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Entry 11/03/2006 9:06:13 AM – Mentat 302

     Quite a lot to write about since the last time I had sat down and worked on my journal. Don’t even know how to begin, or where to begin, given the fact that at the moment I’m working on little more than four and a half hours of sleep from the night before, and heavier issues going through my head than I thought that I would be dealing with for quite some time…

     First off; the job… While there are parts of it that make total sense, there have been more than a couple of issues and concerns that come readily to mind. Following is a partial copy of the e-mail that I had sent off to my office in order to address the issues I had voiced…

Ms. S –

Once again, I am left wondering precisely where the breakdown in communication is occurring between the perspective/potential contracts, and the end results with the contractors/temps being placed within the assignment.
As I recall from the phone conversations that we had prior to the interview, and immediately following the interview, it was stated to you and relayed to me that most of the knowledgebase that was available within this company was within some form of excel spreadsheet.  This is arbitrarily false for the department I am currently working in.  In fact, I have yet to see anything remotely looking like a spreadsheet containing any information that can be referred to.  Two examples that come readily to mind are:

I have little to no idea on sales territory. While it has been explained with some sections of the country: Namely, Rhode Island, and New York City; California and the rest of the country remains ambiguously unexplained even after several attempts for folk to explain it. This makes it particularly difficult forwarding lead calls when answering the phone to the appropriate salespeople; and need to frequently interrupt others to determine the correct answer.

It has been said to me to "Look at the Previous Job… if you have any questions on how to properly process something", I have encountered at least three customers which looking at the previous job information that fails to contain adequate information as to how to handle the current job. This is further exacerbated by the fact that there are three others on in this very support position doing the same job three different ways. I’m not talking about slight differences between worker one and worker two. I am in fact talking two entirely unique methods of performing the same job.

What I have been able to determine is that all information needed in order to perform an adequate job on the assignment is not even written down anyplace, and is kept in everyone’s head.  Even with the customer requesting notes to be taken to perform the duty assignment adequately — my personal assessment and opinion of the situation is that this is like a proverbial hydra where cutting off one head leaving one having to fight two more in its place.

This does in fact raise several questions as to the validity of such complaints I have heard on the assignment about previous contractors that have been placed here that "didn’t work out" to the customer’s benefit; particularly when it was explained by one of the full-time workers here that the last contractor/temp that had been placed here had repeatedly stated that he lacked the adequate training to perform the necessary work to those that had in fact trained him.
Further, what makes the job more exasperating and perhaps a little dangerous is the level of immaturity that occurs within the area otherwise known as "the bullpen".  While I understand that smaller companies tend to have a more lax or jocular approach to office environments, I do have some serious concerns and issues to the amount of objects thrown between the office area.  While they have fortunately excluded me from most of these thrown objects to date — I have been inadvertently hit on at least two occasions because I had been in the general path between one worker and another.

I shall be at home after 6:15 PM this evening if you would like to discuss the issues mentioned in this e-mail, and to discuss possible options to resolve those issues.

Michael Andrew Baldelli

     It had been requested of me to call into the office this morning, and discuss the issues within this e-mail, of which I had said flat out that these are concerns that I wanted to voice and have on record in case issues of this were to produce repercussions. Particularly if it were to turn into the similar issues like the previous contractors that had been put into the same position. We had discussed and rehashed the issues, of which they had promised to give me a resolution or suggestion by the end of the business day today.

     My personal feeling on this on the way home and on and off throughout the night was that while I had voiced my concerns about some of the things that I had learned on the job – after re-reading it for the third time – I had realized that perhaps my wording was more than a little harsh, and did in fact send up red flags at the office which was why there was a conference call this morning on it. Not to mention that it sets up the impression that I might be more than a little alarmist about the situation, or worse. We’ll see how things go once I get a call back.

     On the home front; this weekend my aunt’s mother-in-law is supposed to be staying for the weekend because she has some sort of pacemaker replacement surgery that she’s going through this morning, and I’m like trying to find ways of either getting myself kidnapped or simply getting out of the house for the weekend so that I can avoid the static and the stress that will be going on within the house. While I usually only have to deal with the woman on a casual basis most of the time – my aunt routinely stresses like you wouldn’t believe whenever she has to deal with the woman for extended periods of time. From what I get from my aunt – the woman clearly can’t do anything on her own anymore, and expects my aunt to pamper her at every possible issue or whim that comes to her mind. Not to mention the woman is an über hypochondriac. Heh – so if I can lie low, or stay out of harm’s way, so much the better.

     Last night, I had finally done it. I had finally worked up the courage to tell Nick of my attraction towards him. I had done it verbally, and had also reinforced it by getting him to actually check the journal entry/Blog that I had originally thought that he had read. Two things had happened to him when I had done that. The first is that I had floored him to the point of total surprise. The second is that he had finally opened up. We had spoken for more hours than I had actually slept last night, going all over the boards when I wasn’t trying to press the single subject of getting Nick to open up. While I won’t really go into the details of the conversation, given that I respect Nick’s want for privacy – I will say that I had a really good time chatting with him. While there were some moments when he would go off the beaten path – following whatever whim or passion that he had in his mind – it really wasn’t quite as frustrating as previous conversations I’ve had with him. If anything, I was rather impressed with his dry sense of humor, coupled with the fact that he was actually honest, and trusted me enough to be that honest.

     Because he had been reeling from my admissions, I had told him that I wouldn’t pressure him or even bother him until he either had his heart and head in the right place to answer my proposal or had to come back and ask any questions that come to mind. But I admitted that I wouldn’t be able to handle the distractions while waiting for the answer one way or the other. He respected that, and said he would be in contact.

     While I personally don’t think the answer’s going to be yes, given his admitted proclivity – he actually said something rather sweet that actually had my heart skip a beat. It was a neutral answer that basically said that regardless of the outcome, friendship is the root of all relationships. Sure, I know… it definitely gave me pause, and also gave me a little hope – even if I admitted that it wouldn’t hurt me too badly if he would say no.

     Here’s to hope springing eternal. Well, I need to get some more caffeine if I’m going to survive the rest of the day. Until the next time.
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