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Entry 04/27/2008 12:21:48 PM – Mentat 405

     It’s a rainy Sunday morning, and while it isn’t as warm today as it’s been through the week, I still have all the windows open in the place, and enjoying the combination of wet sounds of the occasional car driving by on this side of Fairmount, and the sounds of my iTunes playing here while I’m writing this journal entry.  It’s been a long week since the last entry, and as I had said in the abortive attempt of a journal entry yesterday — it never rains when it pours.  So with the chores that I needed to do this morning done, the coffee sitting in my spill-proof mug on the side of my keyboard, my iTunes going through a whole collection of music that doesn’t include the soundtracks, and my ever present, ever drooling cat on my lap happy for the attention she’ll get for the next fifteen minutes…  I’ll try to write through this entry that covers a whole lot of drama, trauma, thoughts, feelings, and observations. 

     Since the last journal entry, I have to admit that I got pretty excited that Ubuntu’s new version was coming out for release on Thursday.  I had made some speculation that it wouldn’t be coming out on the planned Thursday release because when I was reading through the White Paper on its release, I thought that it was going to hold off until Mozilla had finished it’s 3.0 beta-testing of Firefox.  But Canonical did release it, in spite of the fact that I read Thursday morning that it still did contain the beta release of Firefox 3.0 in the package.
     When I was sufficiently awake Thursday morning — having done my breakfast and a walk to the local Dunk (Dunkin Donuts) for an iced coffee — I prepped myself for the disappointment that the stampede of Ubuntu fanatics had beat me to the FTP and HTTP doors of all the servers for the latest release of Ubuntu’s Operating System.  Hitting three servers in the list in the United States had confirmed my suspicions and that they were being flooded with user requests to download the ISO for it for record.  On the three US attempts, I was getting a max speed of 44 Kb/s which would’ve taken me upward to 8 hours to download the ISO and prepping myself to try again for the weekend, I said to myself I would try one more server outside the US to see whether I would have continued mediocre luck. I also noticed that Canonical didn’t provide any of the MD5 Checksum Hashes for 8.04 which gave me a pause about downloading it from any of the US servers (I’ll explain that in a moment). 
     I didn’t.  I hit a server in Norway that was offering all the appropriate ISOs and even had the necessary MD5 Checksums for the 8.04 ISO that I was downloading.  I had an average download of 485 – 500 Kb/s that in about 45 minutes, the ISO for Hearty Heron was sitting on my desktop.  Not too bad for a 699 MB file, eh?  *grins*  Now for those of you that don’t know — an MD5 Checksum is basically a string that acts like fingerprint for the file that you downloaded.  With it you can compare the MD5 string with the one that is generated and compare to see if the file you downloaded has any bit errors.  While the MD5 is by no means infallible as smaller bit-errors can manifest in a downloaded file , it’s a sort of one of the checks and balances to ensure that the bigger bit errors haven’t manifested in such a large download while it’s being downloaded.  More information on the MD5 Checksum process can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM
     Forty-Five minutes later, I had the ISO on the desktop, the MD5 had compared, I said that I would burn it to CD later on after D and I had our usual rounds of chats, snarks, funs, and enjoying each other’s company when he was off doing his chores having supper.  At that time, it had burned to CD like a charm, and rebooting the machine, I had done the routine Integrity test of the CD as provided on the Live CD.  That worked, and running Ubuntu on Live CD, it came up to the Ubuntu Desktop like it was supposed to! 
     So, excited that I had a working CD and immediately noticing that Hearty Heron came to the desktop at maximum resolution (1680 x 1050) now have to wait ’til Tuesday for Microsoft to release SP3 so that I have a local copy of it here when I do the disk-wipe and correction of the partition so that it will reformat and run dual boot instead of what it’s been doing since I removed the Linux Partitions the last time, and reporting the drive’s MBR is damaged. 
     You know, I’ve had half a mind that with the money that I’m getting back from this Stimulus Rebate on getting maybe a similar hard drive to the one that I got for the media so that I don’t have to go through the bullshit of screwing up the FDISK and partitioning on the drive, moving it to the external (and have it serve as a back-up drive with more space) and running with even more space.  We’ll see though…  I still have at least a week or so before I’ll start the wipe and install, so I have time to think it through or impulsive shop my way through the decision.  *grins* 

