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Entry 10/12/2007 07:18:44 PM – Mentat 362

     All right, that was particularly annoying.  Last night I dreamed for the fourth time that I was in the process of quitting the job that I had been working almost a month ago.  However, in this dream there was not only an act of rebellion, but I had also gotten farther what it was like outside of working the job than I had in the previous three dreams.  The act of rebellion had to do with me showing up at the job in casual (shorts, pullover and sandals) when I should have shown up at work in something more business casual.  I remember quite a few of the women that worked at the place where threatening that I was going to be sent home to get changed and having to return to work once I had.
     I told them that I "dared" them to, because if I were sent home, I would most assuredly not be coming back for the day because I had other things that I needed to accomplish. 
     Thinking about it — the work environment was reminiscent of the arrangement that I used to work in at Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s CHAMPUS office in Providence almost 20 years ago, where it was one rather large and open floor, with the desks set up in rows and opposite of each other.  Unlike CHAMPUS though, this was more a call center environment, as many people had phones on their desks, instead of a data entry center. 
     During the exit processing, I remember handing over not one but two ID badges for entry: one that I had been currently using, one that I thought that I had lost.  What made that so strange had to do with the fact when I handed the person the ID badge that I had thought I lost, he tried it on a couple of doors, and it was still operational.  Although I was glad to rid myself of the badges, I realized that I had a third one at home, that they didn’t know about and that based on the one that I thought was lost and was still operational, the one that I had at home probably still worked as well. 
     Leaving the job, I remember standing outside the building, and feeling moderately happy to have quit.  This is where the dream started changing into another dream, and I found myself standing outside at what looked like a bus stop with my boyfriend.  I remember giving him a kiss and telling him that I didn’t care whether he was as loony as they came, I loved him and it didn’t matter. 
     He was about my height, but significantly thinner than I was.  Had several days worth of growth on his face which was someplace between not shaving several days, to something on it’s way to looking like a legitimate beard and moustache.  While I didn’t dream in color at this point, with my subconscious settling for that sepia color of an old-movie, I remember him having piercing gray eyes.  He didn’t smile at me the first time I kissed him, but he seemed content with the affection I was showing him at the stop. 
     At this point the dream morphed again, and I told him that I was tired of waiting for a ride to get home, and offered to fly him home with me.  He looked at me with shock, and was more than a little bit scared, when I had told him it had been some time since I had flown carrying someone else with me, but reassured him that it shouldn’t be a problem as I still was quite powerful enough to carry another person with me.  He protested, but after taking hold of his hand, he and I were into the air with little effort. 
     We didn’t fly all that high off the ground, something like 10, maybe 15 feet.  At one point during the journey, I had produced a sort of air contraption not unlike the one that Howl and Sophie used in Howl’s Moving Castle.  I told my boyfriend to hold on, and later to strap himself into the contraption, as it had been some time since I had controlled/used it in order to fly.  He didn’t strap himself in, although he did his best to brace himself in case of accident; particularly given that the contraption that I was attempting to control was sort of listing to the side a little bit. 
     During the trip north from Providence to home, I had decided on following Route 246 (Old Louisquisset Road) instead of Route 146 (the main highway from Providence to Worcester), because I wasn’t confident I could keep the contraption in the air for the entire trip.  Not because of my ability, but more because the contraption didn’t seem to want to take to my use of ability.  On the way up, I remember looking off towards Northern Providence (which can only be seen from 146 and not the part of 246 that I had been on) and seeing that the ISS (yes, the International Space Station) was coming down from orbit.  It was coming down like the warship from Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle or Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in that it was making a slow descent, only to come crashing down after attempting to gain altitude.  Also the solar panels were spinning and moving in a slow, rhythmic pattern as though they were being used to flap air underneath the ISS in order to gain altitude.  Just before crashing down onto the ground, the solar panels disappeared (they didn’t retract, they simply disappeared). 
     I made a comment to my boyfriend about the ISS coming down because it couldn’t maintain orbit, which he nodded, looked in that direction and returned to bracing himself for possibly a hard landing. 
     From there, the dream morphed again, and I found myself walking by a storefront/lawyer’s office where there were two men, one older than the other, and the older man sporting a thick moustache like a man would in the late 1800s, speaking Italian the lawyer/administrator that had been sitting at the desk.  The man with the moustache was particularly annoyed with the conversation and raised his voice several times during it. 
     While I didn’t speak the language, I did understand enough of it to know that the man with the moustache was looking for some valuable artifact that his family had been in possession for, for several generations that had either been stolen or lost, and he was attempting to retrieve it at all costs.
     I looked at the man that was sitting next to the older man with the moustache and realized that he was an ancient like I was: a man that has been wandering the planet for some centuries.  He was hiding his being an ancient, as being the servant/personal assistant to this older man, instead of being the loner like most ancients were known to be. 
     I had informed them that I knew what it was that he was looking for, and coercing the older man, to let me speak to his personal assistant privately, we left the office, and talked a little in the private garden behind the storefront/office. 
     The younger man, I came to realize during the conversations, was significantly younger than I was: only a couple of centuries old (instead of me being almost a millennia old).  He told me that he already had a lead as to who could possibly own the artifact, and that it was in the possession of another ancient that was several millennia old).  He and I agreed to summon that ancient, and upon successfully summoning, he was sitting there on the bench opposite us.
     It was true that he were several millennia old, and looked it too.  One eye was missing from his socket.  Skin was bloated, scarred and charred for the fighting and dueling that he had done in his lifetime.  I remember talking to him and finding him barely coherent, let alone lucid.  He did have in his possession the artifact that the older man with the moustache was looking for; however instead of handing over the artifact to the man, I kept it for myself.  It was a powerful talisman that if it fell into the wrong hands, could cause more trouble than it was worth.  It seemed only fitting that it be kept in the possession of ancients instead of being given to normal human beings who couldn’t appreciate the importance of keeping the artifact safe. 
     Finally the dream morphed into my being in possession of the artifact and getting on a train that had many of the characters from Final Fantasy VII: Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Red XIII, Aeris, and Barrett.  What the artifact was, was a coin that could control Sephiroth into being able to kill everyone in a single move.  I had tested it several time, and he had removed all of the remaining characters from Final Fantasy VII almost immediately.  I had the power to reset the scenario and each time that I did — the results were the same. 
     Not liking what I had seen, I had banished Sephiroth from the train, and putting the coin in my pocket, told the rest of the characters that I had to go someplace and that I would be back.  Don’t remember where it was that I went, but I remember it had to be quite a distance away from the train and involved responsibilities that would take some time to fulfill.  I had promised that I would make my way back once my obligations had been fulfilled before I left.
     Some time did in fact pass, and while I don’t remember where I had gone, or what I had done when I was gone, I remember having been gone for quite some time.  By the time I had returned, the remaining characters had faded away, with only some sort of holographic recording from Tifa remaining.  It had told me that they had waited as long as they could before the power had drained, and the train had stopped running (it was at the end of some tracks that had been overgrown with wild wheat and alfalfa). 
     I was rather sad that I had been gone for as long as I had been, and woke up with the feeling that I had something else I needed to accomplish before I could bring them back from wherever they had gone…

