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Entry 12/13/2005 01:33:50 PM – Mentat 210


     Looks like I’m going to be sick for the first time this winter…  Can’t remember whether I was sick at the beginning of the year.  I remember going through the usual temperature shocks that I go through in the South when the temperatures kicked down into the twenties back October last year, but that doesn’t quite count… 

     Apparently it struck sometime last night after I went to bed late, because I remember especially vivid and bizarre dreams, as well as coughing and having difficulties swallowing sometime at 4 in the morning, as well as when the alarms went off at 6 AM which I barely heard through my stupor.  Still got the difficulty swallowing going on, and I know for a fact as I sit here listening to my MP3’s, that my tonsils and adenoids are swollen.  I still have difficulties swallowing, and I’ve got the routine queasy feeling I get when I know that my tonsils are dripping into the back of my throat from minor tonsillitis.  In fact, in a moment, if I think things have calmed down and Sam is momentarily out of home schooling, I might make a trip downstairs to boil some water and see if I can’t have some more herbal tea in order to get rid of the queasy feeling I’ve got going. 

     Of course, the fun part is the fact that I’ve got to go downstairs two flights of stairs to get the water boiling…  And with me feeling the preliminary aches and pains that come from something akin to some sort of viral infection (like the flu), it makes getting up and down the stairs a true chore..  *sigh* God, I hate when I get sick. 


     All right…  More news from the last journal entry…  But there are elements that had gone one yesterday that need to be taken into consideration before I attempt to put together the situation and the conversations that started last Wednesday…  First off — we had all sorts of power issues in the house starting on Sunday late afternoon/early evening.  According to Charlie — the problem is that half of the kitchen and this room are on the same breaker (and I think another room, but I haven’t gone into the basement to look and verify).  And what had happened was between this computer — which is rather a powerhouse, and the Stove had caused the breaker controls on in the fuse box to corrupt and every 1/2 hour or so, the breaker had tripped causing the house to black out.  So in an effort to keep things running properly, we had to conserve power in order to have the house stay in some sort of powered order. 

     The next morning — Charlie had gotten up a bit earlier than normal and had pulled the breaker for the stove and half of the kitchen in order to prevent Jeannie from trying to cook, and keep me and Jeannie out of the basement so that we didn’t have to reset anything.  He had told Jeannie Sunday night to call this electrician friend that they have to get the right kind of breaker replacement for the stove, but didn’t leave the note like he had promised to do. 

     Of course, what I forgot to put in my calendar was the fact that yesterday was Jeannie’s birthday…  Her 40th birthday to be exact.  And while she doesn’t normally do anything for her birthday (in past years), this year she had hoped to do something for this one — even if it was a little something.  She also had to get Sam to the dentist so that he would get his teeth checked, cleaned, and so on.  (I had joked about "…for your birthday, you get to have you child tortured at the dentist…"  which for her she was mildly amused, but Sam was pretty annoyed with the joke being at his expense). 

     In the meantime, I had hoped to go out with Jeannie and Sam as she had told me about a telemarketing job that’s almost always available in Greensburg that her foster-daughter Penny used to have — but I wasn’t entirely sure how close to the dentist office that telemarketing job was; and while I thought about asking Jeannie to go with her — I went through my routine fear of imposing or being underfoot — so I waited to see whether she would invite me.

     She didn’t, and I thought about asking her about it when she got home from the Dentist’s (and a couple of other errands that she wanted to run when she left the office that she told me about on the way out the door). 


     While they were at the dentist, I took the opportunity to make another call to the Human Resource Department at the University of Pittsburgh to see whether the position was still open, and whether I would be able to arrange for an interview.  It went well — got to talk to the Human Resource Director and have an impromptu interview with about 5 questions (the same sort of questions I had developed in the Recruiting & Management Courses years and years ago for BellSouth, Lotus, and a couple of other companies in the South).  I thought that it went fairly well and I’m expecting a callback today (which will be good news) or tomorrow (which won’t be good news).  Knowing the distance — someplace in the back of my mind, I get the impression that I might not be considered for the position — but I will still keep my fingers crossed. 


     So I saw the time, and realized that Charlie had gotten home first, but I didn’t go downstairs given that Mondays are usually bad days for him, and I didn’t want to aggravate any situations further.  Then I heard somewhere around 5 PM that Jeannie and Sam had come home, things degenerated to explosions and implosions — with me sitting up here working on an e-mail and hearing Jeannie screaming shrilly, "goddamn, son of a bitch…"  or something along the lines. 

     Even at this moment — I’m not sure what entirely caused it — but the story is this.  Charlie came home and didn’t do anything for a half-hour since he had gotten home.  I assume from the way Jeannie talked about it later, he sat watching news/sports and having a sandwich.  Then when Jeannie and Sam came home, got busy swapping out the breaker on the fuse box, with the power going out in the house and causing some of the work that Jeannie had been working on at the time to totally get fried out in the process.  She then came down storming about it, confronted her son who had come into the house and sat down to watch television instead of going upstairs to tell her that Charlie was working on the breakers…  (I think Jeannie thought the worst for a moment thinking that Charlie had fried on the electric box). 

