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Entry 06/03/2007 01:11:38 AM – Mentat 336

     It has been one of those sort of days at the homestead that just makes me wish that when something goes wrong — it doesn’t have to take more than a day to get straightened out. Take for example my foray into getting the upgrade of video card for my system that I had attempted to purchase and subsequently needed to exchange (as I mentioned in the last journal entry). So instead of going with the GeForce 7 series (which required a power supply of 350 W or greater); which I couldn’t get a power supply of that wattage into the box that I’ve currently got (and I didn’t want to have to gut the machine to put it into a new box), I decided on going with another AGP Card of lesser need for such power. Ended up exchanging it for a GeForce 6 series instead — that was also backwards compatible with the AGP that I’ve got going.
     So I get it home, and following the instructions, tried to get the thing to work with the monitor and the current Windows configuration. Ha! While I had no problem with the drivers for the video card, what the problem that I was having was the Monitor Drivers for it wouldn’t uninstall properly; which caused scan problems with the monitor — both when it was plugged in as a standard RGB, as well as when I swapped out the wires for the DVI (Digital Hi-Def for those of you that aren’t geeky enough to understand the acronyms).
     I tried to use the system restore — but as I suspected — even trying to go back a week to the time when I installed the monitor drivers — they were still in place. At first I thought that I had done damage to either the motherboard’s AGP slot, the video card, or perhaps the monitor — until I had reinstalled the original video card for my machine, and realized that the problem that I was experiencing with the new board, was happening with the old, and did a little more work on it. When I saw that it didn’t effect the way that the board, or the monitor were working when in DOS, I realized that it was a driver conflict that could easily be remedied by reinstalling the OS.
     So, I pulled out the Ghost Images that I had created the last time I had done this sort of thing — got through the quick format — and when the image was about 40% of the way through, got a file corruption message from Ghost Informing me that it couldn’t complete the requested task. GRRRRR!! Ended up spending the next 12 hours of my time, installing the OS, updates, and appropriate Internet and Enterprise software to the PC.
     One of the things that I found rather nice about the re-installation is that this time ’round — the video card was able to detect the Monitor (which means that I didn’t have to install Monitor Software), and now I’ve got my resolution pumped up to > 1600 X 1200 without any scan/synch lines and everything is so crystal clear and sharp, you think you’re looking out into the world around ya’ (when it’s clear and sharp and not quite hazy and humid). Haven’t tried playing a DVD since the installation (and the subsequent change over to HDI), but I’ll give that a try when I get home tomorrow.
     Further, I’ve got a shout of praise and a shout of ire for two particular programs that I’m currently using. The shout (out) of praise goes to the BOINC programmers (and subsequent folk that inhabit the forums) in getting BOINC loaded up again without so much as having to go through the reinstallation process and re adding process. According to the information provided — all I needed to do is make a complete copy of the BOINC directory in the Program Files area and once I reinstalled the program, simply overlay the current directory with the back up. It had automatically continued working the work units that I had downloaded a couple of days ago without so much as resetting.
     The shout (out) of ire goes to the folk at Apple for iTunes. Apparently they said pretty much the same thing, except that when I followed the instructions according to the rules – not only did it add all my information into the XML file, but it duplicated all the files, thereby increasing the listing by double. I had to literally wipe all the files out and then manually recreate the manual play lists in order to get it right. After that though — once I hooked up the iPod after I had completed the clean up — the iPod didn’t try to double up the files on the system in any way, shape or form. Still though — because of that "glitch" I had to take more time getting that back into shape than I did most of the other programs that I currently use.
     Over the course of my next weekend, I’m going to have to spend a good portion of the day installing all my games. Other than that, I’m rather happy that everything is running the way that it should be, including a system that I’ve suspected it having some problems with write capability to the hard drive (which I’ve yet to have experienced the same way since I’ve reinstalled the OS from scratch).
     That was what I did with my life on my only day off before my two-day weekend which isn’t until next Thursday… *sighs*

     This evening, as I was heading into work — in the "it never ceases to amaze me" department is this woman that got onto the bus at Twin River after apparently spending money to gamble there, proceeds to close all the windows in front, and seeing mine open, asks me nicely to close mine as well, because she’s "cold".
     Sitting there something like three minutes, I realize that the woman apparently hasn’t used soap in a number of days, because the odor coming off of her was positively rank. I opened my windows to get air, because I found myself coughing and gagging with her sitting so close to me, and needed air before I heaved up the cottage cheese that I had for "breakfast".  She hears me hacking, and moves over to the seat one over from her right and in moving sees that I opened the window and asked me again to close it.
     I said to her, "I’ll close it when you understand the use of soap and/or deodorant because the au naturale that’s coming off of you is enough to make me want to vomit."
     She looked at me with just a touch of shock that I said it to her, some of the folk around me chuckled in amusement, but she nodded kept to herself, and got off the bus ten minutes after she had gotten on.
     I might have refrained from saying it and perhaps felt just a slight amount of regret for blurting it out, had it not been for the fact that halfway to the bus, I realized that I was bordering on caffeine withdrawal, and was beginning to get ill from the lack of caffeine in my system. Of course, the two Tylenol that I had taken 30 minutes prior didn’t make matters easy either.
     The night folk just keep getting more and more bizarre the further into the shift I get.

     Well, that’s about it for the time being. On my way into work this evening, I had the makings of an incredible rant that I seemed to have forgotten when I got into work when I was telling Brock some of the woes I had gone through trying to get my system into working order. Heh — it was more entertaining and amusing telling him about the failed/corrupt Ghost Image, and the subsequent things I had to do to get my system back up to running rather than to write about something that was frustrating me.  Maybe I’ll remember it another day when I get the chance, and am not quite so easily distracted.

     Until the next time.

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