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Entry 08/14/2005 02:15:36 PM – Mentat 182

     This week, I have had positively no drive, no want and no desire to do positively anything but slouch.  I have gone out of my way to avoid doing anything along the lines of finding a job, doing housework, hell — even the routine chores that I need to do (laundry, housecleaning etc) I’ve avoided.  A good majority of it has to do with the fact that on Wednesday when I had called into the offices to mark myself available — I found out that the Marietta office had black-listed me from working the area.  Seems that all the bullshit, all the nonsense and all the stress that I had gone through working the job there had made them make the decision to black-list me. 
     At first I thought about making all sorts of calls to Lawyers to see whether this is something that could be fought through litigation — given the fact that the office had pressured me into not leaving the contract each time I dealt with the shit.  And then there’s all the immature bullshit that I had gone through with that crazy bitch Keeya…  But the more that I thought about it during the day, the more I realized that it really wasn’t worth it.  Nothing really is worth it.  
     Then, I had gone through the want ads on Yahoo’s HotJobs and found that there were pretty good entry and mid level position at IBM and Home Depot, and tried for them.  The IBM site positively sucked and didn’t work and I gave up after six attempts to fill out the information which had failed.  But the Home Depot site took a little work — but it worked from beginning to end, and I was able to get my resume sent off to them.    I then got a call the next morning from someone at Home Depot that had read my resume and was interested in hearing from me.  So I gave them a call and they are now setting up the preliminary interviewing process for this week.  Which is pretty funny, given that this is the same job that Jenn (from PracticeWorks) had tried out for, and when she found out it paid about the same she turned it down and stayed with PracticeWorks).  Ironic that I’m trying out for the same position she didn’t want. 
     Oh, and in the other news, I got a call three days after my eye appointment, my glasses had come in and they were ready for pick up.  So I had to trek back to the mall, and pick them up.  Still didn’t take the route 8 bus that goes down N Druid Hills/Claremont; but I did get the chance to take the bus on the way back to the house, and found that it was significantly faster than the route that I’ve been taking for the last couple of trips to the mall.  On the one side, it’s really good that I can see again, and I’m able to see through lenses that aren’t smudged, scratched, or has the scratch coating falling off in chips and sections.  On the other side, I’m really not used to the lens size.  I’ve been wearing the more expensive of the frames which are immensely comfortable.  They’re relaxed frames which don’t squeeze on my temples quite like my old pair of glasses.  The other pair, while not being quite so relaxed, are more square-framed, and it’s surreal to be looking through them.  They’re both half the lens size as my old pair — which I can now see the issue that other glasses wearers mention about distortion around the edges.  This was why I always got lenses larger than the usual fare.  Now I need to work on getting pictures of me with the new glasses… 

     As for the rest of my life…  Well, I did get one of the songs from my wish list, even though I got the name of the band wrong in the process.  Of course, some of the other songs that are currently on my list are extremely difficult to obtain.  I would particularly like to find Rockell’s song L.O.V.E. which seems to hit a lot closer to home that I’m ready to admit sometimes.   And there’s one song that I heard on Gaydar Radio that I’ve really got to get the hell out of my head.  Don’t remember the name of the song or the artist (although I’ve been listening to Gaydar on and off to see whether I could catch it again or not).  Not entirely sure whether or not I want to actually get it — given the fact that it’s terribly addictive, and it gets stuck in my head for hours at a time. 
     Well, that’ll be it for the time being.  Until the next time.
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