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Entry 04/22/2006 10:30:22 PM – Mentat 269

     Once again, it’s the weekend. Once again, I’m glad that I have the next couple of days off. Which is sort of a good thing, given the fact that while I’m not really working all that hard — the monotony and the tedium of sitting there for eight hours listening to various calls and trying to inject “…what I would do in this situation…” But it does wear one down, believe me. I had a moment of insecurity and stress when it came to the job. Now, when I started the position — they told me that I didn’t need to worry about fiddling through paperwork and timecards, as they’re using a sheet for everyone from the agency. But then over the course of the last few days, I got the impression that I wasn’t sent the timecards, and wasn’t going to be paid for the hours that I had put in the week before. This became especially stressful when I saw a hell of a lot of timecard shuffling at the office, coupled with filling out some sort of timesheet on the bulletin board, that I haven’t touched in the weeks that I’ve been there. So on the way home, I stopped by the home office on the way home.
     I was told by my supervisor there that they had received the hours for last week, and that I should be seeing the check shortly. Which is a good thing, considering that I’m currently strapped for cash, and desperately needing enough for bus money for the week. But at least I’m going to be paid.. Which is a good thing.

     The good thing about today is apparently my aunt doesn’t have to do any errands, which means I get to loaf and take my time about the house, instead of having to hear her say, “chop, chop” and get me into the bathroom to shower, get dressed, and rush down to the nearest store that’s going to be open well into the evening. I don’t think she truly understands what it means to loaf and take one’s time to run errands and what not. But then, the more that I think about it — the more that I realize that perhaps New Englanders simply lack the ability to relax on weekends, given that the sun is up well before most people here are.
     Heh, it’s a really surreal experience for me. Leaving the house at 6:10 in the morning, and having the sun well up above the horizon. I commented to my aunt about it, and she says that it’s perfectly normal and should be like that. I told her that we don’t normally see the sun up until almost eight in the morning in the south (7:30’ish during the summer). Of course, I don’t recall the sun being up after nine in the evening up here, what with it going down sometime around 8:30. But, I guess those are the breaks given the latitude I’m currently at. Of course, I’m still complaining about how bloody cold it is here. Currently in the mid 40s, for the month of April. Which is annoying as piss, given that I’ve heard from folk in the south (through work) that it was in the 90s through the week. God, do I miss those lovely temperatures for the middle of spring. I’m already more than tired of freezing in the morning, or feeling like I’m chilled just enough to need a shawl/afghan, but not cold enough to warrant the winter clothes. At least, a warm shower seems to remedy that for hours…

     Today, I’m supposed to call my uncle (Armand) and have him schlep my ass over to his place and show him how to tweak his Popup Blocker within Internet Explorer, as well as how to burn himself a CD (now that my aunt sort of knows how to do that, and has burned her first recently). My aunt’s making it sound like it’s some sort of imperative that I get my ass in gear in do it, however, as I explained to my uncle when he called here the other day — it’s more a maybe sort of thing. Chances are, I’ll probably get around to it — but it’s one of those sort of things that I would probably do later in the day, instead of right this bloody instant now that I’ve woken up — like how my aunt and uncle would prefer to do it.
      Hmmm… Now that I think of it, I think it’s more a family thing than a New Englander thing. It’s part of that “get it out of the way so I can relax” attitude that I sometimes pull when I know I have something to do, and don’t really want to do it. All I know is that I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten over it by taking my sweet time on everything. Ha, the mark of a true procrastinator.

     As for the rest of my life… I shouldn’t have had the two beers that I had last night. I went off on one of my more passionate tirades last night on Jack. Actually I almost began a hell of a sermon in his direction, partially because of the way that he doesn’t engage in chatting with me (for reasons that I can’t even begin to cover here, because I get the impression I’m not getting the whole truth from him), and when he does, it’s really a half-assed attempt. Oh, and then the minefield he walked into… After an hour or so of talking with him — I get the distinct impression that I’m some sort of consolation prize because he can’t get what he wants… Especially when you consider that I’m now thirty miles away from him instead of nine-hundred miles.
     Frankly — I’ve been contemplating washing my hands of him — given the fact that he brought up last night what he’s looking for is a “friend with benefits” which is most definitely a turn off with me. Hell, I’m rather surprised that I was particularly magnanimous towards him when he announced that in my direction. The last time I dealt with someone that wanted that was on Guys4Men, and used to be my friend Sam’s ex-boyfriend… And that didn’t go well in the least.
     Now that I think about it — there have been more than plenty of things about Jack that I simply can’t find acceptable, or even attractive. The water sports, the sock and boot fetish… The confusing messages he puts out on wanting a boyfriend — but everything he talks about is nothing more than sexual innuendo.
     *sighs* It’s just one of those “wait and see” sort of deals with him — mainly because he hasn’t really done anything that has set me off enough to become polarized into action.. In either direction for that matter. And to give you an idea on the other direction I’ve been contemplating… I’ve thought about giving Jack my phone number just so that I can see whether he’s more than he says he is in type. (According to him — he says that he’s more personable talking and in real time than he is in type). But I haven’t really been given enough reason to trust him with a number to get in contact with me.
     No doubt there will be more to discuss about this subject in the near future…

     Well, I think that’s about it for the time being. Until the next time.
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