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Entry 02/26/2008 11:31:17 AM – Mentat 390

     It’s been a relatively quiet week here on the Homestead…  Well, quiet in that if there had been any drama, it was relatively light in it’s intensity, and didn’t really cause me to want to sit down and write about it.  There have been a couple of things that have drummed up through that have left me thinking.  Which is why I’m sitting here now, writing about it. 

     On the family front, apparently my Uncle Armand’s continuing his childish attitude with the rest of the family.  *shaking my head and chuckling mirthlessly*  Yeah, when I woke up this morning, my aunt makes a comment to me in passing that, "…Uncle’s removed me from his mass mailing list…"  She went on to tell me that, "…it doesn’t matter to me, because he mails your mother who then mails it out to me, and then I mail it back to him…"  A sure-fire way of passive-aggressively pissing him off because he hasn’t figured out how to use the blocked senders list in Thunderbird. 
     As I was munching blithely on my breakfast, and shaking my head in my pre-caffeine state, pondered whether I should once again approach this and bringing it to head, or simply allow him to continue his childish attitudes ’til he implodes in on himself, and watching the family stand together against him all shaking their head and clucking in his direction at how a 60 year old can act like such a child.  Which is going to happen, and most probably soon, given that his birthday’s coming up in about 2½ weeks… 

     Uncle Bob went into the hospital to have his knee surgery last Thursday after putting it off several years (partially because of his want to playing golf was higher than his wanting to go for the surgery, and in the last year because of the cancer that was found in one of his kidneys).  He’s doing all right through it, and is expected to come home today.  About the only hitches that he’s had is the fever that he had run yesterday, which kept him from coming home like he expected.  My aunt also tells me that the blood-thinner that he was on wasn’t working and that she’s going to have to give him injections instead when he’s home until such time as the operation takes.  This should be a fun couple of weeks with him going through the physical therapy when the Visiting Nurses come over. 

     Let’s see…  Got a "Dramatic Exit" message from a good acquaintance of mine [Eric] that I haven’t chatted with all that much in the last couple of years who was telling me that he was taking an extended leave from 360 and the Internet.  He went so far as to delete his 360 as a message to folk not to look for him.  I admit that I chatted with him for a while, if only to cheer him up a bit given the heavy-hearted way he was being about the decision.  I was more than a little surprised about this decision consider that I was in a far worst place than he was after the break-up from Rick, but I didn’t totally cut off of close off from the friends that I had made online. 
     I had taken an internal temperature on this, and I found myself more than a little disappointed about it.  Even saddened by it considering.  But as I told him, if he’s serious about the decisions that he had in front of him that to put everything to the side and follow his heart no matter what.  I had basically told him that I had been in the same position when it came to Will, and that I did precisely what I suggested…  Sure, it didn’t turn out the way that I had wanted with Will, and looking back at it, I have to admit that I feel infinitely better for following my heart for it. 
     Here’s to Eric…  May be find the resolution he needs. 

     Finally, got a message from my friend Luke last night to join him in Gay Men’s Haven: 31 in Yahoo chat as he’s found a new set of "rejects" and assorted cast of characters from GML:1 and Haven: 1.  Turns out that it was quite a cast of characters and rejects that I recall from chatting days gone by.  I think my personal favorite was watching two of these regulars to this particular room pulling a tactic all-too-familiar with me:  dictating to the denizens of the room that if they want to be friends with them, they need to ostracize Luke, Anton and I.  *smirks*  This has to be the most infantile tactic I’ve ever seen grown adults using on people.  Peer pressure through extortion is the best way to describe it. 
     It had me thinking after Luke and Anton called it a night, as I found it to be more of the same that I had survived with a certain person (who’s not even worth mentioning by name) did the same in GML:1 for years.  I also thought it sad really that so many of the community that I deal with have less than mature attitudes when it comes to adversity, and resort to adolescent peer pressure in order to return someplace to a status quo that’s even more dangerous and more poisonous than the adversity that was being created last night.  What I mean is that these two mentioned how it was "so friendly" before Luke and Anton had showed up, but no sooner than the two of them left, these two were the first on the boat to backstab once they had signed out (well, Luke has a habit of sticking around a little to see what people are going to say). 
     Needless to say they got caught by Luke who had the sense to record the two of them and play it back in the room the very next day, and when they got caught they denied up one side and down the other that the conversations had been doctored and edited to make them sound worse than they were.  Please…  I’ve been in places like that and I’ve caught more queerfolk rattling off at the mouth through jealousy, envy or simply back-biting people that are stronger than them because they’re not strong willed themselves; sometimes not even realizing they’re foaming at the mouth about it. 
     The question that comes to mind is — if this is such a friendly place — why did they fail at it by being conniving and back-biting at first opportunity?  The answer that comes to mind is as obvious as the gray in my hair. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.

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