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Entry 11/03/2005 04:52:32 PM – Mentat 196


     The wake up alarm has gone off. 

     And I have to say that trying to sit here after the move and trying to write about not only all of the things that have happened, but all of the issues that have been coming to the surface, has been extremely daunting to work through.  But here I sit — in a room in the attic that I can sort of call "home", in a state that I hadn’t in my wildest imagination thought that I would be moving to, and wondering just how the hell am I going to sit here and write everything that has happened seven days that have come and gone since the last time I sat down and attempted writing in my journal. 

     For starters; the move for the weekend almost didn’t happen.  I had gotten a call on Friday the 28th after I had finished my last journal entry from Jeannie informing me that they didn’t think that it would be possible for them to pick me up the weekend because the show that they had been relying on didn’t generate the amount of money she was expecting.  Because of this — Jeannie had suggested that the move be held off until the next weekend when they would have the kind of money they needed to make the move.  Right at that moment — I realized that I was at the edge of one hell of an anxiety attack, as I realized as I was sitting there on the phone, I had two issues that I wasn’t sure I could handle.  The first was the fact that that evening I had just enough food to get me through ’til Saturday afternoon (I had pancake mix, coffee, and a can of peas, and teas and spices left in the cabinet).  The second had to do with the fact that if I had held off until the next weekend, I would have to go to the trial in De Kalb, and stand in front of the judge for a summary judgment.  At that moment, I wasn’t up for another 11 mile walk, as I had several blisters on my feet that still were in the process of healing, and another walk of that magnitude could leave me effectively crippled with further blistering. 

     However, during the call, I had been struck with an inspiration, and told them that I would call Jeannie back once I was able to confirm that my inspiration could be followed through.  I had immediately called Tracy and asked whether instead of sending me the money — she could wire the money to Jeannette so that Jeannie & Charlie could obtain the money and make the drive down to pick me up.  It was a go, as I had all the necessary information on both sides of the transaction, and Tracy told me that she had been able to get the money wired to Jeannette without issue. 

     Of course — there was a rather comical side-story to this that should be included in my journal.  When Tracy called me back after the money had been successfully wired, she had told me that several of the clerks at Western Union were going to try to nominate her for some sort of award/recognition because when she had told them where she had been calling from (Naples, Florida), they had all said that this was the first time they had ever heard anyone in a disaster zone attempting to wire money to someplace else within the United States.  This was especially touching given that she was making the call to wire the money while her condo was still without power.  (One of the clerks even talked with Tracy to make sure that she was properly safeguarded in spite of the fact that she was without power). 

     Tracy also told me about the woes that she had gone through with the power company, given the fact that her part of the complex was the only one still sitting without power for the last week.  The story she had told was rather comical, for while Tracy told the story, it had become more and more apparent from the level of sarcasm she had used with the clerk at the power company that had read from a script the entire time, Tracy had sounded more and more like me when I’m frustrated dealing with people with a lower two-digit IQ. 

     The last thing that Tracy has asked me to do (besides the promise that I should send her a Christmas Card) was to get as many people as I could get to pray that her power would be restored by Sunday (30th, October).  So, with this in mind — I decided on dropping her a quick card telling her that I had made it here intact, wondered whether she had her power restored, and tell her a little about the place and that I would try to write her some more. 

     As promised, after we had packed up the SUV with what I was taking, leaving the rest in the apartment, we had set off to McDonald’s for a quick meal before getting on the road.  I have to admit that this was the first time in about six or eight months since I had sat down and had McDonald’s for supper.  The one time that I could afford it, I decided on putting it towards my glasses and groceries rather than the luxury of fast food…

     The drive up here to Jeannette was long.  A couple of hours longer than it was for Charlie to make his way down to Atlanta.  Instead of taking the route that he had taken down — Charlie decided on trying to take 75 North to 79 which would get us into the metro-Pittsburgh area.  Of course, the problem with 79 is that it’s well into Ohio, which wasn’t the state that Charlie wanted to drive through; so instead, he had detoured onto one of the side routes (can’t remember the routes at the moment).  While it was marked as a State Highway — it went through Podunk and strip towns, eventually ending a hell of a lot sooner than expected at the entrance to a High School.  Needless to say, it took a little bit of re-routing, and a couple of diversions, but we eventually ended up on the road that Charlie was looking for (Route 119 instead of 79).  The highlight of the journey was the fact that Route 119 turned momentarily into a scenic route, with us driving up to the top of one of the mountains in the Appalachian, and then down; following this road that twisted and turned worse than any of the roads that I had seen in Germany. 

