get to and from Target, I thought it in my best interest to stay home, stay in air conditioning comfort, and enjoy my boredom. 
     I also lucked out on getting myself a pretty sturdy laundry bag while over at Target.  Canvas like the one that I used to use from Belkin Laundries in California.  While I’m not particularly happy that the color is khaki; at least it appears sturdy enough to last me a few months before I will probably have to get myself a new one.  Heh, consequently while  I was waiting for the bus, I had remembered that I used to have a military duffel bag that I had acquired while I was in.  I had wondered what had happened to it given the fact that I hadn’t seen it in years, and I don’t remember making the trip to Atlanta with it in my possession.  I sort of missed it then, as it was a hell of a lot more sturdy than what I was using, not to mention that the straps on it were more comfortable to use than the one that comes on this bag I acquired from Target.  *sigh* Oh well.  Maybe I should go looking for an Army/Navy Surplus to see if I can’t acquire a new one in the process. 
     On Monday though, because I wasn’t sure what the hours were for the laundromat, I decided on getting out of work early (on the excuse of an appointment) with the promise to make up the time both by working through lunch as well as working through lunch on Tuesday (today).  Geting there, I realized that even though I had only been in there once, that I didn’t remember the place at all.  Hell, I’m rather surprised that I didn’t remember the interior (and seem to recall the interior being entirely different).  Was cleaner than the impression I thought that I had of the place as well.  But the most important thing is the fact that this place is significantly open later than the one that used to be next to the house.  10 PM according to what I had seen; and that the last load is sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.  Which is a cool thing, given that in the winter, I would rather take the time to do laundry in the evening, than trek out during the weekend to do laundry.  Hell, given what it was like on Monday, I may try to jaunt out Friday evening to do the laundry, instead of waiting ’til the weekend to do it. 
     This morning, when I was getting through my routines, I saw that my neck had been bruised up — one of them even looking as though I had gotten a hickey.  But the instant I looked again at one of them I realized that it had been caused by my carrying my laundry to and from the laundromat.  Heh, though it ironic my laundry gave me hickeys. 
     I have to admit that most of the people that I had talked with over the weekend were the regulars of the chat areas.  While there there a couple of people that I had chatted with were strangers, only one of them truly stands out as inspiring as well as worthwhile to talk with…  Although I admit that I have some trepidations as to some of the things we had discussed. 
     His name was Michael. 
     According to the information in his profile, he currently lives someplace in Washington state.  He had lied a little bit about his age (which he admitted someplace within the conversation) stating in his profile that he was 29, however, during the conversation that we had, he stated that he’s just a "…little bit older than…" myself.  (Given the information that he had provided, I believe that he’s someplace between 45 – 50 years old).  While I admit that the conversation did go rather well, as we covered a variety of topics that generally were light — there was frequently an undercurrent that he was expecting something more from the likes of me.  However, every time I had confronted him with direct questions on whether or not he was alluding to something more — he would frequently back down and change directions to something more platonic.  I swear gay men are just plain odd when it comes down to the flirt.  They do it by second nature, and the instant that it’s brought up to the light, it’s denied outright. 
     I admit that I also stayed up much later than I should have.  In fact, I got something like just under three and a half hours of sleep Sunday night/Monday morning because I had stayed up way too late chatting with him.  While he had said that he would look for me next weekend, because of the kind of luck that I have, there’s a strong possibility that given the way I flitter in and out of MSN chat the way that I do, I’m most probably never going to see him again.  Pity too, given that I should have given him my e-mail address so that he could track me down that way.  *sighs* c’est la vie, as the saying goes. 
     Finally comes this morning…  The drama…  Following is an excerpt from the work log at work:
     When I had come in, in this morning, Gwen had asked me to help her create a new file folder on the shared drive in an effort to help her be more organized in getting the files scanned and uploaded. 
     I had refused because of the evidence provided from the previous day that if I were to assist her in creating a new folder, she would create more files that would later need to be researched…
     I explained that I had sat at her desk doing some of the work that had been at her desk, Gwen at first became incensed about it stating that it was "her work" and that I had no business doing it.  Keeya had explained that I had sat there because I had locked myself out of the system and that she had asked me to perform scans and uploads. 
     I had attempted to explain to her that it had been taken care of, however, Gwen didn’t hear that and continued to stress that it was her work and her desk and that I had no business there. 
     I had asked her what the other work on the shelf above her desk was, and she explained that it was work that still needed to be put into the system. 
     I had suggested that she attempt to upload those files, as she was more behind on uploads than scanning. 
     She stated that, "it’s not what Keeya had told her to do," alluding that scanning had the higher priority [at the moment]. 
     There was a discussion as to why I had done this the way that I had done it, and I had explained that I had sufficient evidence that contracts were cherry-picked through as there were file sitting on the shared drive since the beginning of the month.  I also explained that there were approximately 198 files out on the shared drive that were sitting out there waiting to be uploaded.
     Gwen denied that flat out explaining that, "…they were files that haven’t been deleted from the drive at that point…’
     I denied that to be the case, as the work that was waiting to be scanned still were the files that were waiting to be uploaded. 
     Gwen denied that as well, stating it was an error I created as I had re-scanned the work that I had already done. 
     I denied that was the case, as I had only accidentally scanned a small amount from the day before, and those were exempt from the count.  I had suggested she come to my desk so that I could show her the evidence that I had found (as it would be easier to show than to explain given that it’s still very early in the morning, and that I hadn’t had my morning coffee nor collected my thoughts coherently). 
     Gwen stated that she was "…going nowhere…"
     I had taken the work and told her that I would finish uploading the remainder of the work so that she could get caught up on the scanning.
     Gwen was incensed and was about to say something more, but Keeya had intervened, stating to drop it, and that she would handle the situation later.
     Approximately 15 minutes later Gwen had come to my desk stating that she had been incensed and could barely speak and that she wanted to see the evidence that I stated I had.  I showed her the files and the file dates.
     Gwen continued to deny that those files needed to be uploaded and that they really needed to be deleted from the system. 
     I stated that they were the files from the contracts from the piles that she had that needed to be uploaded.
     She then started complaining that the issues that she has, has to do with the "system being slow" and that she could only go so fast based on a slow system.
     I had stated that part of the problem has to do with her naming (see screenshots #3 & #4) had been too generic, and that it was in my estimation that she was fumbling through too many of the same thing to upload a file.
     She said that I must be doing something different in order to get the numbers as high as I had.
     I explained that I can only go as fast as the scanner, and the upload can be performed. 
     She then complained about my attitude, and how I have always been denigrating in her direction.  She continued to berate me for arrogance, and condescension and continued to do so for approximately three more minutes before Keeya had to intervene again to tell Gwen to go back to her desk. 
     Gwen then demanded that she be able to talk to Dawn Morris and wanted to call Kelly Services to discuss the issues.  Keeya advised her to call from the break room; which Gwen left to make the appropriate calls.
     The funny part of the story was aftwer Gwen had left, Heather — who works in implementation for two of the franchises — said, "Damn Michael, you have another woman attacking you." 
     I cackled and explained that after that, I definitely needed a brandy. 
     It’s amazing how many of the temps and contractors that come out of the agencies think that when they’re assigned to a position they get a desk, computer, and the responsibilities and think, it’s "theirs".  "My work"…  "My desk"…  How little they remember that they can be replaced in a moment, and that any and all items that they think they have aren’t really theirs.
     Anyway…  That’s been my fun for this weekend.  I’ll be writing more this week, as I still have some things I need to talk about.  Until the next time.
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