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Entry 03/11/2007 10:35:38 PM – Mentat 321

     God, the last couple of days have been pure hell for me.  New England suddenly went through a cold snap with the temperatures dropping below freezing again and because of it, it caused hellacious sinus headaches for me that I’ve only just been able to shake today.  However, yesterday after going through two days of iced coffee and an every four hour regimen of Tylenol, I ended up not only with a partially cleared sinus headache; but my stomach doing somersaults.  Of course, the next best part was the fact that because I had all that caffeine, I was up and down — flying and crashing — at regular intervals.  Needless to say that by the time 10 PM rolled around, the final crash had hit, and I was seriously in need of sleep.  Although this morning, I had the beginning of yet another sinus headache (thanks largely to the fact that the cat had opened doors she wasn’t supposed to, and ended up breathing more cold than I wanted.  But because of the weather significantly warming up — and a warm shower and a steaming cup of coffee later — I was pretty much right as rain. 
     I should be declaring my hallelujahs, but I think that it might be a little too premature — as there’ve been more threats of cold snaps tomorrow followed by warmer climes, of which I’m sure that I’m going to be feeling it the first thing I wake up in the morning.  Joy of joys…  *sighs*

     Well last week, I’ve been furiously working on writing not one but two stories that I’ve had in my head the last couple of years.  The fantasy one that dates all the way back to the time that I had played AD&D when I was a teenager in high school.  The other, a science-fiction story that I had been sort of inspired when I had joined friends Ian and Marlon from (and on) the Boulder involving one of those round-robin type of stories where each person takes turns writing a part of the story their own way.  What’s really interesting about working on two diametrically different stories is the way that Word’s Flesch-Kincaid Reading Levels are.  In the fantasy story — I’ve barely been hitting the eighth grade reading levels, and yet in the science-fiction story, I’m high school reading level.  I know it has to do with the way that science-fiction stories tend to work with more technical terms than a standard fantasy story… 
     What makes it interesting is the fact that I had totally re-worked the science-fiction story because of my experience working at Concord/First Data in Smyrna where I had talked with a friend there (Patrick) and would bounce long parts of story and plot off of him.  Of course, I can only remember a tenth of that bounce over — but it should be enough to re-work the story the way that I want. 

     Still working with Chaoscope and having a wonderful time with it.  I had downloaded a program that was recommended from the site called FracInt, which upon inspection also used the same color maps that Chaoscope did — so I incorporated them into the program and have been going hog-wild with the colors and shapes and what have you.  For the most part I enjoy working with the program, although there are times when it’s really annoying — particularly when I’m working on an attractor and find out that the range for the particular attractor is extremely small.  I’ve uploaded the works that I’ve done so far to my MSN Spaces (http://spaces.live.com/mbaldelli) and Yahoo 360 (http://360.yahoo.com/mbaldelli) Photo galleries.  It’s also significantly easier to work with than Terragen, considering that Terragen has less mathematical formula to play with and more look and feel to it.  I’ve also included a photo album of the creations I’ve made in Terragen — including the first one that I had tried out way back when in 1999 (although I think it’s actually older — as I recall making it when I was still living with Dennis in Ormewood Park, and that’s like 1996 – 1997). 

     I’ll write more tomorrow…  Got a couple of people worth mentioning in my blog that really should be mentioned.  Right now though I think I’ll call it a night as I want to be up early tomorrow.  Until the next time. 

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