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Entry 10/28/2007 08:25:14 PM – Mentat 367

     There are just some times I can’t get my ass in gear no matter how hard I try.  Apparently today is going to be one of those kind of days.  Ugh…  Between the sinuses bothering me, to the fact that I’ve got the coffee brewed and it’s sitting there begging to be tasted, the hardcore trance/circuit’s playing right now, and me just sitting here looking half-blankly at the screen waiting for it to do something, I can tell it’s going to be sometime after 1 in the morning that I’m going to have the gumption to do half of anything that I would want to do.  Heh, maybe I should just take advantage of the lethargy, turn on the television and watch something utterly and totally mindless. 
     Not that there’s been anything on that I’ve seen other than random cheesy (and cheesier) horror films because it’s three more days until Halloween.  Heh, and let me tell you, I’ve flipped through some really, really bad horror shows in the last couple of days.  Halloween 5, Jason X, Leprechaun 4: In Space (Holy Jesus!  Even the Sci-Fi costumes in it were so unbelievable, there were times I though I was watching that horrible piece of sci-fi dribble with Morgan Fairchild…  And don’t ask me the name of that one, I’ve blissfully burned it out of my head)…  Heh, I flipped the television on in the morning and saw something with Peter Cushing in it, with a bunch of white men with rifles hunting a black man for sport, where I was like, "…and the NAACP hasn’t banned this bad boy from television because of it’s apparent racial slurring…?"  I’m sure I could look it up and find the name of it, but hey…  Why should I?  I’m too lethargic at the moment.  *grins*
     Hell, even Cartoon Network’s been having a Goosebumps Marathon going on, which is almost unprecedented, given that they’re one of the few channels that actually has stuck to it’s programming theme of almost exclusively cartoons.  Fortunately for me, I haven’t flipped through the channel often enough to see whether they’re repeating the same 10 movies over and over (like AMC seems to be doing when I actually pay attention to it). 

     Since the last journal entry and writing about the demented dreams that I’ve had, I’ve been sort of knocking my sleep states about just a teensy bit in order to see whether I could stop the truly bizarre dreams from happening, and for the most part it’s worked.  Good thing too, as I like getting relatively restful sleep without my unconscious mind working in overtime, trying to make stories out of snippets of glimpses, and odd thoughts that get stuck in my head; like dandelion seeds in a spider web.  Of course, it’s only a matter of time before my body gets used to that and it starts going back into the familiar patterns of an overactive imagination. 
     Still though, about the only thing that I can say about this overactive imagination at the moment is that it’s certainly more entertaining than some of the things that I’ve seen on television the last couple of weeks.  All except re-seeing Psycho for like the eightieth time, and got to see the zaniness of the shower scene several times through the sixty times AMC had shown it.  Or apparently me sitting here and either loathing/dreading writing the next part in one story, or proofing the other that I’ve been using as a means to make sure my sentence structure isn’t too totally off the wall. 

     Of course, I could always play games, which is usually what happens when I reach this point of lethargy if only to pass the time and get frustrated as hell as I smack hell out of either Stormtroopers (one of the Dark Forces flavors here), Demons and Undead (Diablo II), or just the undead (Warcraft III), or attack pirates or whoever I’m at war with in the Stars (one of the Starfleet Commands)…  You, know, come to think of it — it’s been some time since I’ve played the Sims, I should go revisit, given that one of my gay couples had their partner abducted by a UFO and apparently is taking it a hell of a lot better than the last couple that had that happen to them. 
     *chuckling*  Nope…  Mulled it over for like three minutes and said, "Not in the mood."   God I’m such a slack today. 

     Oh, and I remember some of my dream last night.  Seems to have involved woods, working for some sort of organization that was trying to evacuate an area because of an imminent flood.  I remember that it was dusk, and that on the higher parts of this area was a road that lead sort of around the wooded area that served as a base of operations for the evacuation team.  I don’t remember exactly just what my part in the team was — I wasn’t leading it, and I wasn’t directly involved with the work.  During the height of the evacuation (which still hadn’t been going well) the rains had gotten worse farther up to where we currently were based, and I remember that the area was beginning to flood, and that I had problems getting my bicycle as it was in the flooded area, and I couldn’t save it from the damage. 
     The final thing that I remember was that I had been walking the road on the outside of the tree stand of the base of operations, and seeing that it was getting brighter, and the clouds in the sky were clearing up. 

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     So the lethargy got a little bit worse, and as I stayed at my aunt’s place to let her cat Tigger know that there was life in the house other than him, I sat there watching Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and thinking to myself, I don’t know who I should be feeling sorry for more in that show: Matthew Lillard, Alicia Silverstone or Peter Boyle for the sucktacular movie that this one wasn’t.  Kind of interesting really because when I did a little research on Lillard, he’s got a quote that made him win the pity and sympathy:  "I was like, what the hell is my life coming to? I’m a trained actor! I’ve done Shakespeare and here I am having farting contests with an imaginary dog!"  Of course, I feel no pity for Freddy Prinz, Jr., even though I used the line from Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss considering that he’s still married to Sarah Michelle Geller…  That line being: Ok, I need to know that his penis is large enough to sustain this relationship. Heh heh…  Yeah, I have my moments of being entirely too cynical for my own good. 
     But I’ve taken a rather good nap, listening to some of the new music that I’ve bought, and was able to reset just a little bit.  I’m not quite as mellow as I was last night, but I am sufficiently happy enough to be insulated against any possible drama that could come my way online, or wherever the case may be. 

     I wish there was more to talk about at the moment, but there really isn’t.  I’ve sort of put all sorts of things on hold.  It’s not as though I wanted to, it’s just that I don’t want to try to push anything.  Two entries ago, I had said that I had put my feelings out for someone, and at present nothing seems to have come from it.  I put the ball in his court inviting him to check out the pictures I have, and read from my journals if he wants to learn anything..  So, I’ll give him time.  After that, I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll deal with the crossroad at that time. 
     I’m off for the moment.  Chat a little with some folk before I put my nose back to writing some more.  Until the next time.
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