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Entry 10/24/2006 09:39:25 PM – Mentat 301

     As a general rule of thumb — whenever something is put together in a rush and at a spur of the moment — it generally doesn’t bode well for me.  This is doubly true whenever it comes to a last minute job interview for a temp-to-perm contract, or even a fill-in position for something.  So this sort of bad feeling started sometime yesterday when I had gotten a call from the agency and they were trying to get the feel of a position that they had on their chopping block for an HTML/Dreamweaver/Mass Mailing/Faxing contract that didn’t quite pay the kind of money that I had been aiming for — and they had the fear that I would be looking at the job as the disaster that I had left at Brooks/Eckerd.  They told me that this particular job was sort of desperate for wanting to get someone in as quickly as possible, because they had let go someone that simply didn’t have what it takes to do the required work. 
     I had explained that they had better make sure that it’s not a fool-errand like Brooks/Eckerd given that Brooks had pulled all sorts of nonsense about the job — not telling the entire truth as to what their requirements were.  I even added through admission that there was a company I had checked out their job posting (Unicom) and they had stated the need for an A+ Cert along with an MSCA, of which turned out to be a joke, given that the position itself wasn’t worth the time of day, and that it was below a level I tech job that had no need for either certifications.  They had told me they would confirm and would get back to me.  In the meantime, I agreed that they could throw my resume in their direction and see whether the customer would take to a nibble. 
     They had called back sometime later in the day telling me that it wasn’t as bad as Brooks, that they had sold me as best they could and that they would be waiting to see whether or not the customer would call for an interview.  The agency continued to stress that this could be all done in a "moment’s notice." 

     Got a call today around 11:30 or so from the agency stating that they were a little hesitant about the information on my resume was too networking/hardware intensive and that I might be a good fit for the position – although I had the necessary skills in Customer Service.  The agency relayed that they had sent over the resume in the hopes that they would understand that I some of the skills that I had weren’t listed on the resume and that they could easily get another resume over to them that showed that I did. 
     The company agreed to an interview time, and the agency was calling me to inform me that the interview time was set for 4 o’clock in the afternoon (taking into account that I had to take public transit to get over to the location).  I thanked them, got more than a little torqued up over the fact that this was going to be the first time in over ten years that I had a same day interview anyplace.  Torqued because I was nervous that I would most probably be forced to make things up on the fly (I usually prep for most questions over the course of the day), and because I had only an hour or two to get my hair cut, shaved, and presentable for the interview. 

     So I dressed somber. Navy pants, Darker Olive shirt.  Blue and Tan Tie.  I forgot that I needed to get myself a black tie to match the shoes, so instead I was forced to go with the tan/beige web belt that I usually wear for casual/business casual.  Shaved down my hair to über-short, shaved off the two days of stubble.  Tried to get into the right frame of mood for a job interview.  My aunt wanted to ensure that I knew how to get there, and told her I did.  My uncle offered to give me a ride to it, once he realized that it was near to where he used to work in Providence, of which I was grateful and glad for the offer. 
     Took the MP3 player (set to Trance/Dance/Techno since the last download) and brought it along in order to calm my nerves and get my thoughts flowing fast enough to make it appear that I could gun off the answers quickly and efficiently.  Got to the place in the usual amount of time, and was still about 20 minutes early to the interview.  Waited a couple of minutes while the person that I was supposed to meet with could be free to chat and get a feel of me. 

     The first part of the interview went well.  I was able to read the man, given that he’s a native of Rhode Island (caught the accent immediately).  From there it was just a matter of anticipating the questions properly and ensuring that not only were the answers given in a timely manner, but also ensure that I was positive, energetic (even though I personally felt frayed through most of the interview), and near what they were looking for. 
     The second part of the interview however was more difficult.  The man wasn’t from the area.  His accent was either Bostonian, or someplace west of here (but not Midwest).  He didn’t ask the routine questions of a New Englander, wanting to get introduced with some the kind of info seen in more formal interviews in the South.  But from there — he returned to asking questions about my skills and what is and isn’t said in my resume. 
     The first interviewer came back in, covered a couple of other points, and then escorted me to the door, thanking me for the time, and that they would be contacting the agency regarding their decision. 

     On the way home from the interview, I told my uncle that I thought it went well — although inside, I had some doubts about the way that the interview went.  There were more than a few parts that I really didn’t like the things that I had said, and in retrospect I knew that I had winged it entirely too much.  I turned on the MP3 player, sang to Ready! Steady! Go! while my uncle drove and watched the traffic and got myself ready to make a not so enthusiastic call to the agency telling them I had done my best, but was only half sure what they thought of me. 
     Got home and saw that the answering machine had two messages on it.  The first one from the agency. 

     I got the job!

     Apparently they had been more than a little impressed because they had contacted the agency by e-mail not five minutes after the end of the interview telling the agency that I was acceptable and that they said I could come in the next day (tomorrow) to start training on the software.  Had a choice between 8:30 and 9:00 AM to go in.  And that Rebecca at the Agency was more than a little surprised on how quickly they had responded.
     Called into the Agency shortly after I listened to the whole message, and told them that I could make it in for 8:30 (as this was the routine time for the job). 

     So tomorrow, I start a new assignment.  Surprisingly less than a mile away from Providence College; which makes it infinitely easier for me to get there and back — as I only have to take one bus.  And I don’t have to be up quite at the butt-crack of dawn in order to catch the buses.  As I see it, I have to catch the 7:10 in the morning, and the 5:30 in the afternoon.  Which means I get to be sleeping a little more, and will be home before 7 PM.  But enough on the frivolity of the ride to and from work. 
     Going to head to bed now.  Need to be up for 6’ish to get to work.  No doubt I’ll have some things to say about work tomorrow when I get home.  Until the next time.

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