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Entry 04/07/2007 08:39:16 AM – Mentat 325

     Well, it’s been a while since I’ve last sat down and written.  Part of the reason has been that I really haven’t had all that much to talk about, but for the last four days, I’ve gotten one of my favorite games up and running (and patched) and I’ve been playing it like a madman…  Yep!  Final Fantasy VII has an XP Patch and I’ve been more than happily going at it like the dedicated game player that I am!  Woohoo! 
     I can’t remotely tell you just how much I missed that game.  Cheese at times, yes.  Corny dialog, sometimes.  Repetitive, of course — particularly during the Chocobo Races and getting the famous Golden Chocobo.  But definitely a game worth playing and replaying depending on mood and strategy I want to try out.  In this particular run — I’ve decided on trying out the projectile characters: Yuffi and Vincent alongside using the Long-Distance Materia on Cloud in order to get all the characters in the back-row for less damage…  I’m also trying the various combinations with Added-Element Materia to see what they do and why (which I haven’t normally done in previous attempts in the game, as the only Materia I had done that with has been the Contain Materia, given that BREAK usually instantly petrifies the opponent I hit.  Also pretty amazing that it’s been upwards to five years since the last time I played it; and even though I didn’t take the Cheat/Walkthrough Guide with me when I moved, I can remember close to 80% of the game without having to go to the Web for whatever walkthrough that I can pick up.  Pretty amazing given the complexity of this particular game. 
     Heh — as you can see — I’m more than a little bit addicted to the thing. 

     I got a call earlier in the week from my uncle (Armand) about his computer…  Apparently the sound card stopped working, and me having some experience in the matter thought the worse that the soundboard got his with a shock and wasn’t working.  Checked through the Computer Management utility and based on what he was describing, the drivers got hosed.  I couldn’t get a remote connection to the computer, as the Remote Connection Utility was also hosed, and tried to walk him through reinstalling the drivers from the installation CD, and got some sort of insufficient privileges error.  So, I make the offer to take a look at his system, which I was supposed to be over there today — but ended up going last night because he’s on call this weekend (colder than usual spring, and works want him available for the weekend for emergency deliveries). 
     Got there and found the cause of the damage:  the SP2 patch was only partially applied through Microsoft’s Update utility.  Talk about hosed, I’ve only seen the registry full error message three times in the 14 years I’ve been working with Windows, of which the other times I’ve seen have actually been in Windows 2000, for the exact same reason: a bad patching from one of the Service Packs.   Tried to see what I could do about temporary fixes, and ended up not being able to fix it at all. 
     To make matters worse, the technician that had originally fixed the computer had swapped out XP Home Edition (which was what was installed on the computer originally) for XP Professional.  Honestly, I asked my uncle about this, and because of some of the prescriptions he’s on, hasn’t been able to explain to me sufficiently.  I remember back in the summer last year he had to bring back to the technician that had fixed it and replace with XP Pro (for a similar reason) and when he asked the man why he hadn’t given him a legitimate copy of XP Pro — the technician turned around and told him that the reason why he didn’t was because it would’ve been sufficiently more expensive to have repaired his computer. 
     Something’s clearly not right, and I’ve got my aunt and uncle looking for the receipts to see if he had put anything in it for the replacement of XP Home to Pro without proper licensing before heading over there next weekend to ask the man, "what the hell?!"  Frankly, I’m thinking of contacting both the SPA and the Eye-Team Investigation group to see if anyone else has reported such activity, just to harass the technician. 
     So last night when I was over there checking out the issues, I tried to see if I could re-install the drivers as a temporary work around so that he can listen to some of the music that he had on his system and the CD that I had given him for his birthday, and couldn’t do that because it kept asking for the Windows XP SP2 installation CD which he didn’t have.  It was a frightful mess because I couldn’t uninstall the patch without it hosing all sorts of other programs in the process.  I told my uncle next weekend, the best bet I could do is format the drive and reinstall everything from scratch in an effort of getting everything up to speed.  When I suggested that he go out and get XP Pro — he said, "the hell with that" in so many other ex-Army words; as he didn’t see the need for any of the security in XP Pro, and preferred to use the XP Home disc that he has for the computer. 
     Will probably be over there next weekend getting the drive wiped and formatted and everything back up to speed.  I’ll also probably bring over the removable hard drive to back up any of the files that they have on their computer before doing that.  Whee…  *grimacing* 
     Heh, as a side note — because of the way that Windows had been hosed — his computer was significantly slower than my aunt’s (Monique).  I’ll never complain about my aunt’s computer after experiencing what I had experienced with his last night. 

