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Entry 03/28/2008 11:25:00 AM – Mentat 397

     Friday and about the fifth day of blah and gray here in the Biggest Little…  You know, I would much rather prefer to deal with the grays and the blah during the winter (in the south) instead of the spring, given that in the spring, it’s so much more sunny and warm when I was living in Atlanta than here in RI.  I’ve had enough of it through the winter months…  And now it’s time for it to be sunnier and just a shade warmer, so that I can enjoy seeing some of the flowers popping up through the dirt, and the trees beginning to turn green.  All I can say is…  Enough already…  Please…

     Still relatively quiet at the homestead, which isn’t unusual given that New Englanders have this habit of keeping their heads down, and their attitudes lower given that it’s the grays of spring, and not the tra-la-la that we’re wanting when spring has totally sprung.  Well that and the fact that we’re still recovering from the effects of going back to daylight savings time, and just a little bit jet lagged through it.  Which I have been — as I’ve been getting something like 7+ hours of sleep daily for the last week to week and a half.  In spite of that amount of sleep, I’m still finding myself more than a little drag-assed about it.  I think that I’m coming out of it, given that right now, it’s almost noon and only through ¾ of my cup of coffee and I’m pretty bright-eyed about it at the moment. 

     It would look like I might have a security gig coming up soon — which will be cool given that the position might put me back to nightshift and being a Nightbreed.  *dances in his seat*  Yeah, definitely the sort of thing that I want to do.  Unfortunately though, it would appear that the position also requires me to brush up on my Linux/Unix, which means that I’ll be loading up either Red Hat or Ubuntu again on this machine.  Not to mention PERL scripting which I’m extremely rusty at.  *sighs* 
     I’m not sure which version I want to run, given that Red Hat is considered the "Windows" of the Linux world, and Ubuntu looks as though it’s about to be launching 8.04 in the next 28 or so days.  As I’ve got 7.10 sitting on CD at the moment, I’m sort of torn as to whether I should try to load it up here, or whether I should simply wait until 8.04 is released and then install it from there.  The last time I went from 6.x to 7.04 (and then to 7.10), when I needed to reinstall specific drivers so that the 3D and Graphics controls for my display driver would work properly — I had completely blew out the drivers and just about the kernel trying to get it fixed. 
     Funny that I’m back to considering installing it, given that last year, I thought that I was pretty much over the operating system believing it while promising — is still not ready for prime time. 

     Really not too much else to talk about at the present time.  Waiting for a phone call soon regarding another possibility of assignment.  We’ll see how all this goes in the future.  Oh, and I don’t usually talk about them until they’re solidified, given the strong possibility of jinxing myself…  Yeah — it’s one of the few things I’m somewhat superstitious about. 

     Until the next time.

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