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Entry 08/05/2005 09:49:47 AM – Mentat 180

     This weekend couldn’t come fast enough for the likes of me. As of yesterday, I had been pulled in approximately six hundred different directions, none of which had much to do with the job responsibilities I had been assigned. I know, I know — as of the week after Independence Day, I had promised myself that I would stop bitching about the job, and either do it, or quit when I got the chance, but yesterday was one of those über-annoying days that I really just need to vent a little about.
     To be honest, I’m back to quitting/canceling this contract. Between the conflicting messages that seem to be established between Keeya and myself to any of the new temps that come on, to the fact that I seem to be doing more and more of her work, while she either gallivants, or makes excessive amount of personal phone calls both on the business phone and her cell phone. Then there’s the part where the new temp, whom I thought could do an adequate job at replacing me ended up as of yesterday, re-inventing the wheel for the work that I was capable of doing and is now doing a third of the work.
     Yesterday, I tried to suggest to her that the method that she had been shown was the fastest and most efficient method; but being a temp, she had turned around and told me that "Keeya told her she was doing all right, and that she was more comfortable doing it her method." All right — I’ll let her hang herself today. If she’s not capable of finishing the box she has sitting over there, I’ll cut her throat, and then I’ll turn around and call the agency on Monday and explain to them if they don’t pull me out of there, I will seriously consider shopping for a lawyer to discuss the things that I have seen, and see who it is I should be complaining to about the injustices that I’ve seen.
     I mean — on the one hand, I have talked to the agency about the things that I’ve seen, and they had said in no uncertain terms, that I should be turning a blind eye to everything that I’ve been seeing. In fact, it’s neither my place nor my position to be seeing any such thing. I should be doing my job, and that’s it. On the other hand, there’s the incident with Gwen last week where she wanted to nark on my ass both to the agency and to Dawn (Keeya’s supervisor as I’ve mentioned in past entries), however the instant that she had done so — she was ousted by the end of the week. Which does in fact raise all sorts of questions that if I were to do the same thing, I would be ousted just as quickly?
     Frankly, I definitely don’t like that game. Complain and get shit-canned. Not the way to do business, as it most definitely creates a more hostile work environment than two people acting like children in a work environment.
     There… I have vented. And the next time I speak about is, is when I get out of the

     I am rather looking forward to tomorrow. I admit that I don’t do all that much fashion shopping since Rick and I broke up, and while shopping for a pair of glasses are more a necessity than anything else — it’s the fact that it’s something that I can be happy about wearing is certainly a plus. Haven’t quite decided on the types of frames that I want to settle on. There are a couple on the website (http://www.twopair.com) that I found appealing; but I’m not sure whether they’d look good on me or not. Guess I’ll have to check them out and see.
     Oh, that reminds me, I need to check messages and call to confirm whether they had accepted my appointment through the website… Sure, the website shows the time as taken (and surprisingly, it’s pretty dead there tomorrow), but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get bumped somehow… And as the saying goes, "it’s always to be safe, than sorry."

     Well, that’s about it for the time being. I may write more later. Until then or the next time.
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