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Entry 03/28/2007 02:54:12 PM – Mentat 324

     Two interviews in two days…  God, this sort of reminds me of the time years ago — when I had made my way to Atlanta, used a contractor’s list of fax numbers that Rick (my college roommate) had given me, faxed out my resume to the Metro-Atlanta area, and ended up having something like six interviews in the course of two and a half-days.  By sort of, I mean in the vaguest possible way.  *grinning* 

     The first interview was also the one that I had thrown my resume at three times a couple of weeks ago, of which the only one that bit was the database administrator.  The reason I think why they had responded to it had to do with the fact that I had thrown my technical resume at them instead of the administrative.  When they had called me about it, I had explained to them the reason why I had handed them my technical resume was because the position read as though it were technical.  So, after sensing my administrative resume, they had called me back to schedule an interview time with them on Monday. 
     Somewhat excited to be getting an interview with them, given that friends to my aunt say that they pay rather lucratively.  That excitement on Sunday night (the appointment was in fact set the Friday before) quickly turned to consternation given that I didn’t know the layout of Milford (as what I remember it was over twenty years old, maybe more), and the rather confusing layout of the roads and the change of street names, made my experiences in Atlanta look like a walk in the park. 
     Having left an hour early (giving me a ½ hour to find where I was going and still be early given that Milford really wasn’t that big), I thought that I had plenty of time.  Yeah…  Right…  I was almost five minutes late to the interview — not that they really noticed, considering that the place had high security and they probably took it into consideration when the security guard that I had been greeted by took his time to make the call to the office. 
     Like any interview with a large company — it went according to a plan-sheet.  A somewhat rigid set of questions that they followed from beginning to end.  About the only time they had veered away from the questions that they were asking was towards the end when they had asked me about the Auction Disposal that I had marked on my resume (when I was working at GMAC). 
     Heh — of course, I was able to tell the story about the time that they had sold the Lexus LS series at the Atlanta Auto Auction for $1.46 because the car was considered cursed, and they couldn’t get it out of the auction yard.  Always a sort of crowd groaner, given that people hear stories of cars like that selling for outrageously low prices. 

     The second interview was held at a technical company for an group of hospitals within the area.  This particular job was one coming out of the contracting agency that I’m currently employed with and that it would be in Warwick not too far down from the Malls.  There really wasn’t too much to tell about this particular contract other than it’s a third shift position, that I will be only one of two people working nights, and it was one of the more lackadaisical interviews that I’ve been to in a while.  While I thought I had done pretty well with the interview, when I started telling a friend of mine about the interview in e-mail I started having some severe second thoughts as to whether or not I had done well.  Because when I started telling him about the position — I realized that the way they had interviewed me — they had already made their mind up with who they were filling in for the position. 
     What makes that so strange is the fact that according to the information fro the agency, I was the first from the agency to go into the interviews for this company.  *shrugging*  Here’s to hoping that my second thoughts on the interview are just second thoughts — because I would really love to work third shift this time around. 

     Not too much else to talk about at the moment.  Things have finally been warming up now that we’re into spring.  Yesterday being the warmest it’s been in a while, with temperatures reaching up into the 60’s at the time.  Didn’t even have to wear a spring/fall jacket because it had been that warm.  Surprising that, given that the day before; it was in the 40’s, and I was wearing a winter jacket for the interview that I had gone to in Milford.  *sighs*  Well, this is New England after all, and I should be expecting this sort of thing.  Not that I still am, given that at the time of year — in Atlanta, it would be significantly warmer, and the dogwood would be in bloom. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I think I’m off to work on a story…  Until the next time.  

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