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Entry 05/25/2007 02:04:17 AM – Mentat 334

     I’m sort of glad that the weather’s been warming up once again, although I have to admit having to deal with it on the way home is certainly more than a little annoying. One of the things that I have to say is that since going to nights, while it’s sort of nice to actually see the sun on the way home — given that the days are usually oppressively hot around 10 AM (which is about the time I find myself rolling into the house) — I also think it’s dreadfully annoying to deal with at that time as well. Because of the curve of the planet, and the time the sun rises in the morning during the spring and summer — it’s usually annoyingly/cloyingly hot from about 10 AM through to about 2 PM, where in the south (in Atlanta) — the very same kind of temperatures are from about Noon to 4 PM. This makes for a rather hot and bothered Michael Andrew who doesn’t want to be up next to other homo sapiens in a semi to packed bus on the way home after working a night in a coolly air-conditioned office.
     Heh, funny thing that too! I forget that in buildings that have central HVAC the air conditioning units usually kick in around 4 in the morning in order to get the building prepped for the coming day, which means that it’s unusually cold in here at about that time. Not that I’ll complain much about the cold, but it did catch me unaware a couple of times this week and wondered why I was a bit chilled.

     But the good news is that I think I’ve finally gotten myself acclimated to working nights. Was a bit on the annoying side, given that by the time I got home the last four days, I was so bloody knackered I was unconscious and asleep within the hour of being home. Of course, the first two days that I slept through, I ended up waking up around 4 – 5 PM, and being drag-ass through ’til the time of getting into work, and thereby needing some serious caffeine in order to get through the evening — particularly around 6 AM when I’m wanting to take a quick nap.

     Feh, there’s always worse things to happen. Like my cackling like a madman on the bus this evening because I was listening to Feast of Fools and Miss Ronnie was on this evening’s show. God, that woman always cracks me up given that she reminds me of many of the hoochie-mommas I used to deal with in Atlanta. Outspoken to a fault, doesn’t take a breath when she’s on a roll, and going off on a tangent when necessary, I usually know how to prep myself for one of her tirades. Oh, not today’s episode’s though: she caught me entirely off-guard.
     She was talking about going to one of her favorite movie-theaters and talked about her experience in the bathroom this time ’round. At first I thought that she was going to describe the usual faire of bathroom nastiness that seems to happen more in the women’s room than the men’s: where women don’t seem to sit on the seats and seem to miss even in such a short aiming area. Oh no! She talked about how this one woman decided she was going to choose the stall immediately nearby to her own.
     When Miss Ronnie went on to say, "…apparently this girl had some inner demons that she had to work out…Because this woman was clearly possessed…" I totally lost it, because for lack of better judgment, I could picture being in Miss Ronnie’s place and the woman in the stall next to her was growling and moaning in ways that shouldn’t be expressed in public, let alone in the stall next to another that’s inhabited. To make matters worse, I could feel her pain (and was laughing evening louder) when Miss Ronnie wanted to take her "…phone, hand it under the stall wall, and tell the woman to call whoever she needed to for help…" Rare as it happens at least in public, I was cackling and wiping tears away for about five minutes.
     Fortunately for me, there was only the bus driver, who had to pay attention to the road, and one other rider, who seemed more unconscious than conscious at the time… But I would’ve hated to have to explain to them what was so bloody hysterical.