     Now you can see why I’m sort of glad that I hadn’t dreamed for the 5 1/2 months that I had been transitioning from days to nights; as this is the usual faire I go through at night, morphing from one sequence to the next to the next.  I know that all of these dreams were separate, however, my mind has since developed the ability of blending them in one to the next in order to make it some sort of continuing story. 
     I can tell where some of the elements have come from too…  the part about the crazy boyfriend was something that I had seen in passing in a teaser for some show on television.  My saying that he was crazy coming from a conversation I had with my aunt yesterday morning when she said, "don’t call me crazy" and I said, "but you are Blanche, you are!", the ancients comes from the story "Companion" which I’m thinking of writing a sequel of sorts to.  Final Fantasy VII comes from my playing the game several times last week.  The references to Howl’s and Nausicaä comes from my watching Howl’s at the beginning of the week.  Not sure of the Italian man though.  Or the Ancient with the missing eye and charred skin…  Although I’m sure it’s something that I saw in a movie someplace.  And the gold coin comes from watching my aunt and uncle taking turns playing Jewel Quest Cards on their computer when I stop in to see what they’re doing. 

     All right…  As I said yesterday, I’ve been playing with the program Apophysis…  I’ve currently got a few of them up on flickr as I had promised.  Going to play with it a bit more this evening before I go off and either play a game or two, or write a little in the draft I’ve been working on the last week.  At least I’ve worked out some of the issues regarding how long it takes to build some of the fractals that I’ve got going.  It has everything to do with the floating point.  Increased it two-fold, so now it’s producing them in half the time. 

     Here’s to hoping a little less dreams about quitting the job, and a little more about actually enjoying myself.  Until the next time…

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