     Charlie then comes upstairs from the basement, and seeing Jeannie shrill, gets irritated, realizing that the breakdown in communication was in fact their son Sam — who had exacerbated the situation by watching television instead of telling each of the parents what was going on.  Charlie stormed back to the basement, Jeannie stormed about putting together more packages that needed to be delivered (from something else that came in the mail that day), and I slinked back to my room to escape the chaos of the remainder of the house. 


     I went out with Jeannie sometime later, helping her with the exchange of a Christmas present she had bought for Sam — partly because he had been a pain in the ass the last couple of days, but mostly because Jeannie didn’t think that Sam would appreciate the present at all.  She had got him a GameBoy Advance SP (or something along that line), which we returned for a couple of things and got a pretty nifty MP3 player that he would better use for the day trips and gallivants that we do during the day.  Jeannie had also told me some of the woes that had cause the implosion earlier that day. 

     Apparently when Jeannie asked what they were doing for her birthday — whether they were going out or not — Charlie had said something to the extent that they were "…doing pretty much nothing…"  She had also asked whether they were going out for dinner or something as a family — and he said "No" and offered instead to take her to the Company Christmas Party that was coming up this Friday.  She was pissed about this given the fact that she didn’t have any babysitter lined up (this is something that sort of annoys me, as I’m perfectly capable of incapacitating a precocious 9 year old, and even keeping him mildly entertained while they go out and have a good time, but this is a distraction from the story).  It degenerated from there given that she had hoped that her husband would want to do something for her — and ended up doing positively nothing. 

     So while we were out — she ranted for a good fifteen minutes about it — getting all the shit from the day off her chest in the process. 

     I had thought about bringing up the stuff from last Wednesday between Charlie and I, but the more that I listened to her rant about things, and the way that nothing came her way for her birthday from her husband (or her son for that matter); I had thought it in extremely poor taste to bring up something of this nature, and let her get it all out of her system.  Heh — in the end, I told her, it’s just a man thing.  Love them, and hate them all; but the way that Charlie acts sometimes is how all men act when faced with an emotional minefield from a loved on.  We freeze up, follow routine, and end up realizing we did the wrong thing hours after all the dust has settled, and the emotional battlefield is quiet as a church mouse.


     Well, when we got home after shopping for things for Sam’s Christmas, and picking up a couple of things at the store (coffee, and a tomato; although she almost bought the materials for a throw for a Christmas Present for her husband that we ended up stranding in Women’s), we came home, and Charlie had confronted me about "what [am I] going to do…"  This was a change in tone from Wednesday night, and part of it I believe has to do with the foul mood Jeannie had been in earlier that night and him not wanting to further cause stress between him and Jeannie. 


     I had to tell him about the potential callback from University of Pittsburgh (which I hate doing because I end up jinxing myself whenever I start telling people about potential interviews).  I had embellished a little that it was for two interviews, but given the fact that it’s from one place — it’s at least a better start than most of the resumes I have put out to date.  (And for a giggle, I went checking out how many resumes I had sent out.  According to the information, I’ve put out approximately 50 resumes either through mail, fax, or e-mail, of which in all of those, have only gotten responses from 2!!!!  I haven’t even gotten e-mails from some of them telling me that they are pursuing opportunities elsewhere.  Talk about annoying!!!!)  I had also taken the opportunity to tell Jeannie that if I didn’t get a positive callback from the University of Pittsburgh (today), that I would be more than willing to try to land a job at the Telemarketing place near the Mall in order to have a job to go to (tomorrow).  Of course, I would also definitely need to get a Photo ID, given the fact that the one that I have from Georgia has been expired since my birthday this year. 

     She also talked about dragging me down from the attic room to the guest bedroom across from her office, which I’m not particularly thrilled about.  Part of the reason is that I’ve gotten rather used to the size of this room (which is in fact a bit larger than the guest bedroom; but most of the reason has to do with my want for some privacy from everything going on here, not to mention that if my cat ends up on the second floor — not only will they have to deal with the stink of the litterbox, but also the fact that my cat has a habit of sharpening her claws on furniture first, followed by floor/rug second.  I don’t think they would mind terribly with the rugs here in the attic, as the ones in this room are throw-away that they haven’t used in the rest of the house; or have been put up here because they had no more use of them in the rest of the house.  However; I know that with Jeannie’s heightened sense of smell — she will not put up with the smell of the litterbox at all on the second floor… 

     I tried to dissuade her about it without actually going into the reasons — and for the moment it’s been chaired, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s brought up again with the impending über-cold of the Mid-Atlantic States. 



     In other news, I’ve finally gotten my SETI@Home work uploaded to the server.  But in the meantime, because of the issues with work units being the way that they are now that SETI@Home Classic is closing in two days, I’ve decided on joining one of the other projects that BOINC is currently sponsoring.  Einstein@Home.  Pretty interesting project…  Although the work units are astronomically large (7.96 MB for the first work unit that I had downloaded), it seems to break down rather nicely into smaller, sectional packets that are parsed and worked on, at average of 7 – 10 hours each. 


     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.