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Entry 04/01/2008 12:44:52 PM – Mentat 399

     Update on the computer issues… 

     Well, it would appear that the issue with trying to resize the NTFS partition is in fact with the MBR (Master Boot Record), because once the computer finished up running its CHKDSK /F /R last night, I rebooted it this morning into the recovery console, and when I ran the FIXMBR, it turned out that it’s reporting back that it’s a non-standard MBR.  I think it has to do with the fact that there’s a 32 MB partition at the beginning of the drive that’s used to convert the drive to FAT16/32.  It was part of the manufacturer’s installs that I hadn’t thought twice of removing entirely and running this drive exclusively as an NTFS partition.  Strange that it’s suddenly a problem now, but wasn’t the last time I had made the attempt to install and was running 6.10 back in August/September. 
     Which means that I’m going to be holding off until Ubuntu comes out with 8.04 later on this month, wipe the drive out from scratch, rebuilt the Partitions and MBR and then load up from there.  Always a load of fun, because doing it this way means that I’m going to be rebuilding from scratch instead of using Norton’s Ghost Utility and reloading to that clean state.  And then from there, creating a ghost copy in order to save the state that way for future builds if I want to continue to use Linux on this computer. 
     *eye roll*  If I recall correctly the last time I rebuilt my operating system and all the applications from scratch, I ended up taking close to 28 to 30 hours in order to get it back to the state that I had prior to the wipe and rebuild (this is including about 4 – 5 hours of sleep).  Yes, I admit, I’ve got a lot of programs that I load up on this machine… 
     I’m not sure whether I’ll be looking forward to this, this time around.

     Went through a mini movie marathon last night watching Curse of the Golden Flower, Kiss Me Guido, and Latter Days.  Yeah I know, I’ve seen them already, but hey — they’re worthwhile to watch again under the right conditions. 

[Last Edited: 04/01/2008 01:27:35 PM]

     Wow, that’s not the first time I’ve had the particular BSOD that I had just experienced while I was working on something.  Happily listening to tunes (in iTunes), phone rings, the Caller ID widget that I had running with Yahoo Widgets tries to grab the information and then WHAM!  BSOD…   Did a little research and it seems that I might need to reseat one the Modem which might be the problem.  Eh…  Not a high priority as it only happens when there’s specific software running (Yahoo Widgets, and iTunes and the phone software is running with my cell phone plugged in).  So it’s not a high priority issue. 
     *grinning*  There’s no end to the crazy apparently. 

     I just realized as I was cleaning up my archives, and straightening out the messes that I usually accrue during the month that today’s April Fool’s Day.  And so far, no one’s pranked me so far.  Nice… 

     Well, I just got done with a couple of calls with a competitive consulting agency that seems entirely too burned from the thought of someone that’s a consultant opening up one’s opportunities to other businesses.  So they basically told me that I need to redesign my resume using a contract referral model instead of the traditional corporate resume model that I’ve been using for some years.  Of course, the kicker has to do with the fact that I’m going to have to go through several years of archives in order to create a resume based on where I had worked, and with who. 
     This of course, is basically against most of the policies of working for a corporate consulting entity — like Kelly Technical Services, and Robert Half — who want to be the primary contact information at several of the key positions in order for this competitive consulting group to feel placated.  On the one side, I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Given my experience with Tech Support at the now defunct Brooks/Eckerd Support Group and a couple of other places around here — there were a lot of poseurs trying to work in a support environment with little or no experience with hardware, software, or the most basic ability of logical troubleshooting.
     So, probably when I get home from the interview tomorrow, I’ll begin working on that revamped resume. 

     Yeah, I have an interview tomorrow — with a tech support company that seems to be asking for way too much qualifications based on the want to having those qualifications rather than actually needing them.  I took a look at their site, and it would appear that it’s all about flash, but nothing about the actual product that they offer.  More on that no doubt in the next entry. 

     That’s about it for the moment.  More to watch on Battlestar Galactica.  Until the next time.

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