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Entry 03/02/2008 01:41:38 PM – Mentat 391

     God, I was too much of a slacker this weekend…  Friday night I went to bed well after 4 AM this morning because I had been texting D while he was at a bachelor party, and causing my usual trouble in Yahoo Chat, and didn’t get up until almost noontime.  Now it’s almost 3 PM and I’m like, "where did my day go?"  Easy — I slept through most of my morning and by the time the 3 PM rolled around, I had used it up moving my ass about getting cleaned up, dressed and what have you.
     Then last night, I went back to bed about the same time, caused a great amount of chaos, grief and aggravation in one of the Yahoo Chat Rooms (Gay Men’s Haven: 31), found someone that got driven out of GML:1 because he’s a flipping psychopath, while at the same time listening to D snoring in my ear (in Skype) because he was still a little hung-over from the bachelor party the night before.  I was also chatting with someone that hangs about 31 that’s been really cool to chat with when dealing with most of the denizens that populate the chat area.  He seems equitable, moral, honest — and as sharp a wit as I’ve got.  Oh, and a Gemini to boot. 

     Checked through my RSS feeds, and came across a cartoon at AppleGeeks that is so me.  http://www.applegeeks.com/lite/index.php?aglitecomic=2008-02-27  Ha ha..  Yes, I’m the one on the couch, twitching and thinking I’m dying because I didn’t get my routine fix of coffee (although for me it would be from the Dunk [Dunkin Donuts] because it’s cheaper, easier and they make a damned fine iced coffee).  D would be Jayce getting all annoyed with me and giving me the "nectar from heaven" in order to placate me in my drama queen moment. 
     I also particularly liked the day after (Friday’s) http://applegeeks.com/lite/index.php?aglitecomic=2008-02-29 as I’ve frequently found myself in the place of Hawk telling straight men the right approach to that question.  Of course, straight men don’t always listen to me on it, given that they think they’ve got the answer figured out, much to their chagrin. 

     As for me… 

     My return checks have finally come in, although I was moderately surprised that State of Rhode Island couldn’t work out the deposit into my checking account given that they also used the same bank to issue the check from.  So it was out of the house and quick rush down to the bank to get it deposited before the bank closed for the day.  Fortunately for me, the teller there was more than cooperative and did what banks are supposed to do with State and Federal Checks: Treat them as cash to be active on the same business day regardless of the time of the deposit.  Good thing too, given I would’ve probably raised a stink about it come Monday Morning when I didn’t see it in my online check of my account. 

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     The other day when I was chatting with my friend Luke in a Yahoo Chat Room and I came to realize that as of the 13th of January, I had been part of the Yahoo Chat Experience™ for a decade now.  What truly amazed me about it had to do with the fact that in the decade since I’ve come online that many of the same paltry threats queerfolk used to do against others that seemed to ruin their Chat Experience are still very much in effect now as they were when I first started chatting there.  Following is an interesting list and my reactions on them…

1. I’m going to call Yahoo on you… This one always gets me chuckling whenever I hear it, because the first time I heard anything of the sort used was back in the day when JasonXI used to be alive and kicking about the planet and when Matt used to come into the room and wreck his holy hell terror on the lot in GML:1 so many years ago.  It was joked about that Jason would go to the Yahoo Office to "report" Matt for his antics, only be turned away by lobby security because Jason would be a frothing madman about it.  First off, Yahoo’s not going to do anything about the antics in Yahoo Chat, unless you an SBC user…  And even then Support’s only going to help in getting connected.  Everything else is at the user’s discretion.  How do I know this?  I actually tried to see what responses I could get if I were to discuss it as a NOC to a Support Center.

2. I’m going to fry your hard drive… This would be quite a work because I don’t know of any viruses that are cable of actually frying anything.  As I was saying to someone that while he had some sense, sounded like someone that’s had more than a few blunt force traumas to the head, "…the only way that I know that could "fry" a computer would either be a Network Accelerator (an power cord attached to a CAT-5 plug) and then plugging the Accelerator in…"  Either that or a power spike through the power supply.  Either or, you need to be significantly closer to the computer in question than through the Internet. 

3. Keep booting me, and you’re going to fry your CPU… Another laughable one that gets me given that it takes either over-clocking the CPU, or an electrical spike to go through the motherboard to cause this sort of thing to happen.  CPUs can take the kind of processing power a booter can routinely throw up, but in order to remotely do anything of the sort, the booter would have to be running for an extraordinary amount of time (weeks and months and perhaps even longer).  Of course if you were to run a booter that long, it’s possible that you’d run out of memory, or better still simply cause memory fragmentation which would at best cause the program to crash or at worse cause the OS to crash.  The hardware would survive in either case, and like #2 — only demonstrates that the person saying has no clue what a computer can and cannot do.

4. I’ve got your IP address and…  Clearly one of the biggest and most empty threats in Yahoo Chat with the least bit chance of anyone knowing what to do with it if they were to actually get it.  Most people run firewalls and even with some of the holes in firewalls in place (like ports 21, 80, 110 and 3128) are usually difficult for the novice to exploit because they have so little knowledge of those ports.  And Yahoo users are particularly novice when it comes to this sort of thing.  At best a small group of people might figure out how to enable a DoS attack through Ping Nuking, and a miniscule amount would even be able to organize a DDoS of any sort.  And reporting someone through their activity on Yahoo is useless because it’s not the ISPs responsibility, and they will explain it’s the services (Yahoo in this case).

5. I’ve reported you to Yahoo… This has had some success, although it’s not as instantaneous as people think it is, as it takes a LOT of reporting in order for something to occur.  From what I’ve been able to gather — it takes quite a lot of reports through Yahoo Abuse to get an account suspended — but even then, that suspension lasts only like 7 days.  And having a root account that I’ve used to excess when causing trouble on Yahoo has never once been suspended.  Ever. 

6. If I met you face to face, I’d punch your lights out…  Or something to that extent.  This is the response of men that clearly have the intellect and the mental faculties god gave Cro-Magnon Man.  If you can’t solve your problems with a battle of words — then you really don’t have any place in an environment that relies heavily on words and concepts.  Really…  Shut off the computer and call it a life.  The Internet is really not for you.  Not that it really matters because when dealing with queerfolk they’re usually more about posturing and words and less about actually following through.  Hell, I don’t know how many of them I’ve dealt with over the years that said to me they’d "beat my lights out…" only to be where I said I would be and I’d be the only one there.  Empty threats are so childish. 

     Ten years of seeing these…  Ten years of people that haven’t learned a thing.  God, it’s scary really when you think about it. 

     Anyway — I’m off to RP with D.  Time to get some game time in.  Until the next time.

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