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Entry 12/04/2005 04:39:44 PM – Mentat 208


     I have to say that my mood’s pretty good for the moment.  Which is moderately surprising, given the fact that for a moment there earlier this afternoon — I thought that I was going to barge downstairs and make myself a couple of hard boiled eggs and make a faux egg salad of some sort or another.   Heh…  Just what I would need given the fact that the other day, we had stuffed cabbage for supper.  Yeah — let’s just say — while good to eat, the side effects of cabbage (and eggs) for today could be rather deadly… 


     Monday of last week, I’ve finally gotten everything together, and am finally back online even if it’s only for a couple of hours in the morning and perhaps a couple of hours here and there during the late morning/early afternoon, when Jeannie is getting Sam through home school.  Sure, it’s just an AOL Trial CD, which allows me to be online for the next fifty days (I picked up the security suite AOL trial CD, and not the regular AOL CD which is for ninety days) but either or, I don’t mind.  At least for the next 5 weeks now, I’ll be able to get myself online, send out e-mails to friends, family and to prospective jobs; and check out a couple of the sites and sounds online in that time. 

     On the plus side, I’ve gotten e-mails from Luke, Chloe, and Rocky.  Which certainly brightens my day immensely, as it allows me to see what’s been going on in their lives, as well as chat with them about some of the nonsense that’s been going on online.  Apparently Luke and Chloe have both been able to confirm that Martin and Farmy are now an item.  Pretty surprising, given the fact that I normally can read the signs as they come up between people…  At least when I think there’s something there or something more than just platonic.  And I talked with Cheeky briefly through YahElite on Monday afternoon, because I was out there testing the software, seeing whether there were any updates for the program, as well as see whether there were any connection issues with it, between the firewall, AOL’s proprietary layout, and the connection in general.  Turns out that it was just as clean a connection as when I was over at Mindspring/Earthlink which was definitely good.  Only problem was, was that the room that I’m currently in, has an entirely different acoustic, and I couldn’t tell whether I was actually talking and being heard or not.  But I don’t expect to be out there chatting like I used to, given the fact that I have other things to worry about at the moment; like finding a job for one.


     Speaking of…  I’ve been e-mailing and faxing like a madman based on whatever jobs I can find in the Newspapers (both the local paper, as well as the Pittsburgh paper), through WorkPittsburgh.com, and through Hot Jobs.  I’ve got something like 25 – 30 resumes out to the companies to date, with another 5 or 6 ready to be sent out for tomorrow (which is three times the amount that I’ve had sent out for the Metro Atlanta area).  Unfortunately, out of all those, I’ve gotten something like one bite (to date) — and that was in someplace south of Pittsburgh (I believe that it’s called McDonough or something along the lines), which according to the map, I wouldn’t be able to take, given that there are no buses heading out in that direction.  The woman that I had talked with was rather pleasant, and jovial, and didn’t seem at all bothered over the fact that we had played phone tag over the couple of days, only for me to turn it down because they wouldn’t pay for relocation — but it was a step in the right direction. 

     Another problem with the bite, also gives me an idea on how quickly some of these companies are going to take in responding to a received resume.  I had mailed out the resume to the particular company on the 16th of the month, and they had responded to it only on the 28th.  Almost two weeks before they had considered getting to the resume and respond to it. 

     I had a talk with Jeannie about this I think on Thursday of this week, when I felt bad about turning the position down because of the distance involved in getting there, and the plain and simple fact that it wasn’t something I would be able to commute into Pittsburgh with Charlie when he heads to work, and she tells me that the people in here Pennsylvania are even more leery of transients and new arrivals than Atlanta and New England combined.  According to her, it took her close to a year to actually find work that she was trained for and in the general vicinity of her home.  If this is how things are going to go, then it’s a sure sign that I won’t probably be back to working until the 2006 year. 

     Yeah — it looks as though I’m going to go through the end of 2005 with a dud and a fizzle, and not necessarily a bang.  At least it’s better than dying in the process…  Or homeless… 


     Let’s see…  What else… 


     As I mentioned in my last entry — I had written Jeff about the things that Cheeky told me in the five minutes that I had been in Yahoo Chat, and Jeff tells me that things have been totally blown out of proportion by the folk there.  Interesting.  While I concur that it’s possible that things would be blown out of proportion given the way people there try desperately to get to the bottom of the truth, given the pathologically lying environment that it can be — the part about what Jeff could’ve possibly said (that we had in fact met), seems something that he would do, given the nature of boasting on the net.  But I took his word for it, and stressed to him that perhaps a little more discretion would be a step in the right direction, given people’s penchant for trying to get to the bottom of things there.

     Jeff had asked for the number here, as he says that he’ll be able to give me a call while he’s at his father’s (which has long distance, as opposed to his mother’s place, which doesn’t have it), and I gave it to him.  But I don’t get the strong impression that he’s going to be calling here for some reason.  Not really sure why, but I’ll just chalk it up to a hunch. 

     No doubt there will be more on this in the near future.


     Finally, they’ve pulled out all the stops for Christmas here at the Household.  During the week, ABC Family was showing Christmas Specials, and I had been subjected to a couple of them (most notably, The Grinch that Stole Christmas (my personal favorite), The Year without Santa Claus, and How Rudolph Saved the New Year are the ones I had actually sat through).  They had also put up the Christmas Decorations around the house, as well has propped up the Christmas Tree in the Living Room. 

     I admit that I pretty much stayed out of the way, given that there were already three too many people currently working on the tree in the Living Room.  But I have to say that in spite of my rather anti-Christmas Spirit that I’ve had going since being with Rick — their tree looked pretty damned good, given the fact that it was bordering on Victorian in style.  Either that or I’ve gotten soft and the Christmas Holidays really don’t effect me in the way that they used to.   Heh, I’ll know for certain when I go to Christmas Mass for the holidays.


     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.

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