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Entry 03/14/2008 04:29:18 PM – Mentat 395

     Quite a bit to write about and cover in this entry… 

     First off, my desk chair finally bit the dust after having it for about a year and a half.  Came to sit down in it and when I leaned back on it, the thing tilted horribly to the side.  Was in Skype with D and I mentioned to him that something was wrong with the seat and that I thought that it had broken, and he was giggling over the thought that I had fallen over in my seat, but I told him that I hadn’t.  Turned out that when I tried to fix it the second time I had, but I had the sense not to sit completely in the seat when I did.  Sure enough — the connection of the seat to the riser had entirely snapped off, and made it impossible to fix short of acquiring soldering tools (which aren’t here).  So — off this morning I went to buy a new seat.  Got a cloth seat instead of a leather one because it gets entirely too warm to sit in during the summer and got it back and built in record time.  Got this one to replace the broken one (http://www.gaebler.com/Lane-Black-Microfiber-Task-Chair.htm).  The only problem is that I won’t be able to sleep in this seat like I used to in the old one, because the back doesn’t go quite as high.  *sighs*  C’est la vie I guess. 
     I had quite a time checking out the various sites around her to purchase them; Target, Wally World, and finally ending up settling at Staples because the only seats they had at Target were the $20.00 ones that aren’t worth lasting more than a month.  At Wally World (Wal*Mart) the chairs had seen better days, and the ones that they had in the shelves looked as though they had fallen off the back of a truck someplace, instead of delivered to the store.  And Staples…  I won’t know what’s up with Staples, but what they say for the price of their merchandise is by no means what it rings up at the register…  In this case, I got the seat for about $30.00 less than the ticket.  Which was rather surprising really, given. 
     This time I bought myself an extended warranty as I would like this one to last a bit longer than the other one. 

     On the David front, it would appear that D and he had a Man-to-Man talk last night and finally got the clue to both back off and act like a friend with D, as well as stop trying too hard to read D.  *chuckling*  D and I had a chat about this and D’s under the clear impression that David’s been grossly under-estimating D.  I was clearly surprised to hear this, but at the same time, it did explain where some of my ire with David was coming from. 
     What I mean is metaphysically (and astrologically) both of them are Aries. While I understand that when it comes to fire signs, they are usually the least psychic/sensitive, usually fire signs are usually fairly good at being judges of character.  And yet, for reasons that are entirely outside of my comprehension, David completely missed the points whenever trying to read D…  (Usually a clear sign that David was more than a little emotionally attached where he shouldn’t be).  However, the thing that really confused the daylights out of me is that for an Aries, David was remarkably deceptive and passive.  While my experience with Aries men (and women) is limited — the Aries men and women that I’ve dealt with are usually open, up-front to the point of being confrontational when pushed, and extremely blunt in their explanations and their intentions.  David was assuredly not the case. 
     I went looking at a preliminary natal chart on David (checking the aspects of the day and some aspects between the planets that occurred on the day of his birth), and couldn’t find any elements or aspects that would contribute to the amount of deceptiveness that David had demonstrated in the last week.  *shrugging* Guess it’s a devil in the details of the exact time and place of his birth that might contribute to it. 
     Seriously I was hoping for a confrontation with David, given that David had been skidding incredibly close to being on the wrong side of ethics when it came to D.  On one side, I’m rather happy that David’s figured out he dos and don’ts of dealing with D and that I won’t have to pull out all stops and confront David on his unethical behavior.  On the other, I’m still just a teensy bit dubious as to David’s intentions, as I still get the impression that he’s not necessarily going to be as chatty or as friendly if I were to show up in a group conference between D, David and I.  I have told D that if at any time he has any hesitations or questions about David’s attitude to simply pull me into a conference to test David’s intentions. 
     We’ll see whether this is going to be a continued discussion in my journal in the future…

