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Entry 02/15/2008 01:10:19 PM – Mentat 388

     The day after Valentine’s and I’m feeling pretty shitty at the moment, both physically and emotionally.  Physically because of the way I had pushed myself walking yesterday to and from work — trying to get to the stop and then home in as little time as possible mostly because of how cold it was yesterday, partially because I had a half-day assignment with another contracting firm that ended up being almost a full day — and it being so warm in the office, I was seriously dehydrated by the time I got home.  So right now, I’m suffering from a combination of soreness from the forced march that I pulled, and some of the strenuous activity on working on the server that I had been upgrading, sinuses from how cold and dry it is at the moment, and the makings of either a cluster headache or migraine because of the lack of caffeine in my system that I’m putting in through iced coffee.  As for the emotionally shitty…  Well, I’ll get to that later on. 
     At least at the start of this entry, I’m beginning to feel a little better now that I’ve got a little caffeine in my system.  Well at least my head’s not trying to implode from the sinus pain and headache that was building to a slow crescendo. 

     So yeah, yesterday I had a ¾ day assignment that was technically supposed to be only a 3 hour assignment (with guarantee hours of 4 for pay) at a local office upgrading a server to Windows 2003 SP2, as well as some power controls and firmware updates.  Which is technically one of the irons on the fire that I had hinted at in the last journal entry.
     I got to the assignment a ½ hour early because the notes and e-mails that I had received from the project coordinator said the earlier the better, but to be at least 15 minutes before the start of the assignment.  I got there early because the bus that I had taken was the express from Woonsocket (to Providence), and that I wanted to ensure that the building I was going to was in fact, the building that it showed by location on MapQuest…  Turns out it is precisely the building I thought it was. 
     Took advantage of showing up early by calling in and getting the server out of the closet it was positioned in, and sufficiently out (of the storage closet) to be able to sit down and pop discs into it and follow the prompts on the KVM.  Ha ha!!  Didn’t think that I was updating 2 servers on the location, but that’s what else I was doing.  The off-site support technician had me checking the com wire for the UPS which wasn’t connected to either of the servers.  Connected it to one of the servers per his instruction, and happily found out that he had completed the first part of the upgrade: the power management upgrade.
     Then to top it all off, there I am, lying prone on the floor because I needed to check the various electrical wiring from the servers, tape backup and KVM that go into it…  Turns out there are 7 plugs (2 for each server blade, the KVM, KVM Controller, and the Tape Back up), and only 6 outlets on the UPS, which meant that they needed to figure out which plug would have to be plugged in to where.  Ended up pulling the tape and putting it to a surge strip and then taking a little time to mark each of the wires going into the UPS so that in the future someone will make sense of that rat’s nest in the back.  
     Rather nice (and I mean that in the most sarcastic ways), given that I was wearing Navy pants.  Should’ve taken the advice and worn brown/khaki instead. 
     Also while working on the installation for the power management, ended up realizing that he was getting warnings on one of the drives within the RAID array, and confirming it when I saw the light flashing, was told that a technician would be informed of the problem and it would be handled.  Here I was thinking, "okay, the server can continue on without one drive and another technician will be out to replace the drive."  Ha!  Little did I know until around noontime that I was going to be that technician, but that part of the story’s coming up.
     So once the power management program’s been installed and running, it then becomes my job to install the Firmware updates and the Service Pack.  The Firmware had a bit of a glitch that was easy to work around.  Instead of going into Smart-Start mode as the server was supposed to once the CD’s were dropped into the drives, they returned to Windows.  Seems that the Boot order had been changed, and that it was ignoring the drives as bootable.  While the technician couldn’t remember where to get to the BIOS controls for the server was, he said that the firmware could still b e installed within Windows.  Good thing, given that I didn’t know where the BIOS bypass was in the boot up configuration with HP ProLiant Servers. 
     Got through one server, and it was almost noon, and then had to work on the next.  At about that time I’m told that the technician to be replacing the hard drive in the array was going to be me, and that I should be expecting a call from Hardware support.
     During all this, I’m explaining to the IT Manager/Point of Contact at the site as to what’s going on, and what the delays were, and explained to him about one of the drives within the RAID array going out.  He looks over at me, and said, "I have no idea what you’re talking about." 
     I tried my best to hide my surprise at hearing this by going directly into an explanation that the layman could understand about RAID and RAID Arrays.  But once he was gone, was sitting there working through part of the Service Pack Update saying to myself, "How can he call himself the IT Manager of the place, when he has no experience with it whatsoever?"  Followed up closely with, "Why can’t I get a job like that?" 
     So the upgrades go fairly well and orderly with the folk in the office, as they did precisely what they were told at the appropriate times when I was updating the two servers (one was the file share server, the other the e-mail server), updating the off-site technician at each step of the way, as I had completed the updating.  I was called at around 1:30 from the hardware technicians that the drive had been ordered and would be arriving for 2:00 PM which meant that I would be there for a shade longer than expected. 
     2:00 PM rolls around and the courier shows up with the drive, only to find out that they ordered the wrong part.  The drive that they were replacing was for the File Server and not the E-Mail Server.  Apparently they’re both of the same model, but the mail server is a G5 which meant that the drives were significantly smaller than the file server.  So another hour would pass before I got the chance to complete the assignment. 
     3:30 PM rolls around…  I got a quick bite to eat from Quiznos about an hour before, and was waiting around for the correct drive to be installed, at the same time fixing a problem with the server that now had the UPS attached to it, because it was missing the appropriate *.inf file for it.  Got that fixed, with time to spare as the replacement drive showed up, and calling back to the office, confirmed that it was a fully hot-swappable server, snapped in and replaced.  They had me stick around for another 10 minutes to ensure the replacement drive would get to 10% of the rebuild before they would let me go. 
     4:15, the rebuild was at 30%, the software technician gave me the release a half-hour before, with the hardware technician giving me the release then, so it was a mad dash to catch the 4:30 bus to head home. 
     On the way home I received a call from the Project Coordinator that had scheduled me for the position, stating that everyone on the teams had given me glowing praise for my professionalism, dedication and the fact that I handled myself and the situation without much supervision, proactively taking the lead where necessary and that if there are more contracts that come up in the area that require me, I’ll be considered at the top of the list. 

