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Entry 01/02/2007 09:54:07 AM – Mentat 311

     …And in with the new.

     The day after New Year’s and into the New Year… 

     Well, I’ve pretty much gotten almost all of my archiving for 2006 completed.  About the only thing that I haven’t been able to do is the year end archiving for Quicken and my finances, but that should probably be done around the 3rd or the 4th, given that the statement is about due at this time of month.  Looks as though I’m going to be able to get it all squeezed onto a CDR this time around if I include 2004 and 2005, in an uncompressed format.  Not surprised really given all the pictures that I’ve taken this year, coupled with the fact that this year’s Archive for Outlook is some outrageously huge size, given that most of it is correspondences, documents, and editing that I had done for Nick.  First time in several years that I’m going to have the archiving done before the first week of the month — thanks largely to the fact that my bank statement actually comes at the beginning of the month.  But enough on the frivolity. 

     The day before yesterday, I had been writing about the emotional and mental baggage that I was leaving at the doorway between 2006 and 2007, in an effort of putting it out with the proverbial trash because I’ve pretty much gotten tired of carrying through the year and don’t have the want to carry it into the new year.  Today, I’m supposed to choose the things from 2006 that I’m actually glad to have from the year and bringing with me into 2007.
     In separating myself from my immediate family I had come in contact with some of Rachel’s side of the family that I had, for lack of better terms positive contact with.  My Aunt Monique & Uncle Bob, and Uncle Armand & Aunt Norma.  In the last year I had learned quite a lot about my Uncle Armand, and why he hadn’t exactly been the most accepting during my coming out.  From heading over to his place to help him with his computer problems during the summer, to the road trip from hell to Pennsylvania to pick up the rest of my stuff at Jeannie’s place we had bonded…  Sort of nice to have had it happen now that I’m back in the state, as it does give me a better sense of being here than I did when I had lived here prior to moving to Atlanta. 
     Aunt Monique (or as we used to call her for years and years, Auntie Mame) on the other hand has sort of taken it upon herself to be a sort of friend/confidant come surrogate mother.  Sometimes I can deal with it, sometimes I catch myself acting and reacting as the rebel teenager when Rachel used to do the same thing to me while I was growing up.  I’ve been really lucky when it comes to Auntie Mame & Uncle Bob in that they’ve helped me through the beginning times when I had first come home to Rhode Island after so many years of being away, through the heartbreak, and the disappointments of various a couple of failed attempts at dating (although I really can’t call the three one-time meetings I’ve had actually dates).  Sometimes in her counseling or her simply just listening without saying a thing is the only thing I need (although the occasional blank look is just as good with me sometimes, given that I’m so used to puzzling things out on my own). 

     My friend Luke in Manchester, UK.  A man of unquestionable strength in word, deed and ultimately character.  Oftentimes my confidant to all things bizarre on Yahoo Chat, and one of the few men in my life that knew precisely where I was, when I was and what I’ve been going through.  I don’t think I could adequately thank him or show my appreciation towards him in the close to three years we’ve known each other and have chatted privately in the various messengers or Skype.  He has been what one calls a true and best friend through thick and thin.
     My friend Tracy in Naples, FL.  While I admit that I haven’t done my best in keeping in touch with her, sometimes because of my guilt for having asked for money from her (and ultimately paying her back in full), there hasn’t been a time in the last year I haven’t continued to have the impulses of calling her to see whether she’s watching what I’m watching just to see whether we’re having the same reaction to the bizarreness of reality television — a passion she has of which I have some loathing towards.  I think in this year, I’m going to make one of my resolutions in keeping in contact with her more, particularly given that Skype is now offering $14.95 unlimited calling in the US and Canada for the year.  Not too bad a deal seeing I’ve been rather happy with the quality of Skype when making PC-to-PC calls.  Well, I have until the end of the month to make the decision on whether or not I’ll take up the offer for Skype calls. 
     My new best friend Nick here in Rhode Island.  What started as a foolish old man’s infatuation in someone that reminded me entirely too much of a man that I had loved twenty-years prior has turned into a friendship that I never expected in the least.  Interest-wise, we have so little in common — but Nick is without a doubt a kindred spirit in approach to the passions that he believes in and the world at large.  In the last three months, I have to say that it still can be counted on two hands the times either of us has been online that we hadn’t talked about this, or that.  In the last couple of months of knowing him, I’ve come to find myself dealing with various challenges that I’ve been able to avoid most of my adult life.  Conflicts of interest in trying to help him with building a viable website (since he’s been ousted from the network he had been part of) complete with a database that can provide the kind of information that other databases haven’t been able to provide; while at the same time being a personal friend, advisor, confidant and sort of big brother to him.  Earlier in our relationship, the conflict between desire and infatuation while still trying to be his friend (although I will admit that this one’s gotten infinitely easier to deal with than say two months ago, when I was trying to determine exactly what Nick’s sexuality was, given that he didn’t follow any of the typical patterns between heterosexuality and homosexuality). 

     Of course, this entry wouldn’t be complete without an honorable mention to Keagan — the gay foster child I never expected to have.  Between confidant and advisor through experience, it’s always a treat to get on the phone with him and go off on a totally ADD/ADHD tangent and not really have to worry about having to remained focused on the subject at hand, or staying grounded through the whole of the conversation.  The only detriment to this is the fact that sometimes the text/SMS messaging can get more than a little out of hand in the process.  *shrugging*  But then again even those moments are wonderful distractions to the goings-on here in real time. 

     Finally, o the friends that I’ve sort of lost touch with, have been entirely too negligent about keeping in contact with: Jeannie in Pennsylvania (although I admit writing her a very long e-mail not too long ago pretty much filling her in on everything and then some the last three or so months), Ryan in Ohio, and Julia and Paul in Colorado…  Maybe I should think about some sort of resolution to resolve that plight.  Or do better in making contact when possible. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Off to think about resolutions and the conflict of interest issue that’s going on within my head.  Until the next time…

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