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Entry 12/15/2005 05:17:05 PM – Mentat 211


     All right, now I’m feeling totally ill as though I’ve got the flu going.  Ugh…  Somewhere around the time of 9 PM last night, when Jeannie and I got home from Barnes & Noble after serving a couple of hours gift wrapping books and presents for the Sharing & Caring Foundation; my body had reached whatever plateau that was going on within it, and I started sneezing out my lungs for about 10 minutes straight.  Apparently the feeling of tonsillitis that for a while there felt as though I had the makings of strep ended, and whatever virus I have in my system ended up turning into something akin to the Flu.  And what a lovely thing that is too!!!

     My temperature seems to be fluctuating someplace between the somewhat higher than normal, I personally call normal, and someplace in the 101 or so.  I’ve got random aches and pains throughout my body (at the moment, I’m feeling it in my shoulders, hips, and of course my knees).  And my personal favorite that comes with tonsillitis, is the queasy feeling I get in my stomach because my tonsils are leaking down the back of my throat into my stomach.  Yum, yum!  Been here, done this, ready to move on. 


     At least the thing I’m glad about is the fact that I had been able to go through the interview at Reese Teleservices yesterday with only the feeling that I had to piss like a racehorse, instead of me turning into something like death warmed over and all jaundiced because my blood sugar levels were all over the place.  My temperatures going up and down and of course the aches and pains that I’m currently going through.  Now, I’m just hoping that whatever it is that I’ve got, clears up by Monday of next week, or else this is going to be ugly when I go in for my interview on Monday…  But then, I might be getting just a little of myself at the moment.

     Yes!  I went to the place that Penny (Jeannie’s Foster-Daughter) worked at years ago, and filled out a job application to work there (as they were currently hiring).    In fact, I got my first interview at the end of filling out all of the paperwork I had filled out, and the manager that had interviewed me at that moment was so suitably impressed that he has scheduled a second interview for Monday the 19th.  According to what he had told me, he was also suitably surprised that I had filled out all of the paperwork that I had filled out — as it was in his experience that most of the time the locals only half fill things out…  Not surprising given the amount of things that I had to fill out for the position.  Anti-Harassment laws (that thankfully involved a sexual orientation clause) — and it also included an anti-ageism clause for those over 40 years old.  The list was like a mile long, of which I told the interviewing manager (who’s name is Ed) that if it involves my signature of assent — I had also read and digested most of what I had put my signature on. 

     There was one however, that I had been hesitant to sign, and I had asked about the memorandum before continuing.  From what Ed told me — there is some sort of Occupancy Tax in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that says that if you work for a company that is not in the same town, township, city, etc that you reside in — that you have to pay a once a year fee of $10.00.  According to Ed, the reason for this has to do with the fact that Pennsylvania is one of the most taxed states in the Union.  I had half joked and explained that this was the case with all the Commonwealths in the US, as Massachusetts is often referred to as "Taxachusetts" and Virginia being a Commonwealth was just as bad on some of its taxes.  But at least it comes out of the first check and doesn’t come out again for another year. 

     Of course, one of the forms that I had to fill out was also a drug-screening assent form…  But that I didn’t mind so much as I would have positively no issue passing that.  Joy…  As I explained to Jeannie — the problem with Drug Screenings is while the company pays for that — I’ve had a notorious habit of not being able to go, or already have gone by the time I show up for the screening.  Which is a pain in the ass, considering that the last time I had to take one for Concord EFS/First Data, I ended up having to drink like a quart to almost a gallon of water, and had to sit there watching Oprah or something equally heinous while I waited for my bladder to catch up with my desire to heed the call of nature. 


     I had done it because I didn’t hear from University of Pittsburgh like I had hoped as I was expecting a phone call from the Director of Human Resources at the University of Pittsburgh for the position.  As it turns out, when I got up this morning (after only sleeping something like three hours because of a combination of my sinuses randomly filling and draining, and the aches and pains that I had been going through) and connected to the Internet — the Director of HR at University of Pittsburgh had sent me an e-mail which reads:


I spoke with the hiring manager for this position and we would like to invite you in for an interview sometime this week or the beginning of next week.  Please give me a call to let me know what you availability is.




     Joy of joys.  Apparently I’m going to be juggling interviews and decisions as to what job I’m going to be taking.  Ugh!!  As I told Jeannie the other night — I suck at this sort of thing, as more often times than naught, I end up taking the worse of the two jobs, in spite of just how appealing the two of them appear. 


