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Entry 11/09/2006 02:08:44 PM – Mentat 304

Well the contract that I had been working the last week and a half was a bust Monday night this week, after that e-mail was sent off to the office about the objects being thrown about, and the office calling in to tell them that it was unacceptable and could pose legal ramifications if I were to get hit by anything that was being thrown about the office. Not surprising given the fact that it would’ve caused the group of otherwise childish adults to actually have to act like mature, professional adults. While the office itself didn’t go into the details as to whether or not they had said anything about the cancellation of the contract — they have been rather cool about responses the next day when I had called in to get a feel of how they felt about everything. No biggie really when I think about it further… Better to be out of there, rather than dealing with the other nonsense that was going on with the position (namely the way that everything is kept in everyone’s head and the fact that out of three people working the customer requests did it three different ways).

Out of boredom when I was sitting here re-reviewing some of the scenes from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I had given a try of the screen capture utilities I have here to see whether I could capture a couple of images from the movie, and I have to say that the capture program that I have here is pretty good.. While the action sequences were a bit difficult — particularly given the fact the characters fly through their actions at near to impossible speeds — the slower shots actually come out pretty damned clear. Attached to this journal entry is one of the captures that I had acquired. This one of Cloud Strife towards the end of the movie, when he sees Aerith Gainsborough and Zack heading off to "heaven" (or Lifestream as it’s referred to in the movie) and Cloud finally forgiving himself for their deaths… Tried to get it with him actually smiling — but the problem was that when he did — it started a fade out quickly… So the character’s on the verge. I think I’m going to use it for my Skype Avatar for a while ’til I get bored of it.

For me and my personal life — I’ve been fortunate in that the last couple of weeks or so — I’ve had positively no dreams that I can remember. Good thing too, given that prior to that, I’ve had more than enough dreams that I really didn’t want to remember. From having to go back to school after some sort of head trauma, and ending up getting nothing but Cs and Ds from the classes that I was attending (yeah, I know who the cause of that was. Nick… And even told him so… It was in fact his fault indirectly). Or yet another set of romance, dating, relationship dreams that seem to come at me five or six at a time… Glad those have given me a time-out believe me. Although knowing my luck, they’ll come back to haunt me now that I’ve made mention of them.
Ran into someone I haven’t seen in years – Kev_in_Scotland. Man there was a name from days past. One that I didn’t expect to be seeing. Had me fooled for some time, as I thought that he had come in under a different nick: buckfast_me, and again as Thomas_in_Scotland. Took me a moment or three to realize that it was him — but it became more and more apparent when I started naming off information from years gone by. He finally gave in and came forward enough for me to chat with him and sort of get caught up with him. Nice to, too… Gave me a brief moment of nostalgia that I needed that didn’t involve me having to go to the dark places of what I went through with Rick.

Not too much else to chat about at the moment. Will write again when I can get my thoughts together a little bit more.
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