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Entry 08/12/2006 08:43:13 AM – Mentat 287

     It’s August, and yet the weather that I’m currently feeling this morning is what I would expect of September or October for the Northeast, and October/November for the Southeast.  Scary when you think about it because you can’t help but wonder whether it’s going to be a very cold winter this year in the Northeast; or if this is just one of those cold snaps from the north that will snap back to extreme summer heat until September.  Pretty cool though…  Was up this morning just as the sun was coming up, and I was having one of those fond memories of sunrise breakfasts up at Coe Farm (North Smithfield/Manville) with friends while we watched the sun come up over the trees.  The only difference is, it’s summer, not autumn.  And the trees aren’t the colors I was expecting.

     I’ve finally put in my notice to the place I’m currently working at.  I’ve come to the conclusion that given the work load, the amount of knowledge that I need to know for the position and the plain and simple fact that they simply aren’t equipped like a help desk should be — it’s simply not worth the money that they are offering.  Couple this with the conversation I had, and I really think I’m in the wrong place.  Picture this:
     Thursday late morning.  I’m going into work to work my night shift, and onto the bus comes this man — Peter as his nametag reads — sits down next to me, with coffee in hand and jovial smile on his face.  He’s got these really thick glasses, and clearly the look of a man with Down’s Syndrome. 
     I smiled back and noticed that he worked for Stop & Shop; and I recall seeing him on the bus on various mornings when I’m going in on time.  I said to him which he nodded. 
     He had asked me what I did for a living, which I told him I worked in computers and technical support.
     He made a comment that I must’ve made quite a lot of money. 
     I shrugged, and asked him how much he was getting paid. 
     He told me that he was making two dollars an hour more than I was. 
     I asked him what he did for a living.  Said that he was just a floating stock clerk. 
     I lied and told him that I did make more money than he did. 
     I suggest to him that he should look into continuing education. 
     He told me that he only had a GED. 
     I told him that a GED is as good as a high school diploma, and that I knew several people with GED who had actually gone to college to get a degree.
     He thanked me for the advice and got off the bus when we reached the Stop & Shop at Lincoln Mall. 

     A stock clerk with a GED?!  Getting paid more than I was; and I had a college degree in Computer Science.  Not to mention that I have close to 20 years experience in software/hardware/networking and troubleshooting.  There’s just something definitely wrong with this picture.  I also thought about it on the way home that night, and I realized that I was making more money when I had moved south 13 years ago, than I was when I came north 4 months ago.  Couple this with the fact that the cost of living here has become grossly obscene, and the cost of housing a clear sign of landlord greed — there’s something definitely wrong with this picture. 
     So, I put in my week’s notice at the location; and still need to contact the agency at the time of this journal entry, and while I would like to be able to work with the contracting firm that I started here — at the same time if they blacklist me for wanting out — then I’ll more than happily move on.   I’ve actually thought of seeking out legal restitution on this, given that there wasn’t an honest disclosure as to the ramifications of this assignment.  But that’s another issue for another time. 

     Actually, I’m going to be rather happy with the thought of finding a job where I’m able to go home at the end of the day and being able to think beyond the routinely mindless drivel that I’ve been going through after a full day and a half’s worth of work and traveling.  Not to mention having a job that I can have routine weekends off so that I can socialize, instead of having to worry about whether I need to work the next day (or through seven days straight) and needing to conserve my energy and drive in order to work. 
     Feh!  I’m supposed to work, not kill myself in the process of working.  But enough on that. 

     Other than that, it’s been relatively quiet.  Chatted a little bit with Leigh on MSN chat last night.  Part of it having to do with the nonsense with Seth, mostly about some of the disgusting wretches in MSN Chat.  nothing like having a cohort in dealing with some of the untouchables that inhabit Men4Men.  Also sat there in Yahoo Chat listening to Luke playing some happy hardcore and trance for the channel (certainly better than listening to Buff’s buzzkill music from the 80’s and 70’s).  I need to download more trance/happy hardcore because while I like listening to the music that I have, it’s getting a little stale, seeing I’ve had it since I moved from Pennsylvania on the portable in March and have been listening to it religiously to and from work.  Too bad that GayDar Radio has been made subscription for outside of the UK.  I rather liked using them as a frame of reference for new music downloads.  And while I like some of the stuff I hear on 1.FM; I don’t always like the edits that they play over and over and over again. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time. 
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