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Entry 11/29/2005 06:54:20 AM – Mentat 207


     Heh — it sometimes feels as though I can’t turn my back for one moment, before something happens, and I’m feeling as though if I don’t address the situation/issue, something’s going to spin wildly out of control.  But then, I might be getting ahead of myself just a little bit. 


     Now that I’ve gotten myself a fifty foot extension cord, I’ve finally gotten myself a fairly reliable Internet connection, in spite of the fact that it’s a trial subscription with the sputtering diesel bus of the Internet (American Online).  They’re the only one that I know off the top of my head that can offer a month (or in my case three) before having to pay for it.  Usually the ISPs that I go through give a month’s subscription/trial tops, with having to pay for costs as well as installation fees – which is significantly more than I’m willing to pay for the moment.  So, I decided "what the hell" broke down and disappeared back to an ASP for the time being. 

     I have to say that while the interface is bland as ever, and that it’s like being back on the Internet with Training Wheels — at least the connection speed is pretty damned good, and I can use my own programs (MSN Messenger, Trillian, IE, Firefox, etc.) in order to cruise through the familiar places that I used to go through with Mindspring/Earthlink.  On the plus side, it also gives me the ability to go through many of my online chores that I need to do while Jeannie’s going through home-schooling Sam.  Definitely a good thing, given that I’m back to waking up early (5’ish in the morning or so) and I can only play so many games before I get bored of it or that I’m finding myself frequently painting myself into corners when I’m trying to work/write on another short story.  And there’s only just so much that I can write about here in my journal before I find myself either tearing into myself in some self-destructive manner, or writing about the absolute blandness of the activities in the day.   I hate saying it, but sometimes, just cruising about online isn’t quite so bad a thing, and it’s a better way of spending time, rather than sitting downstairs and watching television. 


     Since the last time I wrote, it would appear that Pennsylvania’s going through yet another Indian Summer-like warm snap.  Over the weekend, I was so bleeding cold, that I thought I had near lost feeling in my toes and fingers, and now as I’m sitting here, I’m back in shorts and a t-shirt and contemplating opening the window in order to get more air into this place.  Was warm enough yesterday to have the windows open and get a hell of a breeze through this room and the attic when I had the doors open.  Odd thing that…  In Atlanta, the windiest place was Windy Hill in Marietta, but the winds here beat that nastiness hands down.  While it’s not quite so bad now that there’s a warm snap going on — I’m hesitant and even fearful about it hitting during the actual winter (if they get a winter here this year).  While I packed the winter hat as I knew I would probably be using it here, I didn’t pack the muffler/scarf in order to protect my face.  I’m afraid that I’ll probably freeze off extremities if I’m not careful. 


     So anyway — as I hinted…  Went online to see whether I needed to update my version of YahElite and headed over to GML:1 to see who’s around and what’s going on.  As it turned out, I ran into Cheeky.  Cheeky tells me that Paul’s no longer coming online through the Café — something to the extent that he got barred not so much from the fact that he’s been "chatting" with the folk in the Gay Men’s Lounges — but rather having to do with the fact that he’s been using their connection to flood people offline.  He’s also currently staying with Dawnie — which is definitely a good thing to hear as Dawnie’s the kind of force I think that could help him get his ass in line before heading to the Midwest to stay with Cheeky.  The only drawback is that Paul can’t come online as much as he used to — only stopping in briefly. 

     The other news Cheeky delivered however was that Jeff’s been spreading about that he and I have met.  While I consider Cheeky a fairly moderate source of information — my experience is that he often is so swamped trying to do too many things at once that he’s not always able to pay attention to every detail going on.  Cheeky did hit the nail on the head properly when he quoted something I would expect to hear from a potential boyfriend (something to the extent that ‘…if I got my way, we would be dating…’) The part about actually meeting seems more than a little odd, given the fact that the only people I’ve been dealing with in the last three weeks has been Charlie, Jeannie and Sam (other than perhaps giving a call/getting a call from my Aunt and speaking with her about things going on within the family, as well as talking with my grandmother — short as that was). 

     I’ve got an e-mail queued up for sending when I go online today to Jeff to ask in so many words, "what’s the deal?"  Hopefully this isn’t going to turn ugly, especially given that I’m not in the mood to be dealing with ugly, or psycho, or even just plain bizarre. 


     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Not too much else to write about at the moment.  Until the next time.

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