     While it wasn’t my obligation to stay awake — and Charlie did stress that I could fall asleep at any time — I stayed up just to be on the safe side and ensure that the two of us ended up getting him back to his house without ending up wrapped around some tree someplace.  This was in fact doubly reinforced, because someplace in Georgia near Dalton — someone had ended up doing precisely the thing I was ensuring we wouldn’t end up doing.  There had been only a couple of times where I had fallen asleep — usually no longer than 1/2 hour (based on the clock in the SUV). 

     Eventually, we did end up here, much to my confusion on many of the side roads and the side route we had taken when we had gotten into the state of Pennsylvania. 

     Like the trip to California last year when I went to Jon’s wedding — I have any immediate sleep when I got here.  In fact, I seem to recall that I didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight the next day.  (Quite amazing when you think about it, as I had been up a full 36 hours by the time I had passed out to get some sleep).  I have to admit that I really couldn’t sleep.  Part of me was still pretty wired from the twelve hours in the SUV, part of me was still stressed over the feeling as though I had come up here and away from Atlanta like a thief in the night; but mostly, I couldn’t sleep because I was so over-tired the only way I was going to go to sleep at that point was by wearing myself down until I passed out from exhaustion. 

     Over the next three days, I had attempted to get used to the surroundings, do a little of my laundry.  Set up the room that Charlie and Sam had graciously cleaned out for me, and generally make sure that their dog and my cat wouldn’t end up clawing at each other, or being mauled in some sort of act of animal jealousy.   While I have been able to get most of my things into the room that I had been given — there are still parts of it that I’m having some issue with. 

     First, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to get my television into this room.  There had been two televisions here, one of which had been thrown out because it really didn’t work.  Currently, the television is in the spare room, because I don’t exactly know where I could put it with the limited space that I have for the room — but mostly because I can’t seem to find enough room to place either it or the television that’s currently sitting in here.  It’s going to be one of those sort of things that I will look into in the next couple of days, as it’s not one of those high priority issues that need immediate addressing. 

     Next is that there is positively no closet space in the room.  Sure, there’s a closet, but the problem is that there’s no bar in there for me to hang my clothes.  Jeannie has graciously offered the use of the closet in the guest room (which I’m infinitely grateful about), it just is one of those "out of sort feelings" that most of my stuff is in one location; and the remainder of it is in another. 

     Another that I feel terrible about is the fact that  I had offered that it would be easier if we could take all my clothes to a local Laundromat — so that it could all get done within an hour and a half.  But given the fact that one is several miles away, and the other has to do with the fact that both Jeannie and Charlie are tired by the time Charlie gets home from work — I had decided on the next best thing is to sit and do it here.  Turns out this morning when I was working on a load of whites — the washer stopped washing.  Sure, it would fill without issue, but it wouldn’t agitate like it was supposed to do.  Jeannie thought that something had happened with the power or that it had just stopped, but when I went to check it out, I quickly determined that the washer simply stopped working.  I feel as though it’s my fault, as I was the one that had used it most of yesterday and that it was because I had been doing my laundry (some of which was pretty heavy), it had stopped working. 

     Jeannie tells me that she reminded Charlie to bring his tools in to check to see what the problem is, but given that Jeannie’s currently in a meeting with one of the organizations that she’s involved in — it may not be until tomorrow when he’ll be able to take a look at the issue.  If it doesn’t get done, I think what I’ll do tomorrow is simply wring the clothes out, see if the thing will drain out the water, and simply dry them as is. 

     Well, I’m going to close up here for the moment…  Still so much more to talk about, but I’m too tired to delve into it.  Until the next time. 

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