     I ordered four movies on Sunday night before my last journal entry which had come in a full week prior to Amazon’s anticipated delivery date.  Broadway Damage, The Trip, Regular Guys, and Kill Zone.  I had seen Broadway Damage before on rental, and while I thought it moderately cheesy for an independent film, sort of like the corny ending and wanted to add it to my LGBT collection.  Never saw The Trip, or Regular Guys but considering the price was right ($14 and $13 respectively), I thought it a risk worth taking.  So, getting the movies in yesterday, the first one that I wanted to watch was Broadway Damage. 
     Popped it into the DVD player.  Nothing.  No rev up.  No pop-ups or the routine pop-up from Windows asking me what to do with the DVD. 
     Frowning, I launched Windows Explorer and saw that the DVD drive didn’t even have a label for it — sitting there as DVD-RW Drive (D:).   Double Clicked on it and Windows kicked back telling me to "Please insert a disc…" 
     Frowning more, I said to myself, "Great, I hope the DVD drive didn’t die…"  While grabbing one of the other movies in my collection that I knew worked.  Trick was the choice to test to ensure the drive was working, given that it’s had moderate issues with the thickness of the DVD and would occasionally have spin-up issues. 
     Trick spun up correctly and I received the routine Windows "What do you want to do?" with the DVD. 
     Looking at the DVD for Broadway Damage, I held it up to the light and found the culprit of the issue:  the reflective media used for a DVD wasn’t there, as I could see right through.
     Chuckling to myself, I said aloud, "Isn’t this special?  It’s a plastic coaster." 
     So, I dropped to Amazon and went through the return process so that tomorrow, the defective DVD is in the mail, and Amazon’s promised to ship a replacement back.  Not too shabby really…
     Yesterday, I watched Regular Guys and last night before I went to bed I watched The Trip. Loved — and I do mean LOVED — both of them.  Regular Guys was a fairly predictable situation comedy and comedy of errors of what happens when a straight man and a gay man find themselves together under a precarious situation, with a fun twist at the end that I should’ve seen coming but didn’t.  I particularly liked the way that Christoph’s (the straight man) luck at the beginning of the movie went south from the moment that his fiancé threw him out of the house for this muscle-head of a man to the moment he wakes up the next morning in Edgar’s (the gay man) bed wondering how he ended up there naked.  I also found the scene involving Edgar’s mother showing up toward the ¾ mark hysterical. 
     I admit that I was more than a little hesitant about watching The Trip however.  It’s a period piece of an LGBT film, involving the 70s and early 80s involving Gay Rights and the AIDS medical crisis.  And while AIDS does in fact come up in the story, at least it wasn’t the over-done Political Correct or AIDS Awareness message that had frequently been shoved down everyone’s throats in LGBT films of the 80s and 90s.  In fact, it was only an element of the story and not the central point of the story itself.  About the only complaints that I have about the movie are that Alexis Arquette’s in it (ugh, he’s got to be the freakiest looking Arquette of the bunch) and the bad wig-jobs for the 70s hair.  If there was any more money for the budget, then it should’ve been thrown towards the rugs the actors were wearing for the early to mid 70s time period. 
     I think that after I’m finished with this journal entry, I might watch Kill Zone (Saat po long).  It’s a Kung-Fu movie starring Donnie Yen (from Hero and Iron Monkey), which I had at first thought against getting, as I usually like my Kung Fu movies either Cheesy or set farther back into the past…  But again, the price was right… 

