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Yes, I’ve been offline for a while.

     Yes, I know I’ve been offline a while, but those of you that know me personally know the reason why I haven’t had the opportunity to write like I ususally did.  The fact of the matter is, I was homeless.  I had been in a Shelter/Mission for the last month and a half, which is why I haven’t been as diligent about posting as I did in the past.  Most of the reason has to do with the fact that while the Shelter/Mission had a computer — one of the residents there had totally taken advantage and caused untold damage to both the resident computer, as well as the Mission’s computer…
     Heh, porn is the cause, leading to both computers being virused by two really lame and annoying trojans. 
     Sure, they had the anti-virus software, but both of them had been expired (surprise there), which meant that they had issues, and didn’t exactly deal with them properly.   But that’s another story for another time…
     The reason why I’m writing is that I’m going to be offline for a bit longer.  After a rather difficult time with Valentine’s Day, and it being the second anniversary of my break-up with Rick — coupled with the bullshit that came from a company that supposedly had an EOE that supported queerfolk causes, that only turned around to be quite homophobic…  I’ve decided on following my heart in a concern that has been bothering me since about my birthday last year. 
     So, I’m off.  Those  of you that I talk with know the concern.  And I promise to talk all about it the next time I’m back…  I also promise to fill in the journal entries that I have in paper as well. 
  1. Vince
    03/16/2006 at 4:32 pm

    WOW (((((((((((((Merrick(K)(K))))))))))   I can relate to being homeless, I was homeless myself for 2 months also, and i know what a bitch it is to live in a shelter, but thank gawd they are there for us !!  I was staying in a shelter for HIV+ peeps in Memphis while I was still there.  The drama involved i nthat was an experience all in itself !!  Anywho, just wanted to comment that I’m glad your back on your feet !!    See you in chat my friend (K)(K).

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