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Entry 04/21/2008 12:30:38 PM – Mentat 404

     Three more days for the new version of Ubuntu, and I’ve been checking a little into the Ubuntu in Windows (their version of VMWare) as an alternative to a dual boot system.  On the one side I won’t have to uninstall, reformat, repartition, etc. in order to get it running on its own.  On the other, as I had said to a couple of people about that — taking this approach doesn’t really allow me to fully utilize the break-fix approach that I routinely use to fix problems that come up within the OS and within the programs that I’m using.  With it running as a window within Windows, when I get truly frustrated, I can just shut the Window, reset the control and allow it to come back to working.  Heh, not that I did much of a spectacular effort the last time, given that I justified blowing out the control entirely and returning to being a Windows-only user.  But you know what…  With all the news that I’ve been seeing about Windows Vista; and the fact that XP is on the way out, and the new version of Windows doesn’t look particularly promising.  I might want to consider moving over to another Operating System — one that doesn’t cost quite as much as Windows seems to be going.  Not to mention that some of the jobs that I’ve been seeing on the various job boards seem to be calling for Unix/Linux experience. 
     I’ve also thought of learning Perl scripting as well along the way, considering there was at least one job that I had interviewed for that was looking for someone with Perl experience. Of course, the fun about that is the fact that all I know is the name — I know next to nothing about it other than I think I saw one batch script that was written in Perl that I had used for something some years ago, for something that wasn’t behaving within Windows…  Heh…  Talk about aging myself — I remember it was back when I was working with a PC using a Cyrix Processor (mid to late 90s when I was living with Dan).  Since Cyrix (IBM) has gone out of the processor business, I haven’t had any need to work with Perl or even use that script that I used to use.  So, that’s probably why I don’t remember much else other than its name. 

     So yeah, as my mood states — I’m feeling pretty ill at the moment.  It’s from a combination of minor problems that cropped up all at once.  Nausea, headache and sinus-ache, cramps from my sin last night (I decided on having ice cream which is now biting me in the ass).  Some of it has to do with the fact that I didn’t have all that much coffee yesterday, some of it has to do with the psycho weather we’ve been having (typical highs and lows for the beginning of the spring).  My headache and sinus-ache’s finally gone by 13:00, but the nausea and cramping is still around.  *eye roll*  Woo.  At least the good thing is that by tonight when the sun goes down, I’ll be all right again.  *chuckles*  And people wonder why I like being Nightbreed.  Because I’d be sleeping through the cramping and nausea, as well as the sinus aches and headaches and by the time the sun went down, I’d be as right as rain. 
     Which at the moment I’m looking forward to sundown. 

     Today’s a quiet day here on this side of the world.  D’s off to his sister’s college to help her move things about, which means that he’s going to be gone most of the day.  Good thing too, considering that I wouldn’t be much company feeling the way that I do.  Hell, even the Hellbeast is only spending limited time with me.  Good thing too..  Heh, I don’t need her drooling all over me or I’ll probably hurl.  So, with the time apart, I’m sitting here trying my hand at a few flames with Apophysis, writing this entry and generally watching television and relaxing.  Yeah, I know I’m sucking out brain cells at the moment, but given how I’m feeling…  I don’t mind really. 

     Since the weather’s changed, I’ve been having some really dreams.  While they haven’t necessarily been aliens invading earth as I’ve had in the past — some of the intricacies of the plots of some of these dreams have been really complex.  It’s as though I’ve stopped being the observer in the dream and am now the story teller in them.  Which is nice, given that I got tired of feeling as though I were watching a television show that involved someone else’s life.  Unfortunately for me though, I can’t seem to remember what the dreams were about.  I can only remember some of the segments of one of them. 
     This dream was a couple of days ago.  I had landed a job like the one that I got so many years ago when I was working at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the CHAMPUS department.  What was weird about this job was that people in the office could smoke in it still.  I remember smelling cigarette smoke when I was going through that office.  Which is weird given that I don’t normally dream about smells or odors.  I remember going into the office the next day and the department that I had been working and seeing that everything had been moved.  The desks, the cubicle walls, even the computers.  About all that was left was some of the electrical wiring work, and a couple of outlets.  I don’t quite remember what was next, but I do know that I had talked to someone in the office and that this was expected.  That’s about all I remember. 

     Oh…  The meltdowns are beginning in the Trailer Park of Internet Chat:  Yahoo’s Tops & Bottoms.  Yesterday there was more than a bit of camp going on with adults basically being adults and speaking as such.  One of them from Haven’s (at this point I’m not going to use his name, but I’ve mentioned him a couple of times) comes in and hearing the language begins to complain on it.  When that goes south because my friend UK didn’t like him coming into the room dictating what can or cannot be done without fully comprehending what was going on at the time.  Frankly, I was there with my friend because it’s my belief that the Internet is for adults, and if there are children or people that can easily be offended — then it’s prudent to avoid those sections that could offend or shock. 
     But this one didn’t think about that.  He expected it to stop because he demanded it.  When that didn’t happen, he pissed off for a short time, before he turned around and came back under a different nick and throw what one would call a Yahoo Protest…  Basically what he did was come back into the room and start playing music — entirely too loudly — walking all over the conversations that were going on. 
     He then came back when his tactics weren’t working, and acted as though he hadn’t come into the room playing the music, in spite of the fact that the stealth nick was using used the same fonts, and the same tactics when it was playing music (YahElite can use the SND command to play music within it’s Voice Client – YahVox), played the exact music he’s played in the room in the past, and played at the exact loud levels… 
     So when he gets back he’s acting like he’s done nothing and that once he had the crap smacked out of him, it starts coming out.  He began complaining that the room is filled with voice bots and that it was all UK’s fault.  When it was demonstrated that the voice-bots that were in there had nothing to do with UK’s capabilities, he pissed off to someplace else.  But as usual — when it comes to the booting in the room, or the voice-bots that were sitting in there — were all UK’s fault.  In spite of the fact that it’s common knowledge that I’m the booter…  And in spite of UK’s abilities are exclusively the tone of his own voice and the strength that he can use it.  The voice-bots?  Well, they’re the imagination of a bunch of over-abused queers that have had an internet "lifetime" of dealing with takeovers, and smack-downs, and back-stabbings. 
     *grinning*  The countdown’s going.  And it’s only a matter of time before it blows up…  And I’m going to love it when it happens.  More on that to come. 

     That’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.

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