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Entry 09/28/2007 04:01:16 AM – Mentat 358

     Well, I think I’m finally coming out of my über-slack moment and wanting to find other things to do other than watching movies, playing games, and generally avoiding anything and everything that I used to force myself to do while I was working there.  Yeah — tough thing that — writing at a story that I had to sometimes force myself to do because I didn’t want to deal with the nonsense of Usenet, and the randomly wandering a limited portion of the Internet in order to pass time at doing things I simply didn’t want to do because the slacks there at the contract left it all there for me to do because they thought that they were already doing too much work for not enough money.  Funny thing that given that I’ve been at Helpdesks which had more calls and were paid significantly less than they had been paid.  That has been one of those things that simply never ceases to amaze me…  How people think in some jobs are so overworked, but they don’t have the experience in knowing quite like I do considering the amount of contracts I’ve worked in my lifetime.  
     Again, I’m particularly happy that this contract is behind me, given the nonsense that was going on there, and the illegal methods they were making up things as they went along when it comes to HIPAA and the guidelines that HHS had put into place back in 1996 and enacted in 2003.  I still have half a mind to report them though, just to see what kind of shit-stir that’s going to cause for the much anticipated "merger" with the Number 1 healthcare provider here in Rhode Island.  I’m sure it’ll either make them back away from it faster than am arachnophobic to a Daddy-Long Legs spider.  Although knowing my ironic luck — I’m sure that it would work in opposite and have them scoop it up if only to keep things sort of in balance here…  Like the time that Microsoft had helped a rather failing Apple Computers last decade. 

     So yesterday as my aunt wanted to stop by Zales at Lincoln Mall to have her tennis bracelet cleaned and checked, I decided to tag along because I knew that I needed to stop at either WallyWorld (Wal*Mart) or Target for something, but for the life of me at that point I forgot what.  Turned out the Zales there at Lincoln Mall had been closed and vacated, without any signs saying whether they had moved or gone out of business.  My aunt was determined to check the mall to see if they had moved, but given that they had been at that location since the Mall’s inception, I knew that they had totally gone out of business. 
     On the way over to Target, my aunt reminded me the reason why I needed to hit the stores — needed liquid soap given that I was almost out…  And of course, as she’s teasing me about stopping in the lingerie aisle, I end up teasing back and going into the movie section to see what I haven’t picked up.  God, Target’s movie section was almost a ghost town and I realized that I was pretty much caught up on the old stuff that I wanted. 
     Went over to Emerald Mall because there was where the nearest Zales was to home, and checked out FYE for movies.  Heh…  That’s where I saw the movies that were coming out for October, which are currently on my wish list (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Transformers, and some other that at the moment, I know I want to see, but didn’t want to spend the money to actually go see it at the theaters).  Ended up while there, scouring through the film section and buying: Ninja Scroll, Iron Monkey, and Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (which was on my Wish List on Amazon.com).  While shopping, two of the three movies that I had been expecting from Amazon had come in: In the Flesh, and Get Real.  Although I’m rather surprised to see that given that I was hoping for Storm Riders to come in, instead. 
     I know that In the Flesh is positively cheesy to the point of being total shite, but I got it because there’s elements of that movie that inspired me to write Companion back in 2005.  And there’s something positively hokey about the story about a cop and a hustler falling in love has a demented sort of appeal to me.  *shrugging*  Heh, at least it’s not as bad as my obsession with Japanese Monster Movies, and really, really crappy sci-fi from the 60s.  Or the really bizarre Kung-Fu movies I used to watch on USA back in the 80s on Sundays.  (Which apparently FYE at Emerald Mall has more than their fair share of them ready for purchase). 

     So today, as I was farting around and wondering what I wanted to do sitting here lounging and being the slack that I’ve been for the week, ended up watching Ninja Scroll and In the Flesh.  God!  I totally forgot the totally twisted way Ninja Scroll played out with the hero of the story being pressed into service through deception and poison by the current emperor’s agent.  I sat there and realized that I recognized the voice of Jubei Kibagami (Kôichi Yamadera), but it took a visit to IMDB for me to figure it out….  (He’s also the voice of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop).  I might wander off after finishing up on this entry and watch either Get Real or Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God, I’m not sure which.  Eh?  What can I say?  I love triple features sometimes; particularly given that I’m still looking for some sort of inspiration to write either on one of the three drafts I’ve got going, or perhaps working on a separate inspiration for someone online that needs a reminder that I’m not necessarily around online for his beck and call…  No names mentioned, as he’s only a casual friend, and one that I don’t mind chatting with when things are slow or quiet, and in need of other diversions than what’s playing through my head. 

     As for me…  I’m doing pretty well here.  Calm, mostly grounded at least emotionally, even if my mind’s all over the bloody place because I’ve been doing everything in my power to divert my thoughts from the contract that I’m no longer working.  Heh, in fact, it’s because of my trying to squeeze as many thoughts through my head at once that I had totally forgotten the reason why I needed to go out to Target/Wal*Mart to begin with. 

     Finally, I’ve finally transferred my to-do list from the thumb drive which will give me a couple of hours of work to do.  I also did a clean wipe of the free space of it, and removed anything that remotely looked like the last contract, to ensure that if I had any proof of the bullshit they caused I wouldn’t have the temptation to report them.  Although I did keep the HIPAA complaint form just in case the want hits me again.  I’ve been thinking of mounting an encrypted drive on the thumb for this sort of thing in the future, but I’m not sure I’ll have the same access to root-level access like I did when I was working at the last contract; which means it might be a wasted effort.  We’ll see though…  As I said I want an extended vacation from this sort of nonsense… 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I need to shut down my iTunes because for some bloody reason, it’s decided to do a two-shot of all the music I’ve got…  It’s playing two of the same artist or from the same album before moving to the next one.  Thanks, but that’s for Tuesdays and today isn’t a Tuesday.  If anyone’s interested — you can check out my lists of music and what I play at any time at: http://www.last.fm/user/MerrickB

     Until the next time.

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