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Entry 09/03/2007 12:49:27 AM – Mentat 352

     It’s hard to imagine that it’s September…  While most people typically comment on how time flies, for me it seems to have dragged along sometimes interminably.  But then again, I think that has to do with the fact that being a creature of the night — I routinely have problems trying to keep track of which day is what, given that I’m routinely trying to explain to folk what happened on what days and when.  Like my yesterday is someone else’s day before and all that…  Particularly when dealing with technical issues at work. 

     So it’s my weekend, and I’ve got Labor Day off tomorrow.  Second Holiday off from what I see.  Although I’ve come to learn that the reason why I’m getting holidays off isn’t necessarily because they’re being nice to me, but from what I later learned from Independence Day where they had charged the company automatic time and a half…  So it turned into a "cost-cutting" move more than anything else.  Not that that’s really a problem really, given that people actually hired and working full-time there automatically get the same thing, as well as differentials and bonuses for working weekends starting on Friday nights, and ending on Sunday nights/early Monday mornings. 
     News on the work front is that I’m beginning to end up in all sorts of e-mail wars of sorts with my supervisor and manager, given that I’ve come to learn entirely too many things not to my likings…  Not to mention that I had a hell of hissy fit, when I saw my schedule for the month of September and instead of seeing the routine B-Shift transitions for "training purposes" but three D-Shifts instead (11:00 AM – 7:30 PM).  The instant that I had seen that, I went right to the agency on that to complain.  The agency likewise went to them and explained it to them that it was considered a hardship which they had quickly changed out the three D shifts to C-Shift (third shift) with a sort of terse note of "coming to them with this issue." 
     Yeah — I’ve seen what they do when people go to them to complain about their schedules.  The management told them it’s not their concern as their folk need to be "flexible", or worse — if they don’t like you, they then start swapping out the schedule ’til you’re getting sick and disoriented from the changes…  Like what they had done to Tim between B and C shifts until the boy was routinely white as a sheet, looking like a doe caught in the headlights, and couldn’t tell when he should be awake and when he should be asleep. 
     So I fired off an e-mail in response explaining to them that when my employer told me about the contract, it was a third shift position.  When I had taken the interview, Sandra had mentioned that there would be an occasional change to B shifts for "training" and to get "refreshers", which I had agreed to.  Once the D-shifts showed up, I told them that it went out of scope with both what I had verbally agreed upon during the initial interview, and with the contract information itself, went to my employer to discuss this, and deferred to them to best handle the situation. 
     It was apparent that the e-mail which they had sent me had not originally included my agency; which I had included them in the response.  The Branch Manager noted that they had agreed to it, however I explained to them that they had done this as a "face-saving move" given that my supervisor’s e-mails can normally be more verbose than that.  I could also tell by the tone of the e-mail that they weren’t happy about the fact that I had involved the agency on this — and told the Branch Manager that I had little choice, given what I had seen them doing to their own employees when they had voiced their displeasure about the change in schedule. 
     Frankly — I still stick by my attitude (opinion) that this shift changing has absolutely nothing to do with training, as I’ve yet to learn anything that I’m going to carry back to my own shift, and that this whole business about shift changing has to do with the fact that the manager of the department is an ex-nurse and does this intentionally in order to give non-medical people the feeling of what she had gone through during her career as a nurse.  Excuse me, but I went into the IT industry because that’s what I have skills in.  If I want to have experience with the medical field, I’ll date a doctor or nurse, thank you very much.  And if I agreed to such shift changes, I would expect to be paid the same wages as a nurse (or a doctor). 

     But seriously, I can see the end is coming up with this contract, and the deadline comes up, I’m seriously thinking about not extending it.  I’ve already made my stand official that if I were to be offered the position that I would seriously turn it down without a second thought.   From the poor management, to the micro-management, to the manner for which problems are handled (which again goes back to poor management), to the amount of sycophancy I see going on between the management staff.  Hell, I don’t even want to go into the amount of management to employees that they have there…  It’s just a bad environment to work in if you’re a grunt. 
     Sure there’s talk about cutbacks and that it’s going to hit the management staff according to the conversations that most of the folk say there — but given personal experience in areas of cutbacks (and impending mergers) — I’ve almost always seen cuts happening at the bottom of the chain, rather than the middle and top.  Especially considering that a good majority of the management staff that I’ve seen in place are the kind of leeches that I’ve seen elsewhere that would just as soon have their subordinates take the cut so that they can keep their positions intact. 
     Be it the cutbacks, or whether the merger goes through — it’s going to be a bloodbath there; mark my words.  And while I had sort of looked forward to the cathartic mess that they have ahead of them — the more that I watch what’s going on, the more that I’m contemplating getting the hell out of there as soon as I can.  After all, as a temp/contractor — you just know that I’m going to be blamed for just about anything and everything that comes down the pipe. 

     An acquaintance of mine had made a comment to something I had said to them in public.  I had said that I despised weak-management, and routinely expect the management I work with to be strong.  She had said to me that I must have higher than normal expectations, or frequently get disappointed by what I find out there in the work field.  I thought about that for a couple of hours and again during my meditation and realize that while I have actually been in quite a few disappointing contracts, I’ve also been fairly successful in having those expectations met. 
     In fact, looking at my awards that I have in my resume, and on my wall (so to speak), I come to realize that I frequently win those awards when under strong management.  Subsequently, I believe that if I were to dig deeper into this, that I’m probably going to find that I get out of long-term contracts before their scheduled expiration date when under weak management. 
     Things that make you go "hmmm", in either case. 

     On the home front…  On the Friday I had off (day before yesterday), I received the futon frame that I had ordered, however I didn’t get the futon mattress that’s supposed to go on it.  Called the company that I had ordered it from and they had confirmed that it was two separate shipments (from two different parts of the country), and that the futon mattress is currently en route.  Hopefully I’ll get it Tuesday before I go to work.  Would be nice given that the current mattress that I have has definitely seen better days (this one’s over 12 years old). 
     So, in a fit of boredom, I had built the frame and put the current mattress on it, and found that it still most assuredly fits on a double (full sized) frame, with little shrinkage between the frame and the mattress.  Of course, my hellcat’s being all confused and needy because of the furniture changes, which is beginning to be quite a bit annoying given that I like having a little me time and not have to deal with her constantly on my lap and drooling. 

     Oh, and as you know in my last journal entry I’d been an indecisive old queer about purchasing an upgrade of a ring for the current one that I have (a 925 silver wedding band).  Yeah, I’m sure those of you that know me when I start listening to family and friends and went from finally convincing myself that I didn’t need to purchase it to being indecisive about it — that I’ll end up splurging and buying it.  Well, I did purchase it and it came in the same day as when I had received the futon frame.  It’s a half-sized larger than the silver band that I currently own, and it’s a comfort which is a bit to get used to but I like it; and can wear it like I wanted to: on my middle finger instead of swapping it back and forth between my middle and my ring finger…  But I fear that when the winter comes, that because it’s a half-size larger I might have to swap it to my right hand given that it’s somewhat looser than I’m accustomed to when it’s extremely cold.  Yeah — and I did buy the one that’s pictured in Entry 351 from JustMetal. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I’ll probably end up writing a little bit more tomorrow, as I’m probably going to be revisiting an issue or two that I’ve put to the back burners.  Until the next time.

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