     It had me thinking more than a little bit this evening about the differences that I’ve been encountering now that I’m back in the North. From dressing habits, to demeanor, to even attitude when dealing with folk in a public setting. For example, piercings and inking is seen more on folk up here than in Atlanta. Quite a lot more. While I can remember seeing more than a few men in Atlanta sporting arm sleeves, here in the north, I’ve seen significant amounts of folk sporting them. We’re not talking the 1/2 arm sleeves, but rather full arm sleeves from shoulder to wrist. Also I get to see quite a lot of leg inking as well; particularly on the calves region.
     Of course, like the four or so months that I had been living in Pennsylvania, not only have I caught quite a bit of the ear-expanders (and various other tongue and nipple piercing), but more predominantly with boys and men on the streets, I see that urban wear which I not so affectionately call "wigger-wear wannabe". Ugh — to date, I’ve yet to see any man from the age of 16 and up wearing the low-risers, over-sized shorts (that make ’em look more like their dwarves than men 5’7" and taller) and t-shirts emblazoned from neck to cuff with Phat or whatever else the street-wear labels looking the least bit attractive. Heh, if anything I find myself in complete agreement with Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher in Clueless, in that ‘…what makes boys think that being dressed as though they just got out of bed is remotely attractive…’ *shaking my head* There’s style, and then there’s lazy — and what these wigger wannabes are wearing is just plain lazy.
     Getting away from that and more into the collegiate type wear (cargo shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops or sneakers with low-rise socks), one of the things that I notice more of the men and young men on the streets here in the North wearing are somber colors: Gray, Black Khaki, brown, really muted colors or just plain white t-shirts. Which is rather depressing, given that while I was waiting for the bus this evening out in front of Ollie’s Pizzeria on South Main Street, any and all of the men that went in for a bite to eat — none of them had anything remotely resembling vibrant or "gay" colors (that is to say, Yellow, Red, Orange, Greens) that any man (gay or straight) in the South would more than happily sport even for a quick run out to the local pizzeria or pizza joint.
     I continued noticing what men were wearing at Kennedy Plaza, and on the bus on the way into work, and I have to say that out of all of them on the bus and at the stops, I was the smarter and brighter out of all of them (which I’m currently sporting a mid-orange polo, ecru t-shirt, and Navy pants). Sad when you realize that in the south, I was considered one of the more muted when it came to vibrant, deep, or bright colors.
     It’s as if… I wanted to say it’s as if they don’t care about what they wear, but the instant I put that down to print, I realized just how deadly wrong that is. They do in fact care, they do it because they want their peers to accept them — but they’re pretty much a bunch of unthinking hens when it comes to what they’re choosing and what they think their peers will accept of them. Senseless is just one of those things that I can attribute it to. *eye roll* Folk here have lost most sense of fashion and thug their way through acceptance by choosing a style of fashion that really doesn’t look good even on those that had originally "created" it. It raises the question — when’s this style going to disappear as it’s still going on past what I thought would have been it’s ending (three years ago).
     Funny that I would be doing such an entry on style, given that at most times, I’ve pretty much stuck to the style that I’ve got for the last fifteen or so years — so it’s not as though I really have room to talk… But at the same time, I realize that in watching folk trend this out — it says something about them — and that something is that a good majority of folk really don’t have an identity of their own. Not that I should really be surprised about this as things haven’t necessarily changed since I was 20 years younger — but it’s still more than a little bit disconcerting seeing it now with my views more cynical, and my outlook more seasoned.
     About the one thing that

     I admire about men in the north than in the south is the fact that men here are a bit more… resilient… about braving the elements than in the south. For example, when the weather drops to the 50’s — men in the North will simply throw on a sweatshirt over their t-shirts and shorts, rather than get a pair of pants out. Only when the temps drop into the mid 40’s will they put pants on instead. Unlike the South where if it’s in the 50’s the pants are thrown on immediately and in the 40’s they pull out their winter coats (something I joke about with folk in the north — even though I sometimes find myself wanting to indulge the habit).

     As for me… Excluding a certain friend of mine re-awakening my hypochondria just a little bit about my now heightened threat to testicular cancer from riding a bike (not that he really did any such thing, as I’ve got it in spades, and it doesn’t ever really need prompting), I’ve got to say that I’ve been feeling pretty damned good. From what I can tell this evening, I got to the bus stop in about 5 – 6 minutes from the house which sets me at going about 12 MPH average and not once did I have to walk the bike up a hill. And from what I can tell, I got from CCRI to work in about a minute and a half (sure, that’s all downhill, but still) which is a half-mile because I found the back road from CCRI’s access road to Health Lane at about 30 MPH. Not too damned bad if I do say so myself, given that only a month ago, I was barely chugging away the same distances and sore as hell for more days than I thought I should have been.
     Of course, couple this with the warmer weather, and I’m forced to admit that my hormones have been on the up and up again. *sigh* Annoying to say the least given that I continue not to do much of anything when it comes to enacting upon them. At least though, there’s some titillation along the way. Too bad there isn’t enough for me to want to actively pursue.

     Well, that’s about it for the time being. Until the next time.

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