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Entry 10/28/2005 10:20:45 AM – Mentat 195

     The clock is ticking… 
     I’m sitting here with a little under a day and perhaps a half to get together from this apartment what little I can take with me for the move…  But then I’m getting ahead of myself… Let me start at the beginning and try to get everything filled in from the last time I had written in my journal entry.  If I can given the mental state that I’m currently in.
     Like clockwork, on the second Sunday of the month (the 16th), I had been served the Dispossessory Warrant from the lawyers of the rental agency because I had not been able to pay my rent on time.  That Sunday, I had also hoped to have heard from Jeannie as she had promised that she would give me a call once things got settled down after her relatives (or was it her in-laws) had blown out of town from the week before.  I didn’t get a call from her that night and didn’t think much about it.  Thought that she had been extremely knackered from the nonsense with the relatives in town and thought best about bothering her for at least a couple of days so that she could regain her sanity. 
     In fact, I didn’t hear from her at all for since the time she had said that she was going to call.  I dropped her a quick call asking her to call me back.  Didn’t hear from her that day, or the next day.  Tried again by giving her a call on Saturday and didn’t hear from her through the weekend.  At this point was going from mildly concerned to worried about what could possibly be going on with her and her family, but had more immediate concerns to keep me busy. 
     On Monday morning — the morning that the Dispossessory Warrant stated that I should respond to the court, I began doing a little reading of the Warrant as well as the laws within the State of Georgia as to how they handle an eviction process.  Now.  While I’ve never had the personal experience dealing with an eviction in the state of Rhode Island, I had done all the research on it there.  The State of Rhode Island’s eviction processes are long and drawn out — giving the tenant up to 90 days to respond to the Dispossessory Warrant as well as getting an arbitrary hearing that could extend the time for moving up to six more months while the tenant attempts to find a place to live of equal or greater value.  This isn’t the case in the state of Georgia. 
     In the State of Georgia, if I don’t respond to the Dispossessory Warrant by the end of the business day stated clearly on the Warrant, then I evidently waive my right for a hearing/trial, and an eviction can therefore be issued within 24 hours forcing to move out within 48.  Had I hear from Jeannie like I had hoped — I wouldn’t have been too concerned about this — however with my not hearing from her, I had to make the decision of getting involved with putting in a response with the County Clerk’s office in order to buy time. 
     Let me tell you, I had braced myself for the walk.  With only about twenty-five cents in my pocket and no place where I could easily get to, to pawn what little possessions I had in order to get some money together to take a train to the De Kalb County Court House, I got myself dressed properly, grabbed my walkman — and walked from the apartment to the Court House.   The walk there wasn’t so bad.  At least living within the Perimeter of Atlanta, there’s sidewalks practically everywhere — for the convenience of the residents as well as allow them to get in some walking and/or jogging exercise in.  But I had to take a detour around Scott Blvd because the part of Clairmont Street was closed off to the public due to power lines being blown down and needing to be repaired. 
     I had to admit that I didn’t feel so badly walking almost five and a half miles to get to the Court House.  In fact, I was still patting myself on the back for feeling as good as I did for getting that far without issue.  I got through filling out the necessary paperwork, and had gotten a court date set for 9 days from last Monday (the 24th) not quite as far out as I had hoped — but sufficiently in the future to get my shit together and perhaps either fight it, or give it up and resign myself to adding another bill to the bills I’ve accrued. 
     One thing that I was truly glad about was the fact that the County Clerks there were friendly and professional.  In that one moment while I had filing my response and the counterclaim with the Court, and the smile on the woman’s face and the politeness she had extended while she had assisted me to ensure all the proper paperwork was filled out properly — I had a moment’s regret that I would be moving from Atlanta.  Her attitude and the general attitude of the other clerks in the Court House was one of the reasons why I had stayed living here in the South for as long as I had.  This was the epitome of gentility and good manners that I had come to understand and appreciate of the South when I had moved down here after the divorce from Darin.  It was that sort of smile and politeness that made me comfortable enough to adopt a similar attitude in my dealings with the people around me. 
     The walk home from the Court House was another story.  And truly a strain on me.  One that I didn’t quite expect.  I admit that I pushed myself hard for that walk — quite literally what’s called a forced march.  (To move troops a long distance with little to no rest breaks).  I had to still take the detour because by the time I had finished up with what I needed to do at the County Clerk’s Office.  The first time I felt serious cramping was when I had reached the VA Memorial Hospital and almost couldn’t get up the remainder of the hill.  I took a moment’s break in order to get a breather and hope that my legs wouldn’t give out on me while I was taking that breather. 
     I had another serious cramping when I had reached the Provident Town Homes at the corner of North Druid Hills and Clairmont.  Severe enough that I had to take another break.  At this break I began to realize that I had another problem forming: blisters on the back of my heels on my feet as well as the balls of my feet.  While I was moderately concerned about this — I knew that the greater problem wasn’t going to be the blisters; but if I had more cramping.  By the time I had reached the Toco Hills Kroger (about a mile from the house), I had realized that I had to take a rest or else I would literally fall and wouldn’t be able to get up until I was sufficiently rested.  So I rested about twenty minutes at the Brewster’s at the Toco Hills Shopping Center.
     I almost made it home without needing an extra rest.  In fact, the only reason why I had to stop one more time was the fact that I had tripped on some sidewalk damage about 500 yards from the apartment and my legs decided on cramping again.  But this was only for three minutes, after which I made the rest of the journey like a horse seeing the barn. 
      The blisters were pretty bad when I took off my shoes.  And walking around the house without shoes was extremely difficult.  Difficult enough for me to sufficiently be concerned that I was going to have difficulties sleeping for fear that I would wake up in the middle of the night with pain inducing charlie horses.  But I did my best to eat, drink plenty of waters (to the point where I was running to the bathroom every twenty minutes by the end of the night), and soaked my feet in Epsom Salts while chatting with friends online.  
     By Tuesday, I still hadn’t heard from Jeannie — and wondering what was going on — instead of the routine of calling her to leave a message on her voicemail, I had dropped her an e-mail to see whether she had been reading, and was just too tired to deal with picking up the phone and giving me a call.  She responded within hours of the e-mail…  According to what she had said she had been sick as a dog and incapable of giving me a call because she had lost her voice during the illness.  She said in the e-mail that by the time she had responded to the e-mail, she was feeling better and that she would try to give me a call that evening to find out what’s going on. 
     I had also been lucky in that the night before I hadn’t been woken up from cramping or charlie horses from all the walking that I had done…  But I still had mobility problems between the blisters, and the leg cramping from the walk.  But at least I felt better doing what I had done.   I went through the day as best as I could until she had given me a call. 
     I had talked with her and gave her the low down.  I talked with her why I had to do what I had to do in regards to filing a response with the County Clerk’s office, as well as the options on what I wanted to do.  Quite literally during our conversation I told her I felt like disappearing like a thief in the night and not deal with the upcoming court case; taking the responsibility of these actions at some later date.  But thankfully for me, she did have some calming effect to my instinct of flying — and I realized that I could still make the move and deal with the Rental Property’s lawyers by settling it out of court… 
     Which is where I am right now. 
     The move is a go for tomorrow.  While I had the option to get the hitch and the Explorer — the hitch wasn’t registered (which could be a problem with several of the states that need to be cut through from here to Pennsylvania).  So I settled with the Explorer, and decided that the things that I’m going to take are Cricket, the computer, the bed, the clothes, and whatever else I could fit into the back of the Explorer.  Everything else I’m going to abandon, as most of the stuff here is easily replaceable. 
     Last night — I had gone online and announced that Thursday night was the last night I was going to be online for a while, and that I would be away for an extended amount of time.  There was some surprises in that announcement, as there were people there that said they were going to miss me and that things wouldn’t be the same while I was gone.  While I was surprised to hear this sort of thing last night (as I always am, given that I never truly understand nor always appreciate); today as I sit here writing this journal entry — I realize that I’m going to miss the friends that I had made through the chat lounge while I’m away.  Paul, and Luke first and foremost.  Then Josh and his zany stories and wildly delusional dreams of coming up on top and having all sorts of money in the process.  Dave in the UK who tries so hard to find an end to the loneliness that he feels, but doesn’t understand that putting oneself out there like an advertisement doesn’t work… I’m even going to miss some of the pains in asses that hang there:  Dave in Queens, Anton, Macknie/Casper (the legendary pathological liar that I only learned were one in the same people I’ve heard so much about in the last 5 years).
     *Takes a deep breath*

