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Entry 03/09/2008 04:40:50 PM – Mentat 393

     What with Daylight Savings Time in swing, I’m once again going through that jet-lagged feeling of having lost an hour’s worth of sleep.  Ugh, I hate this feeling given that it usually takes me a day or two more to get used to it.  At least the good thing out of this is that it’s the marker that Spring is just around the corner and that I’ll be looking forward to being able to open the windows a bit in order to get the chill out of the house, as well as the advent to going back to wearing shorts…  Heh, not that the winter’s stopped me from wearing shorts; the only difference is that I won’t also have to wrap myself up in an afghan or wear a pair of thick woolen socks to walk around the house. 
     You know, being in New England, I really shouldn’t be getting all that excited about the advent of spring being on the way…  I mean, last year it didn’t start seriously warming up until April, and even then it wasn’t until May when I could seriously open the windows for longer than an hour before I was rushing up to close them because of the cold.  At least last week we missed out on the snow that dumped all over the place around the Eastern USA, and we ended up with pouring rain…  Not to mention that we didn’t get a tenth of the snow that we got last year, so I shouldn’t really complain about the winter… 

     Had a moderately fun night last night with Luke in one of the chat rooms of Yahoo – Luke filling the room with clogger-bots, and me booting the people out of the room so that Luke can file the clogger-bots in.  Did it for two rounds (6 hours), now that Yahoo limits the amount of time a user can be online before a new CAPTCHA code is requested.  Heh, it’s rather fun in that scoffing/pathetic sort of way watching the queerfolk filing back into the room that they had been blocked from entering, either making up misinformation about how to "rid" the room of the clogger-bots (i.e., the instant you put the CAPTCHA code in, the clogger-bots leave), or acting as though they had more fun in another room that they had wandered out to.  Funny, I checked out three of the rooms that they said that they had gone to, and all they did was sit around doing nothing — while one or two people that were part of that room talked around them or ignored them for filing into "their area". 
     And then there are moments when you have them filing into the room and instead of going back to their "business as usual" attitude — they’re moaning and complaining up one side and down the other about the clogger-bots that are still in there, and talking on and on and on about how Luke is not only filling up the room, but booting as well.  Heh, this isn’t surprising given that even though I tell them time and again that it’s me doing the booting, they continue to think because Luke will occasionally ask me to boot someone that’s trying to walk all over him on microphone (when he’s playing music) or that when he’s up on microphone calling someone "Bitch Boy"…  (D’s new favorite phrase).  Excuse me — but if you don’t hear the person lagging when someone’s being booted — that means they’re not the ones doing the booting. 
     *sighs*  Even with all the information given to them — they still don’t have a clue. 
     After listening to them for about an hour after the clogger-bots were filing out of the room — Luke called it a night, and I moved briefly over to another chat room that had been decimated last week to see what was going on there.  There they were, playing music like complete amateurs in the room.  By amateurs, it sounds like someone had put together two tin cans and string and tried to play music through it.  God, not only was the music horrendous (like Justin Timberlake’s "SexyBack"), but the tinny sound that it was making was hell on the ears.  Now, I know that sound in room chat’s no more than an AM radio (Mono at 22.1 Hz), so I didn’t think it was possible to make it sound any worse…  But they did, and god it was almost making my ears bleed.  So, as a public service both to my ears and to the people that were attempting to walk all over the culprits streaming music in the room without so much as asking — I removed the problem..  Pronto.  *smirking* 

     D had to go out last night for a while, which left me free to wander about the other chat networks.  Ran into this 37-year old that was "looking for a real man…"  Of course, I asked the routinely rhetorical question of "What is real?" knowing there was a pretty damned good chance of him responding, which he did.  Made a comment about how he didn’t want any "girly men"… 
     I naturally eye rolled, and said, "you know — men are too hung up on searching for a "real" man or a "masculine" man that if the man’s wrist so much as bends, they think the man’s effeminate…"  What I didn’t add, but was thinking at the moment I said that was, "…you have to be comfortable with being a man in order to define what is considered masculine…" 
     The 37-year old pissed off out of the room after I had said it. 
     Good…  The last thing I wanted to do is end up getting into some sort of pissing match with him on what’s considered masculine…  That would’ve assuredly been pretty damned ugly given how he had commented on what he considered "real"… 

