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E:Mail – Re: Evanescence_Rulz and Hosting in Men4Men

Vickie —
First off, I would appreciate if it you learned forms…  I address all my e-mails to you with your name at the beginning of the e-mail, and it would be proper decorum if you did likewise.  This dropping an e-mail without any address and then simply including your signature is considered rude both professionally and personally. 
Second, perhaps you should update your version of Winzip, as I’m currently using 10.0 you wouldn’t have problems opening the file.
Third, if it wasn’t for the way that you accepted people into the host program all willie-nillie as you did, but actually did a little research on the folk that you’ve accepted, you’ll see that at least 40% of the new hosts that you’ve accepted for the Men4Men area have been nothing but lurkers who upon hosting up and coming off like power queens, instead of legitimate hosts that have chatting experience.  A perfect example of this is Evanescence_Rulz who is clearly in his coffee cup more than he actually chats and only hosts up to take control of the channel. 
And finally, if you actually told the folk that you had accepted applications for hosting in the Men4Men rooms to spread around on the other rooms, Men4Men (root) wouldn’t be so host heavy, causing casual users, former hosts and even the miscreants and misinthropes to turn Men4Men into a shooting gallery.  If you haven’t noticed — and I’m sure you haven’t — the most amount of disruption going on in the room isn’t from bashers, but actually the users against the hosts. 
This should tell you something, and if it isn’t allow me to more than happily point it out to you for further perusal. 
Michael Andrew Baldelli
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Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 8:45 PM
Subject: RE: Evanescence_Rulz and Hosting in Men4Men
Your file could not be opened. But I had watched the chat myself, from heifers to salads.
I would remind you the registered chat rooms are governed by the MSN Code of Conduct at: http://groups.msn.com/conduct . Additionally, disruptive behavior, suggestive sexual comments, profanity (even when masked), threats, insulting hosts/staff and inappropriate or sexually suggestive nicknames are not acceptable. If you would prefer to chat without these restrictions, you have the option of creating your own chat room.
MSN Chat Manager
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From: Michael Andrew Baldelli [mailto:mbaldelli@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 8:35 PM
To: Vickie
Subject: Evanescence_Rulz and Hosting in Men4Men

Vickie —
    Apparently you have another host that has no idea how to warn properly before kicking, nor does he have any idea on what is considered acceptable or unacceptable subject matter, as it would be pretty apparent that Mr Evanescence_Rulz seems to be quite the little sycophant for you.  Perhaps you should have word with him that perhaps he needs to loosen up just a little bit and realize, there are just some things that will be talked about.
Michael Andrew Baldelli
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