     The simmering in Yahoo Chat continues…  Sat in Tops & Bottoms last night watching how things were going, and it was like old times from years ago in GML: 1 before the explosion/implosion occurred.  We’ve got a group of weekend drunks that have been stinking up the place every Friday and Saturday…  Chaz, Jeff, Jerome and Ron being the biggest culprits of the lot…  Following is what I’ve observed of them over the years. 
     Chaz will start drinking hardcore, that by 8:30 PM — he’s got a persecution complex on how everyone that’s in the room and gay hates him: which he then screws up the courage get this "Piss you all" attitude and begins hogging the microphone by playing Celine Dion, or something equally clapped out.  When Chaz ends up being booted by the various people capable of the tactic because they’re tired of his clapped out music, and him stepping all over the ongoing chat — he comes back all the more, whining incessantly about his persecution complex.  Of course, there’s a creepier side to Chaz.  Seems that we have a minor in the room — a 17 year old — by the name of Garrett who seems to live in Chaz’s neck of the woods in the Southeast (Georgia/Alabama area).  According to Garrett and according to the various witnesses in the room — Chaz has been stalking Garrett to the point where Garrett has had to ignore him when he’s in there.  Rather disgusting too, considering that Chaz is upper 30s.
     Jerome is more than just a weekend drunk.  He’s a chronic alcoholic — typically seen drunk in chat every night he’s in there.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that his delusions are only matched by his pathological lies.  Every night he comes in, he’s telling stories of how he’s getting random sex…  And yet, the amount of poison and venom he spits at anyone and everyone — including yours truly — can only mean that he’s telling stories.  The cherry on the sundae of all this has to be the fact that he’s poured out the stories into the rooms during his drunken stupors (GML and Haven) over the last couple of years which Jerome seems to have conveniently forgotten (well, not necessarily convenient, more like from the amount of liquor he drinks).  While his interest in Turkish and Middle Eastern men isn’t necessarily a bad thing — the fact that he seems to try to "buy" them comes with dire consequences.  The first that he told us about stole his car…  The second, cleaned out his checking account..  The third and final one that he shared with the room cleared out his apartment.  According to the time he was crying about it, and coupled with the echo that his place suddenly acquired from the previous night to the next — he was at work when it happened.  Jerome still hasn’t totally recovered from the loss of his furniture, as I can still hear the echo in his house whenever he keys up to talk. 
     Jeff’s the next of the drunks.  Unstable and twists to either being "friend" or "foe" depending on which way the mood swings.  Apparently he’s been in quite a great amount of distress since Luke and Ron have been chatty-chatty and friendly in the channel and turning on Luke because of it.  Sad when you consider it, considering that he doesn’t seem to want to use his head and instead allows his anger to get the best of him at the worst times — including when he’s gotten drunk.  Unfortunately though, like Jamie from weeks back, it would appear that Jeff’s got quite a few court cases against him that are up for public perusal, which includes two convictions of DUI, a conviction of possession of a controlled substance (narcotics), and my personal favorites reckless endangerment (due to the DUIs), Assault of a police officer, and prison time (90 days incarceration).  Since it’s been hinted that I would be doing the sort of research as I would with Jamie from a couple of weeks ago — Jeff has decided on laying low hoping that it would blow over, but it’s not going to go away.  Neither will Jeff’s history as there’s so much more to it, of which some of it I’ve talked about in prior journal entries. 
     Ron has got to be the most venomous of the drunks in the room at the moment.  Well known for his incessant dictations, incoherent blathering which I not too affectionately call "committee-speak" (speaking for a group of people in spite of the fact that no one’s appointed him to speaking for them), and back-stabbing.  I’ve personally experienced this back-stabbing of his where he’s sitting in the room being all nice and friendly with someone, while at the same time talking about them in a PM bad-mouthing them.  It’s like having the worst qualities of a human being wrapped up into one person — gossip, conniving, sycophant, hypocrite, alcoholic, busy-body, poseur…  A weak-person through and through.  Like Jerome, he tends to try to "buy" people’s friendship — which almost always backfires because he doesn’t know how to stop being such a petty, ass-kissing gossip.  Out of all the drunks, Ron’s clearly the one that’s going to take the longest to screw up and get caught — if only because he’s the most conniving of them. 
     Like Chaz, when Ron’s gotten blind stinking drunk he attempts to turn voice chat into his own personal AM radio station.  Unlike Chaz who plays love songs and cheesy "lite" favorites (that routinely turn my stomach), Ron plays clapped out show tunes and post-big band tunes that one would hear if they went into some old, gay piano bar of the 70s and early 80s.  Heh, Ron plays this one song that he calls "techno" which is in fact nothing more than some craptacular dance cover of a song that was originally released in the 70s.  *eye roll*  Of course, the best part is that out of the drunks, Ron is most known for passing out at the computer, where the rest have the decency to sign off before they pass out.  Which is comical given you can hear him snoring and passing gas because he’s locked the mic on in the process
     Heh, next entry, I’ll talk about a couple of the Haven queers that are throwing tantrums because they can’t claim the place as their room, attempt to control everything going on, and being back-stabbing conniving hypocrites and making Tops & Bottoms even more sleazy and trailer park-like than it already is. 

