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Entry 08/27/2006 10:53:05 PM – Mentat 290


      It’s been a week or so since I’ve had the desire to sit down and write a journal entry. Not that I haven’t had enough to talk about… But
the problem has to do with the fact that I was up non-stop for more
than 24 hours, and whenever I do that sort of thing, I end up focusing
on everything and nothing at the same time.

      I was able to get my uncle’s assistance, and went to Pennsylvania to go pick up the remnants of my sojourn there from Atlanta. It
had taken a hell of a lot longer to get there than I thought it would,
considering that while I thought that I took the second most direct
route — it wasn’t the most direct. That had to
do with the fact that the most direct route would be through the tolls,
and I wasn’t sure that I should take that route considering the price
of gas. To make matters worse — the route there we ended up getting behind all sorts of slow-moving traffic. Houses on wheels being moved from one side of the county to another. Big-assed tractors. Eighteen wheelers. People thinking that for Tuesday — they should be driving as though it’s a Sunday and that they should enjoy the sites. Eventually
though, we did get there — with just a little bit of time to spare,
considering that where the cat was, was closing at 5 o’clock, and we
had to get there to pick her up.
     Packing up the Jeep/SUV was a bit of a chore, given that we were both more than a little punchy. Him from all the driving that he had done; me from the fact that he drives much like my step-father does. Sure
he might not actually get into accidents, but the near-misses were more
than enough for me to want to pay more than careful attention to what
else was going on, on the road. Of course, to
make matters worse was the fact that I forgot that the attic there at
Jeannie’s had positively no air/ventilation and it reminded me all too
keenly of my apartment with Rick over there on Vernon Street when we
were both still in college. At least I was able to sweat some of the bullshit that I had going in my system while trying to pack up my stuff…

      The drive home was even more of a chore than I anticipated it would be. While
it was about an hour faster on the way back (because we took the toll
roads back, and they weren’t as expensive as I thought that they would
be) — construction along the Pennsylvania Turnpike was
out-bloody-rageous! More often times than
naught, we ended up going through places where they were single lane
and that there were workers out on the road. Not
a pretty thing, considering that while they had the reflective stuff on
them — they really didn’t have the bright or light colors necessary
for night work. Heh, and sometimes when the
construction was on the opposite side of the road, the silly bints
would be pointing the halogens towards the side of the road we were on
— totally blinding us like moths near a bonfire.

the trip from Atlanta to Jeannette where Cricket was pretty quiet the
entire time, not making a peep or anything — on the way from Jeannette
to Woonsocket, the bleedin’ beast didn’t stop crying unless I had my
hand in the cage with her. And even then, she didn’t stay all that quiet for all that much time. God,
while I was moderately able to deal with it at the beginning of the
trip — by the end — when I had been up 25 hours, I was ready to
throttle the beast just to get a moment’s rest. Sad
too, considering that I’ve really missed her since I had been homeless,
and made the trips that I’ve made in the last eight months. But
then, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising, given the fact that I
was running on no sleep, and the only thing that I had going for me at
one point is anger and whatever was left of the caffeine I had pumped
into my system.
home safely — although there were times when I thought we were going
to go off the road, down the shoulder, and end up wrapped around a tree
on 295 when we got into Rhode Island. Got only four hours of sleep by the time we got back into Woonsocket… Not sure what the reason for that was. At
first I thought it had to do with the fact that I had so much caffeine
in my system and the exhaustion poisons simply built up more than the
caffeine could compensate through, but the more that I look back at it
— I am known to work pretty well on four or so hours of sleep…

getting that sleep — I convinced my aunt and uncle it was time to buy
some furniture, given the fact that now that I had my computer, I would
need something to sit at, in order to either work, play, or put
together whatever it was that I would want to put together without
having to worry about someone looking over my shoulder. I
also needed something to put my clothes into, as the storage box that I
had been using was already pretty much filled to capacity since I had
to buy new clothes for work and for play.
     Didn’t have any problems deciding on a desk, or a chair. However,
the problem that I had with the hutch/bureau was that I wasn’t sure how
much I wanted to spend on the thing — and some of the bureaus I had
looked at just didn’t have the kind of stoic style I would prefer to
have. Ended making my mind up on a two piece
that I had seen on the next day, only to end up with the place no
longer selling the piece of furniture! Pissed me the hell off. So,
I had to make a quick decision on what I wanted and didn’t want, and
ended up with a bureau and a sort bed stand… Well, actually it’s not so
much a night stand, but a filing cabinet — but it’s the right color of
the furniture in here, and it looks like it’s part of the ensemble

      The desk got built in record time… The computer on it, just as quick. My
aunt made a comment that she’s never seen anyone put together a
computer as quick as I did — but given that hers while being a good
workhorse — couldn’t keep up with the kind of work that I’m used to
pulling with one. Not to mention mine has more programs that I’m more familiar with…

      So the desk is built…
The computer is up and running. And
as of this morning, now has a wonderful DVD+R drive, which has replaced
the CD-ROM drive that had been failing when it comes to digital data,
and seems to have been doing some skipping even on the data portions of
The new furniture’s been built, and looks moderately all right.
My clothes has been put away, and this portion of the
basement where everything is — sort of looks like a room I can
moderately live in.
And most importantly — my cat’s with me, and while being
more than a little rotund (read: grossly obese) acts as though we
haven’t really been split up for eight months.

Well, I think I’m going to call it a night. I have a ton more to do tomorrow — namely write and at the moment I’m not in the mood to trudge through more. Until the next time.

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