     There’s also been an interesting set of events that have left me taking weird internal temperatures on.  D made the acquaintance of someone by the name of David while he was observing Luke, Anton and my activities shelling one of the rooms we were dominating in (Luke’s clogger-bots, Anton’s Voice-Lag bots, and my booting people left, right and center).  Seems the reason had to do with the fact that D had used a new-age like name that attracted David’s attention.  They had talked a bit, and from what D was telling me, this David was sort of hitting on him a bit heavily the first night they had chatted. 
     Now with D, I don’t feel the least bit threatened over the thought of a man flirting on him or even hitting on him.  For one, it’s happening on the Internet, and I’ve never been threatened by anyone’s actions there.  For another (and more importantly), I have to have faith and trust in D’s fidelity in order for anything to work.  In fact, D’s done nothing to cause me to question anything that was going on between he and David, as he quite literally told me everything that was going on… 
     So, when I got invited into that conversation with D and David, I naturally took it with a grain of salt, and was the happy (and routinely bizarre) entertainer, keeping the two of them happily occupied and entertained with my snarking, my stories, and my approach to whatever was thrown out into the room.  By the end of that conversation, I rather liked David and thought he’d be interesting to hear from in the future. 
     Over the next three days, while D and I were in Skype chatting with each other and playing games in Yahoo Games (in Messenger), D would tell me that David hit him up and was chatting with him.  The first couple of days I smiled and thought "that’s nice", but on the third day, I was strongly saying that "…David needs to find himself a man, instead of flirting with you…"  D chuckled a little bit and continued to tell me about all of the things he and David were talking about. 
     D and I were playing games in Yahoo at the time, as we were having one of our "mellow moments" being competitive with each other, while D was having a conversation with David.  It seemed that David was throwing double entendres left and right in the private conversation between the two of them, that D decided that he wanted to pull me into the conversation between the two of them to see whether David would continue throwing out double entendres.
     No sooner than I showed up, David’s comments stopped having any double meanings, and David resorted to being very formal in his communications.  Not only that, David’s comment that followed in the conference caused me to immediately bristle.  Seems that David said, "I don’t want to be intruding on anything that the two of you were doing…" 
     Which was immediately deceptive on his part considering that not three minutes before, in a copy and paste from D to David, D said that D and I were "in each other’s ear" (chatting on Skype) and sharing everything that D and David were discussing while playing a game of pool.
     I said in the conference to David, "…work on the assumption that I know everything that [he and D] had been discussing and to go from there…", which David further extended the feeling of deception that he didn’t know what I was talking about.  From that point, David developed a hell of an attitude towards D, while I stepped away from the conversation with an "AFK", and then stormed out of the conference when he knew he was knee-deep in shit about his activities and attitudes with D. 
     David then went back into a brief private conversation with D once that was done discussing a song that D shared with him (Nickelback’s "Next Contestant"), which D only made one more brief comment before allowing David to wander off to where he wandered off to.

     The internal temperature that I had at that point was that I was highly irritated with David’s actions but most definitely not jealous of them.  I don’t like deception of any sort, and his actions and activities once I was included in on their conversation was incredibly deceptive.  On the one side, I understood from the previous conversation that I had been included in with D and David, that it’s been something like 8 years that he’s been abstinent from the intimate company of another man…  So that this was a sort of substitution for that lack…  But at the same time, I thought that it would serve David better if he spent a little less time flirting with someone that’s happily in love with someone else, and do his best to find himself a man of his own.  Add to the fact that he’s being deceptive about it means that he knew full well what he was doing, which means that his intentions and his actions aren’t as honest as he says they are, further making me suspect him. 
     D’s curious about what’s going to happen the next time David comes online.  Me?  I’m biding my time…  Deception is not a good thing to start off with in a budding friendship either with one part of a "couple" or both parts, and it’s only a matter of time before more begins to show it’s ugly face here.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s going to be more deception in the days ahead… 

     Well that’s it for the time being.  Off to perhaps play a game and have some ice cream.  Until the next time…

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