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Entry 08/07/2007 03:23:03 AM – Mentat 346

     I had finished an e-mail to a friend in the Midwest the other day, and realized that once again I had been fence sitting on the whole dating/getting out and mingling thing. I had described it as "…on the back burner, to the front burner, back to the back burner…" Which now that I’m thinking about it, realize that yeah, I’m being Pollyanna about it. I realize that one of the challenges to dating and/or mingling has to do with the fact that I’m a creature of the night which makes it rather difficult to mingle with folk that are normally daywalkers. Either my work hours get in the way, of folk in the day need to get to bed at a respectable time if they’re going to deal with the next day at work. So, I said, what the hell there’s a local LGBTQ newspaper for the community, might as well check to see if they have their information online. Sure enough Options was, and went to check out their Events Calendar.
     While the online paper was just a teensy behind (a month as I’m sure it was in the process of update, given the mailing just went out last Tuesday), I was already faced with a challenge: most of the events listed in the calendar for July and August were sports related. Bowling, I might do, if it was on weekends I wasn’t working, but Baseball, Softball, Flag Football, and Basketball aren’t my kind of sports. Then I saw that they had a listing for a potluck for the Mixed Borders group and when I went to check out information on the group, ended up finding that it was a potluck for gardening lovers.
     Ummm, yeah. I’ve got black-thumb and can cause plants to wilt just by looking at them, I’m sure my being there would go over rather well at that pot luck. Not to mention that I’m more the geek and the computer hobbyist — I don’t think that my knowledge would make much sense to the lot of them.
     Then there’s the Book Club over at Books at the Square that might seem interesting — but I guarantee if they read something "hoity-toity" as my friend Matt (who’s now MIA) would call it — I’ll be out of there faster than a Drag Queen in search of a half-off sale. There’s the RI Men’s Association that might hold promise. Problem is though it’s a phone number, and I hate cold calling…. But I’ll buck up and call on my days off. Picky I know.. But at the same time, I have the odd hours, and sometimes it’s far more convenient to drop an e-mail and get back to it when I get the chance and I’m awake.
     *Sighs* Other than that — there’s not really all that much listed there to offer.

     Then there’s the old NewPaper (Now called the Providence Phoenix). *coming back after checking that out online* Which is pretty much a bloody joke, given that all it had were long-standing advertisements that I seem to vaguely recall seeing when it was still called the NewPaper like 15 years ago. I guess I’ll have to pick it up and see whether things have truly changed or not.

     *sighs* In a way, I do miss Atlanta in this respect. While I admit that I didn’t always take advantage of all the things that it had to offer, at least it had a million things to offer. Not to mention that the online community while having moments of being totally freakin’ bitchy, at the same time at least they’re infinitely more talkative than the lot that I can find here in Rhode Island. Perhaps I should go check out the Boston community and see whether or not they’re any different. It’ll certainly be a change of pace to the silence that I routinely see when I’m in Rhode Island.

     Not too much else going on at the moment. Work is a push-me/pull-you deal still with plenty of frustration and even more issues when it comes to security, helpdesk and who should and shouldn’t be doing things and where. This week, I’m in the long stretch with them, looking forward to working 6 days straight before any time off. And it’s going to be four days off to boot. Definitely looking forward to that time off, given that it’ll be the first holiday I’ve gotten off out of the national/state holidays. I think I said in an entry or two ago about considering taking the time off and heading up to Boston for two-days just to become re-acquainted with the city on my own and without the drama that I went through in the recent past (q.v. Frank), but don’t think it’s advisable.
     *grinning* Well, the reason why is I just went on a mini-shopping spree involving buying a TV Card for the computer (so that I can watch Sci-Fi Channel and perhaps Cartoon Network at the convenience of my hours), a new set of speakers (as the current set are crackling and seem to have a short in the left channel), and recharging my Dunkin’ Card.
     So I’m going to hold out on the trip this weekend, and push it off either to the next holiday or the next weekend I have off.

     I’ll write again soon. Until the next time.

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