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Entry 10/06/2005 01:13:55 PM – Mentat 193

     You know…  There are times when I sit here and launch my Media Player with the thought that listening to Gaydar Radio would be a good idea.  But then they play songs like Bootique Technique’s "Tribal Milkshake" and I realize just how bad an idea it is sometimes listening to dance tracks when I want to sit down and be self-inspective.  Not only is that particular song disruptive as hell, I’ve despised the thing since I first heard it sometime last year.  Of course on the flip side — I tried launching Classic-FM in order to see if Classical would be a good idea; yet when I heard some piano concerto, I wanted nothing to do with that either.  I guess I’m in one of my antsy moods where I just can’t make up my mind exactly what kind of music I want to listen to in order to invoke introspection.  Of course, on the flip side, I could always sit here and listen to the sound of relative silence and my banging on the keyboard as I type this journal entry.  Nah, not the sort of thing that I want to listen to.  After a while even listening to the sound of my typing begins to work my nerves. 
     The first good news of the entry is the fact that the hell beast seems to be doing better.  Hasn’t thrown up in a week and a half.  Seems to be eating her food properly.  Drinking when she can, and while she has some issue with her bowels, it’s not as bad as it was weeks ago.  Of course, she’s also sitting on my lap at the moment while I’m sitting here writing in my journal; and seems to be kicking into my groin because she doesn’t like the way she’s laying on my lap.  If she continues however, she’s going to find herself in the other room because I’m tired of her using her back leg to kick into my groin in order to get comfortable. 
     The job front hasn’t been going well.  I went to check out for a job at the Dusty’s Barbeque on the way down to the Emory Kroger.  While they didn’t care that I had experience in everything else, unfortunately the position was for less than 10 hours a week, and the days that they wanted me to be there would interfere if I were to land a full time job someplace else.  I’ve also headed a little farther down towards Emory to try a couple of places down there to see whether I could land a job.  Unfortunately though because college is back in, most of the positions have been filled by the students that had made their way back to campus.
     I’ve also been handing out my resume left and right to every company that has anything along the lines of Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, or (as usual) anything that remotely resembles computers and IT.  Hell, while on the one side some of the companies that had receptionist positions have finally stopped asking for an associates degree or even a bachelors degree in order to answer the phones, on the other side the pay for the receptionist positions — particularly the one that I saw at St Joseph’s Hospital in Dunwoody — was paying a paltry $10.00/hour.  Christ on a drunken rampage $10.00/hour?!  The same position at Woonsocket Hospital was paying $11.50/hour and that was back in the early 80’s when I was working as a janitor in the place.   And to make matters even more interesting — St Joseph’s Hospital is actually larger than Woonsocket Hospital by about 200 more beds. 
     On the flip side, while I’m still out of work, I’ve been brushing up on some of the more advanced firewalls (BlackIce Defender/Consumer); and learning how to properly use packet sniffers; including how to read the data that they provide.  The funny thing about BlackIce is that it saves the packet information for the virus exactly within the evidence file (in this case it’s the SQL Slammer Worm).  Because it’s saved exactly — AVG has a shit fit with the file, even though BlackIce won’t allow the packet file to be accessed by other than itself, and even then only for writing and reading.  Heh — I learned this the hard way when I attempted to zip up and save the evidence files so that I could mail them to the ISP where the DoS was launched.   So, until I loaded up Ethereal, the only thing that I was successful in doing was mailing out the attack comma delimited text file as proof to the attack.  Now I need to try to send a copy of the packet sniff to the ISP and see if the e-mail virus scanner has a conniption about the file being sent. 
     God, I miss the reporting functions of firewalls…  ZoneAlarm while being an outstanding firewall had positively nothing when it came reporting…  Most of the reporting information had to be obtained from the website, including the attacker — however trying to use the information within the logs only caused the NOCs at the ISPs to ignore the reports out of hand because they can’t make sense of the information being sent to them. 
     But enough on the geekiness…  I’m just happy that I’ve got a firewall that I can make sense of the information again, and even obtain a little more information that I didn’t get when I was working with NIS. 
     And another thing that I’ve been learning during this time off has been PHP/Nuke Web Designs.  Paul’s been trying to get a website up and running.  Man, let me tell you — while some of the coding’s pretty easy to understand (as it’s in C language, and I still remember C language), on the flip side, if you screw up the coding, it’s pure hell to restore properly.  Of course, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot easier than what Paul’s been going through, but I haven’t downloaded that or MySQL and tried installing it here to see whether or not I could get the thing up and running properly. 
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     I went to take a nap, and came back to utter chaos in the lounges…  Apparently Jasona — our resident brain trust of a fuckwit — had someone entertain him by playing some bullshit music that sounded incredibly racist.  Now normally, I ignore most forms of racism because it’s my believe that the ignorant should be shunned and ignored.  However, this song really set me off in ways I didn’t expect it to, and I ended up losing my temper.  I think what set it off to the point where I about had an infarction over it is the person that had played the song was Hispanic and was going overboard over just "…how prejudice "blacks" are, and how such racist humor should be laughed at because…"  blah, blah, blah…  He went on, but when I heard the part about the humor being worth it, I about had an infarction. 
     God, it’s been a while since I’ve come in direct conflict with anything remotely feeling like political correctness… Apparently Morrisey’s little bullshit song brought it to head though. 
     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time…
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