     As one chapter on my life draws to and end, another seems to be beginning…  Beginning even One that I didn’t quite expect on the eve of my (figuratively speaking) jumping off the cliff of everything I have come to know and recognize into the abyss of a whole new world…  Just as I was getting used to and ready for  the thought that I was alone, and that I had a whole world of hurt and pain, and self-realizations that I needed to work through…  Out of nowhere, quite literally, someone that I’ve known casually for the last year and a half online, came out and told me just how infatuated he was with me…  And not consequently, doesn’t live too far from where I’m moving to. 
     His name is Jeff… 
     And while I’m focusing more on what needs to be done around here, I can’t help but think more than a little bit about just how strongly he feels towards me in the short time we’ve been speaking more intimately during.  When he admitted he wanted to see where things could go between the two of us — I had felt a momentary feeling of excitement in his admission, as well as fear as to where it could possibly go.  And the two questions that came to mind when he admitted this to me, came rushing into my head.
  • Why now?  And,
  • Am I ready?  

     Unfortunately I don’t have the time at the moment to delve further into these questions.  I might have time later on or when I get settled up at Jeannie & Charlie’s.  Right now, I need to be winding this up and getting about the house getting things ready…  So with this in mind….

     This is going to be the last journal entry I post for some time.  While I will be keeping my journal locally (to the best of my ability), I won’t have the ready access I used to have in the last couple of years.  I want to thank all my friends for being supportive during my time of need…  Jeannie & Charlie…  Tracy (whom I didn’t have the time to mention here in any detail, but thank immensely for being able to front me some money to handle the move, of which I am immensely grateful to),  Luke, Paul, Chloe, Josh, Ed (from Tennessee — even though he was quiet in Yahoo, he was more vocal in MSN), Dante (from MSN) Gryff (even if we didn’t talk as much as two Geminis born on same day of birth should have), Markie, Kian, James (yes I really know who you are), Rocky, Nate (aka Flash), Dawnie (who I didn’t talk to quite enough), Jeff (the Yankee Sod), Yoda, and everyone else that I haven’t mentioned yet always talked to and with… 
     I will see you when I see you… 
     Until the next time… 
  1. Ed
    11/04/2005 at 10:51 pm

    Good luck, Michael. Here’s wishing you all the best. Ed

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