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Entry 07/27/2005 08:30:25 AM – Mentat 178

Entry 07/27/2005 08:30:25 AM – Mentat 178
     Summer…  I have to admit that it’s rare for me to complain or even comment on the weather in my journal.  But this year, whenever I go outside during the day during lunch and/or break, I find the heat and humidity to be rather oppressive.  It’s rather funny when I think about it, because a couple of months ago, when it was still unseasonably cold, I was looking forward to the summer as a means of getting over the feeling of being perpetually cold.  Now that it’s hot and oppressive with unbearable heat indexes, I’m actually looking forward to the autumn (short as it usually is in the South). 
     But part of the reason why I’m writing this morning has to do with the fact I’ve been trying to put together another short story (like the one that I had written last year while working the Help Desk here).  However, unlike the last story that I had written as a fantasy, this time I want to try for something more science-fiction/science-fantasy.  Now the thing is, I have all the basic elements:  the characters, the elements, a basic idea on what will happen when the characters come together, and even a lot of the settings. 
     The problems that I’m having however, have to do with how to get the characters together, and what how to apply the situations that will keep the characters together.  Seems that every time I attempt to mull the ideas over, I end up seeing the situations as incredibly contrived.  Sometimes I think that the reason why I see the elements and the situation as contrived is because as the author, I am no only omnipotent of the entire world for which I create, but omniscient of it as well.  And I believe that I’m being extremely hard on myself when trying to draw up a believable storyline.  Perhaps I should just write the story up, instead of trying to hard to be perfect from the start.  *smiling* As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a good write the first time out, but there are plenty of opportunities for a good re-write. 

     Oh, I forgot to mention that over the weekend, I had gotten a call from [my brother] Jon.  Seems that instead of being on the west coast, he was on the east coast, up in our homestate visiting with relatives and my grandmother.  According to what he was telling me, she’s no longer eating anything, and hasn’t been drinking her Ensure like she used to.  According to both her and my aunt who were at the nursing home at the time of the call — it’s been going on for a while, and that Jon flew up there because he didn’t think she had much longer to live. 
     Auntie and I are a little more skeptical about this, given the fact that we both remember Great-Grandma Lefebvre lasting a hell of a lot long, and when she had her stroke — she was positively catatonic towards the end. 
     I admit that the news was more than a little shocking.  And it followed in on a conversation from later the evening before from one of the semi-regulars of MSN Chat talking about the fact that he’s got Stage IV Lymphanoma, and that he was suffering from the after-effects of the third treatment of chemotherapy that he had gone through earlier that day. 
     Strange how such news alwayss seem to comes in two and threes in my life.  I’m wondering what the third set of bad news is going to be…
     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.
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