     Coming home, I was sufficiently tired…  Not from the fact that I had been there for as long as I had been, but rather because the office I was working in was extremely warm…  So warm in fact that at one point during the first shipment, I had actually stepped outside for almost 15 minutes without a coat or hat to get some air and to cool off from how warm the office was.  In fact, when I got home, I ended up drinking almost 4 bottles of water to rehydrate myself.  (Which is probably why my sinuses are bothering me, and why my legs hurt). 

     Then coming home, I admit that I was rather looking forward to spending time with D as it was Valentine’s Day.  Told him all about my day, but then between supper, and him being called away eight different times by the family — my patience was worn pretty thin, given that I would think for Valentine’s Day — Mom and Dad would want to spend time alone away from the kids and not calling on him for god only knows what reasons.  My patience was snapped about the point where we had finally got time to watch a movie that we had chosen (Ghost Rider), but I quickly found out that he had the extended version and I just had the theatrical/widescreen version. 
     What happened was as I was ragging on the movie, he had been saying nothing, I asked him "what he was up to" (in the film), he said to me, "I’m working on the poem I sent to you." 
     At that point I was like, "Well fine!  I don’t see why I should be wasting my fucking time watching it, if you’re not!"  Pulled the movie out of the player, and sat there quietly the remainder of the night.  By quiet I meant silent. 
     He apologized for it, which I really didn’t want an apology for, nor did I want to accept an apology for.  Accepting the apology would mean that he had done wrong, and frankly — the only thing that I was annoyed with was that he could’ve had the decency to admit to not wanting to do it, rather than placating me, and then going off to do something else that had his attention more.  I would’ve been happier without the movie, or the RP, and just sitting there in silence or a little talk here and there.  Not in doing empty-activities…  Believe me, I’ve had enough of that shit in the 4½ years with Rick.  So, I fed silence, and left it open to see whether he would say anything else. 
     He didn’t.  Other than perhaps suggesting I go to bed the second time I snored. 
     I fell asleep a few times during it, as I caught myself snoring at least on three separate occasions, but while I was wide awake, D said positively nothing to me assuming that it would be better that I be left alone and getting a nap in. 
     It didn’t…  It only made my sour mood all that much worse. 
     After about an hour and a half of mutual silence and hearing little more than his breathing, I called it a night in a huff, and put myself to bed.  Already in a sour mood that I had gone through the shit I did with Rick, and having another Valentines Day that was a disappointment, eventually fell asleep hating the day, and everything that happened after work.   

     I woke up this morning in the same sour mood from the night before.  So much so that I had avoided signing onto Pidgin only signing in sometime after lunch.  When I eventually did, I got the distinct impression from what little I’ve said to D that he was going to just be there if I wanted to talk to him I would open up the dialog, and have been left alone since.  There had been a little dialog between the two of us — mainly on a subject that has nothing to do with either of us — and I’ve since closed Pidgin not wanting really to waste time with silence from him and either nonsense talk from acquaintances, or issues from friends.  It’s better for me to be in my own little world at the moment, and simply get through this post-VD bullshit I’m going through right now…  Particularly given how confrontational I’m going to be if I continue to get the impression that people are walking on eggshells around me. 

     I mentioned to Keags in a sort of "cut off your nose to spite your face" sort of way that from this point forward, I’m not going to celebrate another Valentines Day.  He had asked me how bad it had been with Rick, and I laid out as simply as this: 

    (2:33:54 PM) Merrick: … Let’s see.. he made mega-drama on Valentine’s for two years because it wasn’t just right or it wasn’t just perfect. On the second year, he went out got himself blind-stinking drunk, ended up getting some date-rape drug and being raped by some guy, which for the next year kept that secret from me making my life a living fucking hell for it. Tells me on the third Valentine’s about being raped the year before, putting everything into perspective, and hating me all the more, and then on the fourth broke up with me.

     I’m going to strike it from my list of holidays, and instead, simply will go about life not recognizing it other than perhaps it being the day Rick broke up with me, and set me free to deal with the amount of abuse I went through in that relationship.  Because anything else is only going to make me cut off my nose to spite my face all the more. 
     I’m off for the time being.  I think I’m going to play a game once this fractal’s completed and then work on something to eat.  Still thinking about getting a six pack this evening from the liquor store down the road, but not sure that liquor will be a good thing to have, given my mood is still pretty damned sour at the moment.  We’ll see how things go if I recover from this.
     I hate Valentines and I most assuredly hate Rick about this point.  Both can pretty much rot in hell given what I’m currently feeling and thinking.  Until the next time.
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