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     I had received a voicemail from Keags the other day involving my last entry (Mentat 394) for which the voicemail began with the phrase, "…I do not appreciate what was said…"  somewhere shortly after, "…I read your blog online…"  Of course the fun of this particular voicemail is the fact that I had shut off my phone for a couple of days (I mean who calls me anymore; I only use my phone for text messaging anyway and the only person who messages me is currently in my ear at the moment), and did the dangerous thing of listening to it while I was in the local Stop ‘N Shop before my morning coffee… 
     Faster than you can say, "Everybody run!  The Homecoming Queen’s got a gun" I let out an expletive loud enough for the dock workers in the back of the supermarket to hear. 
     My aunt was with me and she naturally rolled her eye and said, "Michael…  Do you really need to be so loud about it?" 
     Yes I do as a matter of fact.  Particularly given that a surly and disrespecting upstart felt the need to call me because he "did not approve…", I thought to myself. 
     But instead, I said nothing as I was too in the middle of one of my famous ADD flare-ups to want to say anything, and instead thought of a whole lot of evil things that I would prefer more to enact upon.  After some iced coffee, a chocolate chip muffin, quite some time and various wanderings around the stores that I was shopping at, I remembered something I had said some years ago to my ex, Rick about Blogs, Journals and Diary… 

     Ultimately my blog and my journal (locally here on my computer) are my feelings, my perspective, and my outlook on the various issues that happen to me, and around me, that I have witnessed with the appropriate (and inappropriate) thoughts and feelings attached.  While I maintain a modicum of privacy for the people in my life, ultimately that privacy is determined and controlled by the online information provided on their various spaces (MySpace, 360, Spaces, etc) that these friends have on their associated social networking sites. 
     While I don’t attempt to use my blog as a means of attacking/counter-attacking someone for their actions and activities, sometimes it will appear that way given that I attempt to write with the feelings I was experiencing at the time and with the passion that I’m capable of expressing.  I am a very passionate person, and sometimes when the moment’s right — I’m going to write in order to work through it.  Sometimes the words can be hurtful, sometimes the words can be sharp.  But that’s part of who I am… 

     Rick had a hissy-fit to end all hissy-fits so many years ago  upon reading my journal/blog online and didn’t like anything I had said about him. 
     I said to him during his rampage, "Tough.  You want positive things written about you, Rick — do something more positive.  Your actions come with consequence, and no amount of spin-doctoring by calling me a liar, throwing guilt-trips at me, telling me that you don’t like or appreciate, or approve what I said about you in those entries is going to make me go back and change them.  My blog and my journal are expressions of my opinion — right or wrong.  If you don’t like it — write your own [blog/journal] as a response if you feel the need and here’s to the hope others will agree with you…  In the end, the truth will come out of it, and that’s all that matters…" 

     Don’t approve?  *shrugs*  this is me, and what I see and most importantly, how I feel..  Right or wrong. 

     Heh, if you think this is truly bad, you should see how I feel when I catch and form of hypocrisy.  Proof is out there, all you have to do is Google the right words. 

     Finally, during my outings, my aunt drops a bomb on me saying, "Do you know who called me this morning…?  Your Uncle [Armand]." 
     I blanched at the news, "Wow!" Was my only response.
     We discussed it, and she tells me that he had called twice today to talk about the birthday card he had got from my aunt (his sister), the fact that he won $3.00 off the scratch tickets she put in the card, and twice about the cost of heating oil. 
     While we were out, he called again, to leave a voicemail about the price of heating oil going up another ten cents, which my aunt looked at me and said, "I think he’s having a senior moment." 
     "Senior moment?"  I began, "I think they switched out his medications and this set’s working. Either that or the Birthday Card I sent him sunk in."
     I had sent a picture of a distended, pink monkey’s ass from one of the rude card sites I had found with the blurb that read, "Happy Birthday to the man that made himself out to being a bigger ass than I could ever be…  Call me sometime when you grow up, if you ever do…  From your nephew that seems to have more sense than you do…" 
     I had urged her to either ask him, or my other aunt (Norma) as to whether it’s a new prescription or not, but she won’t. 
     She and I do agree though, he’s just lost it all…  And that we’re just going to have to ride this all out.

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Off like a bad prom dress to puzzle out some game, or simply inflict my sarcasm on the online world at large.  Until the next time.

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