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Entry 10/25/2007 09:36:39 PM – Mentat 366

     Ugh…  The dreaming has come back with a vengeance!  The night before I had dreams about aliens among us, government black-ops/shadow government agents sent to clean up alien evidence, German Shepherds that looked like baby giraffes, and doppelgangers or simulacrums created by the alien to protect itself from capture, Section-8 housing, and neighborhoods in my hometown I didn’t know existed.  (Yeah, that’s just the cliff-notes version).  Last night it was about dating a porn star, my living in a six family house with some overbearing woman that had gone into all the houses and turned the clocks and kitchens upside down, a messenger bag that was like a TARDIS which had more space inside the bag than on the outside, a basement of this six-family house being converted from a storage area to some sort of Victorian Sitting Room (complete with in-the-wall sliding doors), oh!  And let’s not forget that the house as haunted by my grandmother in certain sections of it.  (Yeah, again that’s the cliff-notes version). 
     To tell you the truth — looking at all the elements of these…  I think it’s at least three different dreams in the first section and two in the next…  And I’m not entirely sure whether I should be relieved as to whether all the elements can be tracked directly back to the sources (within the same day to day before), or whether I should be concerned for the same reason.  I think the reason why has to do with the fact that the last couple of days, as I’ve been taking the piss out of someone in chat — I’ve been doing it on the fly…  So because of this, my (unconscious) mind is still working on the fly when it wants to create dreams — it’s taking the elements that I had seen and putting them together for my dream consciousness. 
     But all right…  Enough on the self-psychoanalysis…

     I should have written about the first dream when I had the chance, given that the elements were still pretty fresh in my head at the time, but I can’t cry over spilled milk on this.  In this first dream there was a human looking alien loose in a city — at first I thought it was Atlanta’s Little Five Points, but it could also have been Providence’s Thayer Street area.  It was specialty shops and stores along the road, and one of these was a bistro that was quite busy.
     My father (not any man I knew, but I attributed that he was my father in my dream) was some sort of government agent — like the FBI or CIA or something along the lines — had been assigned to capture, bring in and interrogate the alien as to why he was on planet earth.  I had befriended the alien, and through some sort of bonding, had gained some of his abilities, which I had been using to protect the alien from being capture.  Some of my abilities that I had gained from the bonding was an almost-ability to fly and the ability to move faster than most people could. 
     I remember that I was particularly annoyed with my father because he didn’t allow his conscience to dictate his actions and let the alien get away from the government and find a way off the planet, and continued to pursue the alien because it was what he had been ordered to do.  I remember that I had routinely interfered with my father’s actions as he had pursued the alien to this area of strip malls, even pushing him off the roof of the bistro in the process.  When I followed him down from the roof of the bistro, I realized that he has a piece of wood stuck in his eye, and instead of bring in pain about it looked at me, as I pointed to the piece of wood, which he smiled a little. 
     It was then that it turned out that my father in the dream was some sort of doppelganger that the alien had created in order to distract the real Federal Agents that were hunting him into following my father instead of doing their own work.  I remember distinctly that I had felt sort of used by the alien as I was doing what I thought was the right thing in protecting it, was using my better nature to create nothing more than further distraction to its plan. 
     While the alien did eventually get away from the trap that had been sort of set in the shopping area, I remember that I had headed through an area that I had called home.  There, I had found that there was another agency — a sort of "cleaners" group that routinely went into an area that an alien had been killed or seriously wounded and removed any and all evidence they could so that people didn’t know that aliens existed.  This "cleaners" group did so sadistically, enjoying the amount of pain they could either inflict on the almost dead alien and the people that had seen it while it was alive.  This group had used a crack house as a sort of front for their operations in a seedier part of town near to a Section-8 Housing Project.  They had even sold drugs as part of their cover.  About the only thing I remember about them was that I had encountered them coming back from one of their projects, and investigating them in their cover house, but I don’t seem to remember doing much else with them other than trying to get away from them before they discovered I collaborated with an alien that was on their hit list. 
     It was when I was getting away from this cleaners group that I had encountered the German Shepherd that looked like a giraffe.  I had given the thing a couple of pets, and realizing that it had been chained and shouldn’t’ve have been, released it from the yard that it had been chained in.  It had followed me down the street for a little while before it ran off in another direction. 
     The last thing about this dream was me heading down the road into the setting sun, and just as I got to the cliff that was also a dead end — leaped up and headed in flight to where I lived. 

     Last night’s dream is a twisted up mess..  Where the dream I had the night before had a sort of linear quality to it, this one was quite literally all over the place.  I was in my apartment, and out of my apartment, in my relative’s apartment and out, so often, I wasn’t sure whether I was living in either of them, or whether I was simply there because I was checking up on things (which is the direct result of my aunt and uncle’s requests to check on their apartment, cat and things while they’re off on a ten day cruise through the Caribbean starting tomorrow morning). 
     While I had been checking on my aunt’s apartment, I had seen that the clock and kitchen table set had been put upside down.  Thinking it odd, and proof that her apartment was haunted, I had gone upstairs to mine and when I opened the door saw the same thing.  However in my apartment, I found a middle-aged woman, rummaging through my kitchen closet, which I asked her what that was about.
     She had told me she had turned everything in the kitchen upside-down to stop the ghost in the house from haunting these apartments.  However, she told me to wait a moment before I came into my apartment because she wasn’t done getting a coat or some article of clothes out from it. 
     I told her that I didn’t care what she told me, it was my apartment and I would come in when I felt like it and squeezed through the door while she was trying to keep me out. 
     I talked to my aunt later on, and she told me that the woman was in the separate apartment and that she was some sort of nosy, busybody and that she was going through everyone’s apartment doing that to protect the people living there from the ghost of my dead grandmother (This is officially the first time my unconscious has accepted the death of my grandmother last summer). 
     I had made a trip out after my aunt told me about the neighbor, with my messenger bag, that had more room on the inside than on the outside.  While I didn’t take advantage of this extra space, I just remember noting it in case I had to pick up anything along the way. 
     When I got back, I had to go into the basement, and that’s when I saw that the storage area had been converted to a Victorian Sitting Room.  My aunt told me that it had been done while I was out and about, and that there was still some things that needed to be done with the room.  While I didn’t say anything about it, I recalled that I had been in another house that was in a tree that had a room similar to this one (which is a dream I had almost a year ago).  In fact, what was so interesting was that I knew I was recalling another dream within this dream in the process. 

     That’s my dreams…   I need to go work on a couple of things, and then off to write some more.  I’ll probably return tomorrow with more discussion from the previous entry.  Until then or the next time…

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