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Entry 08/19/2006 09:15:51 AM – Mentat 288

     I have finally reached the end of my patience, my strength and my want to working on this contract.  I said that I was going to try to last a week at this place for my final week, but on Tuesday, when I checked my schedule one more time to ensure that Saturday was going to be off for the BBQ at my family’s place, and therefore my last day, I realized that I had Sunday the 13th off (and I had worked it), and that I was going to be working Saturday instead.  I fell through the floor, let loose with a rather loud, "fuck it", and went back to work, and decided that at the meeting that I had with the agency that afternoon I would announce that Tuesday was going to be my last day at the contract.  On the one side, I knew that it would be only a matter of time before I would totally fuck up paying attention to the schedule and work a day that I was supposed to be off.  But more importantly, when I realized that I was going to miss another family function because of working and a schedule change that would force me to work, I had had it at that point right there and then.  Quite the annoyance when you realize that the family had re-arranged their schedules three times according to what I was working… 
     Good lord, to make it even more difficult, no sooner than I had tendered the resignation on the position, they were already offering me some other position elsewhere.  Not surprising given that I’ve been watching Monster.com and Hotjobs.com and saw that they’ve had quite a few positions opened for the general public.  This, of course, means that they’ll need people to fill the positions within their ranks as well.  Fortunately for me though they’re willing to honor my request for two weeks off, to allow me to collect my wits, lower my blood pressure, and collect my stuff from Pennsylvania. 
     Of course, it’s going to take nearly two weeks for me to get over all the shit and the left over pressures that I had been going through for the last three months at this location.  On Tuesday night, I had a rather tall glass of wine, fell asleep promptly at 10:30 – 10:45 PM, woke up with a start at 2 in the morning and didn’t fall asleep until 4 – 4:30.  Last night I woke up with another start (sober this time), thinking that I absolutely had to get up and fix an issue with an IBM register/controller, and couldn’t get back to sleep more than 20 minutes before I was dragging my ass up out of bed, to take a shower.  The next couple of nights since then, I’ve ended up having more dreams about work, and some of the nonsense that I would go during the course of the day.   Last night though, it wasn’t as bad as the last couple of nights as I was able to fall back to sleep after 20 – 40 minutes of being up.  Maybe I’ll be over this a bit quicker than the last time when I was working at Reese.  God, that took me a full month to get over. 

     Yesterday, when I had gotten up early — earlier than my aunt thought that I would be getting up — we had headed out to run a couple of errands, and I convinced her after those errands to check out Warwick and Rhode Island Malls, mainly because I hadn’t been to them yet, and it’s been more than 15 years since I’ve been to either of them.   Warwick Mall’s changes a little bit.  The section that used to be an entrance to one of the core stores had changed.  made it smaller, and was now the entrance to an Old Navy.  Many of the stores that were there are still there…  The food court wasn’t in the same place that it was in, in the past….  And some of the stores that were in the food court just didn’t seem to belong.  Namely the Fye, and the two cell phone companies that were there (Verizon was definitely one of them, but I don’t remember if the other was…  I think it was Sprint or NexTel/Sprint). 
     Rhode Island Mall…  God what a disappointment that was.  So much like Lincoln Mall — you can’t really get to the mall through the core stores.  When you get into the mall itself, it’s like a ghost town.  Practically nothing there.  Unlike Lincoln mall, where they had some stores there — Rhode Island Mall had even less stores.  And it’s two levels of desolation, as opposed to Lincoln’s which is only one.  It makes me wish that I had brought my camera along, just to take pictures of it.  Maybe while I’ve got some time off, I’ll head on back there just to take a couple of pictures of the desolation.  Say something about, "this is where dead malls go" or something along that line.

     Well, today’s the Barbeque here at the Homestead.  Got most of my things put off to the side or put away for the impending traffic, so this is going to be a short entry….  Got quite a bit to write about — but that’ll wait for another time. 

     Until then or the next time…
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