     Haven’t mentioned this since the last journal entry — but I call earlier this week from the agency telling me that I got the Tech-Support job in Warwick near to Kent County Hospital for third shift.  *does a Pooh Dance* While I won’t be transitioning to third shift for the next three weeks, I’m actually looking forward; mainly because I’m seriously tired of dealing with some of the folk that I’ve dealt with in Yahoo, Buzzen, etc. 
     Oh it’s not that I don’t care whether or not they’ve been shooting blindly trying to hit marks on me (whether I’m fat or not, whether I’m leeching off of family, whether I’ve got AIDS or that I’m living off of Welfare/Social Security and so on), but I’m tired of the way that most of them twist in the wind: one minute trying to seriously kiss ass, the next minute trying to backstab whoever it was that they were paying compliments to.  A good majority of them are weak, pathetic, and have raging issues of their own.  Take Ron and his Yahoo Dictations™ for example – who listen to himself talk for the sake of talking and losing the plot along the way…  Sad when you listen to him go off for five to ten minutes straight, and about the fifth sentence you realize just how drunk he is, and by the eight sentence just how riddled with rancor and bitterness because I had the audacity to catch him in his two-faced attitudes and call him out on it in front of the entire room.  And after two minutes straight — sounds nothing more like a raving religious lunatic speaking in tongues. 
     Or Dick (yeah, it’s short for Richard, but Dick-head works) who desperately tries to get into whatever drama is going on at the moment, because he’s been bested by people like Luke and yours truly and can’t stand it.  Frequently drugged up on marijuana and trying to excuse it as "prescription marijuana" even though there’s no way in hell that a prescription would be allowed for the level of smoking that he performs when he’s in chat. 
     Or Jerome who’s says that he’s got a boyfriend but spends time in chat from about the middle of the afternoon (his time) through ’til 4 or later in the morning.  Says that he works — but there’s positively no transition from when he’s at work to when he’s online.  He’s not SOHO as he says that he works for a company (at their office, was almost precisely the words that he uses).  Strange thing too — in the last couple of months that I’ve monitoring him — his apartment has sounded more and more barren, as the echo in the room where his computer is has gotten steadily and progressively worse, which makes yours truly wonder whether he’s been selling off his furniture to pay the bills, or lost it because there had been some talk some time ago that his ex had moved out (and the last time he Yahoo Justified™ himself, Jerome mentioned that his ex has been maintaining his money for him).  I don’t care what you say — there are just some things that don’t match — and my instincts tell me that he’s not telling the entire truth on any of it.
     Or Kate whom I’ve been sitting there watching carefully, waiting and ready to strike like a cobra for her to actually trying to kiss my ass in open chat.  According to very reliable sources, she’s been backstabbing me to half-dozen people saying all sorts of nasty things about me, "warning" others that I’m a very dangerous person when it comes to personal secrets.  Fortunately for her — she hasn’t tried PM’ing me in some weeks or has said much else to me in public other than a "Hi" (which I routinely ignore) since I’ve found out that she’s been trying to backstab me — but I’m waiting patiently for her to try as she’s been doing with Luke.  It’s only a matter of time; as she’s easy to clock and I know for fact that she’s desperately wanting Yahoo Attention™ from the likes of me. 

     As for the Buzzen side of things — I’ve deleted my Merrick account and gone underground because I don’t like the way people like Josh have gone to become precisely the thing that he despised about Vickie in MSN.  Boy let me tell you, did he take my comment badly when I said, "Isn’t it interesting that you’ve become the very thing he hated about the Sysops at MSN"; actually coming into chat under his alternate Guide/Sysop nick and saying precisely the same things Vickie used to say about "if you don’t like it, you can leave."  Ha — now what I need to do is make about sixty other Yahoo Accounts and Sixty other Buzzen Accounts and harass him like Mike does to get his goat before being banned 24 – 48 hours. 
     Still having visions of "Animal Farm" with the way the various Sysops and Guides that have cut through the place since it’s been discovered they had included the word feckless as a kick word because FECK is considered a masking for the cruder word ‘…Fornication Under Carnal Knowledge…’  Pretty uneducated of them considering that there are still some people that use the word, and actually understand the proper use of the word.  Of course, it was implied to the various Guides and Sysops that have come in that they’re an uneducated lot as they haven’t been able to work out wildcard kick controls of the bot-programs in the place — which of course always goes over like a lead balloon to anyone in power — and caused them to include threats of removal for implying such things. 
     I’m almost thinking of civil disruption to their happy little world, just to see what kind of shit I can stir in the process.  More on that though soon enough. 

     Finally comes the most interesting piece of tidbit that happened this week.  At the beginning of the week Nick was working on a paper for History class and wanted me to take a quick look at it.  It was supposed to be a paper on NATO and it’s early years.  Got through six pages of it, and handed what little I had edited blood-red and asking whether he was sure that it was on NATO, given that six out of the ten pages done so far had nothing to do with NATO.  Hands back the corrected copy the next day explaining that he’s supposed to mention all of the things that he mentioned (the Hague Tribunal, League of Nations and United Nations) per his teacher… 
     Now, I started doing the edit like I normally would, but then ended up seeing some questionable comments in it, and ended up doing research on the first couple of things that he had entered in the first couple of pages and started doing research on some of the information that he had been providing…  Three hours later and ended on page seven, I was pretty damned well disgusted with the manner that he had performed his fact finding, and sent back seven pages with an e-mail explaining my disgust with the inaccuracies of information, coupled with the fact that his paper really has nothing to do with NATO, and my surprise that for a History Major, he’s really not in the least bit passionate about his Major. 
     And so…  For the last three days, I haven’t heard peep out of him.  He hasn’t dropped me an e-mail, he hasn’t messaged me in AIM….  While on the one side, I’m sort of glad that he hasn’t tried bothering me, on the other I found that his attitude in this has been just as I told him — adolescent.  I’m sort of divided between whether I should see how long he’s going to give me the silent treatment, or whether the next time I catch him online really rip into him for acting immature. 
     Keagan and I have talked about this on and off the last couple of days, which Keagan’s shaking his head at the immaturity level Nick’s been showing in this.  Me, I’m casual about it as usual.  I’m used to these sort of games as I deal with men like this all the time. 
     No doubt there will be more on this in the days to come. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Other than perhaps the picture that I’m including from GAIM.  Heh, it’s a truly rare moment to turn on my Instant Messenger and when all accounts are up and running, how rare it is to see no one online.  Until the next time…

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