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Entry 10/15/2005 10:57:42 AM – Mentat 194

     It’s been hell trying to sit down the last week and actually attempt to write out a journal entry.  I have been working almost exclusively on denial — which is the last thing that I want to bring to the table when I sit down and write in my journal entry.  The bottom line is that things have been most dire here at the Baldelli Homestead.  Currently I’m sitting here at the house with about three days of food, and about $13.00 or so in my account to purchase what food I can.  At about this point, I’m having to consider selling/pawning off some of the things that I have here in order to pay a couple of the bills, and get a couple of extra groceries.   Even after saying this — I admit that I don’t want to delve further into it for fear that it would possibly give me some sort of anxiety or panic attack. 
     Sad, huh? 
     There seems to be some good news at the moment…  Yesterday my cat was finally able to eat a whole can of soft cat food without me having to hand feed her.   Of course, even though she was able to eat all of that — I have to watch her over the day today to ensure that she doesn’t try throwing up all over the place.  Which is always a thrill… 
     Oh!  And it’s interesting that my cat has picked up a new place to want to sleep on me while I’m sitting here at the computer…  My shoulders.  Apparently she has been inching her way up to my shoulder in order to put her chin on my shoulder.  Now she’s sprawled out behind my shoulder, and sleeping between myself and the back of the chair.  She’s also been sleeping on my back while I’m sleeping in the bed at night, and last night when she did that, as I rolled around and over, I could feel her get up and ensure that she would move so that she would always bee sleeping someplace at the top of me.  While I don’t mind her sleeping on my shoulders while I’m sitting here typing, chatting or playing games; I’m going to have to break her of the habit when I’m sleeping..  It was cute last night — but I can see that it would be incredibly annoying if it continues. 
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     Well — it would appear that the Hell-beast is doing a bit better…  While the beast was constipated, and there was some issue getting her to move her bowels on her own — she seemed to have reacted extremely well to the enema and was able to finish her duties.. Good thing too, as I didn’t want to deal with her throwing up all over the house because she was constipated.  Who knows — maybe this is the start of her recovery process finally…  We’ll see as things progress.
     Also I had talked with Jeannie this week, and asked for the life preserver of getting my ass out of Atlanta.  While the offer is extremely provocative, given the plight that I’ve got myself in — on the other hand — I’m concerned that I’m jumping out of the fireplace; and directly into Hell.  Jeannette’s not a very big town, and because of the layout of the area in Pennsylvania — I’m seriously concerned about how the hell I’m going to be getting around up there considering that it’s a Podunk town miles away from any urban sprawl.
     I have to admit that I’ve gotten rather used to the thought of living in a bigger city — namely because anything and everything is within walking distance.  Or even better, that there’s an adequate public transit system in place that I can take ready advantage of. 
     More on this tomorrow…
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