     While we were out yesterday, we had also stopped by a company called Wabtec (which is some sort of rubber manufacturing company) not too far from Bovard and Greensburg that according to one of Jeannie’s friends is currently hiring because they have accepted two rather large contracts (I think the word Federal was bounced around someplace in this).  When we stopped by and I talked with the receptionist — she tells me that they don’t have a job application form and that I needed to either e-mail or fax in my resume.  I have the business card for the company here, and took the opportunity to check out the company’s website to see whether or not they posted career opportunities there.

     If anything — when I went out to the site — there was practically nothing about career and human resources.  If anything — I got the distinct impression it was a bare-bone website to promote the company itself and little to anything else.  Had I not been to the site, and seen the security, after looking at the website, I would’ve thought it either a fly-by-night company or something that wasn’t well established within the community.  But given the security and the people there — I got a different impression.

     I asked Jeannie about it; and what she’s heard from her friend is that this company deals with quite a bit of GSA contracts as well as other military contracts.  Which would explain the reason why the only accepted resumes, and that they didn’t post their jobs to the world for consideration for walk-ins.  It has to do with the amount of security (some of it, I’m sure is Top Secret and higher).  I sent over my Master Resume (which includes the information for IT as well as Administrative Assistance/Office Support), but between you and me, I’m seriously thinking I’m not going to hear much from them.  They’re probably looking for people with experience in Rubber/Polymer Chemistry, Manufacturing and probably research. 


     Jeannie, Sam and I got home around 3:30 or so yesterday, and when Jeannie was checking through voicemail, she heard that I had some sort of offer/interest for a Financial Analyst for a company called Ameriprize Financial Services.  Jeannie let me listen to the voicemail, and I got the distinct impression that it sounded like a recording — right down the mentioning my full name (Michael Andrew Baldelli, instead of Michael Baldelli).  I didn’t like the sound of it, but when I got upstairs and hung my coat up, I realized that they had gotten my information through Monster.com and I didn’t even file for any position with their company.  (Yes, I’m that meticulous in my record keeping in my Outlook Journals, and record who I stop to see to fill out a job application, or send my resume either through mail, e-mail, or fax).  So I came downstairs grabbed the message and attempted to give them a call. 

     I spoke to a woman named Lisa who told me a little about the company and what they wanted to do.  According to her, I would head over to Canonsburg (which is about thirty minutes south of Pittsburgh) for some sort of lecture/seminar with the Vice President of the Company and then go through some sort of computer aptitude test to see what kind of computer skills I had.  I still didn’t like the feel of it, as she was trying to push for an interview/lecture time for Friday or Monday (which would definitely conflict with my interview here in Greensburg).  Lisa had allowed me to give her a call back, and I was determined to look up whatever information I could on this company she was talking about.

     This morning, I while I was online, I looked for a URL for the company.  Ended up finding nothing but seminar agendas at something like six or seven different hotels nationwide.  Saw that the Vice President that I was supposed to meet with was Japanese (and a traditional Japanese name of all things, which gave me the distinct impression he was not an American Citizen).  I tried looking through several of the National White and Yellow Pages for the company — even trying to narrow it down to the Pittsburgh and Canonsburg PA area.  Ended up not finding any information on the company.  Did a reverse lookup on the phone number I had for Lisa, and realized that it was a cell number.

     My reaction from there went due south.  I got the distinct impression it was some sort of "legal" pyramid scheme, like Tony Dupris’ little turn-around property for money scheme.  I think that’s the name of the man, as I couldn’t remember who it was to save my life…  And Tom Robbins’ name was stuck in my head…  Needless to say, I had called them back later on in the morning when Jeannie and Sam were doing their home school and told the woman Lisa that I was looking for something just a little closer to home. 


     Today, I tried to get my need for a Pennsylvania ID put into everything as I needed it for the 2nd Interview Monday among all of the errands that Jeannie needed to run today — with the threat of snow and ice, and winter storm advisories going on since about 7 this morning.  Almost ended up getting it today — but when some of the roads started showing signs of icing up from the storms — it then became an issue of getting the other errands run first before we had another calamity on the roads like we had last week with all the snow.  Of course during the trip around town and running the errands, I had carefully monitored my situation as I had gone in and out of aches and pains, as well as wondered when my energy and adrenaline would end, with me passing out wherever I was.  Surprisingly that didn’t happen until almost 8 PM this evening when I began passing out while watching Wheel of Fortune with Jeannie… 

     So, at the moment, it’s just me, wrapping this up before I put myself to bed.  That’s what’s been going on here the last couple of days. 


     Until the next time. 

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