[Last Edited: 04/27/2008 04:46:33 PM]

     All right, I’m back from a quick power-nap, and spending a bit of time with my cat who seemed to be in one of her more needy moods.  Heh, she’s sitting here on my lap once again loving the attention and drooling all over my shorts.  Got to love it when she’s this way.  In twenty minutes, she’ll go from mewing to hissing and off to either the bed or the couch to be left alone. 

     Quite a bit’s gone on with D and I through this week.  A crisis averted, a calamity came up, and of course, the ever-present exploration of personalities.  It started with a talk with D on Thursday night when through the week and seeing a couple of para-fights in Furcadia (http://www.furcadia.com), decided I was going to drop in a bit more to see how things were going.  Found out that D’s been quite a busy player, having practically an entirely different virtual life going on there that I had no idea existed.  While I trust D on this, I admit that I had more than a little concern as to what I heard, as it reminded me of the fact that I used to be the same way at about the same age for practically the same reasons.  I had a talk with him about it, including my concerns about the direction that it had gone and while I wasn’t too concerned at the level, I knew that it had to be cut down more than a little bit.  D of course agreed that the reason why it was as in-depth as it was had to do with the fact that he’s been practically a live-in maid since he had temporarily acquired the dogs from his ex-boyfriend.  He had discussed with his parents that he wanted to get a job, and from what I’ve been able to discern from that conversation, his mother doesn’t want him to exactly work at the moment as she doesn’t want the house torn up while they’re all at work.  Over the course of the week he had said that he had been excessively restless the last couple of days, but he didn’t exactly know the reason ’til we had this conversation — which he said that it has to do with the fact that he’s used to a lot of physical activity and this sedentary life is really beginning to get to him.  He decided that he was going to be getting up early in the morning (for him, 6 AM) and go out running and do some reps before coming back to the house.
     I agreed with him that he should, and silently agreed that I should be doing something of the sort as well.
     The next morning, when I got up at 7 AM here on this side of the world, I showered, got dressed, fired up the iPod, and went out in the morning to a walk to the Dunk over at Front Street (about a mile and a half round trip from here). When I got home, D tells me that his mother’s been considering canceling not only the family’s internet connection but his as well, considering that he’s not working anymore and is being strongly advised against getting a job while the dogs are there.  I was furious hearing this, considering it hit nerves with me as my parents used to do similar crap with me and it used to blackmail me into doing things that I was already doing. 
     I told D that I needed a walk and that I needed to get all this anger out somehow, because sitting around talking about it wasn’t going to help me, and in fact given the way that I was reacting, thinking and talking about it was only going to make it worse.  I told him that I was going to go out for a little bit — probably the afternoon — and that I’d be back.  The entire walk to Stop & Shop over in Park Square — D and I went back and forth in text with him feeling bad that he had caused me to be this mad, and me telling him to the contrary…  Followed shortly by suggestions on how to handle the situation as I had been in something similar when I was still at home with my parents… 
     I picked up some RIPTIKs and then headed down to Providence, and Providence Place as it seemed as good an idea as any.  Went browsing through some of the stores, ended up buying myself a new pair of ear-buds at the Apple Store which was an upgrade to the pair that I currently have. Good thing too, because while I like the ones that I had; the thing that worked me about it was that it had a connector about ¾ of the way down the wire that pulls the plugs out of my ear occasionally. 
     I was calm by the time I got home, and waiting to see whether his connection was going to be disconnected, and during that time, D got right in a huff about the crap and ended up not only going out and job hunting a bit in spite of his mother’s advisements against it.  While he didn’t have much luck the first time out (not surprising given the state of the economy), he did work out an alternative that he had pitched to his mother — which seemed to work for the time being.
     The next day however, his laptop died…  Something about the display stopped powering up.  Did a little research and it could be several somethings:  the RAM needs to be reseated (the easier of the three) to the display having completely given up the ghost (worst case).  He was supposed to go have it checked by the man that had checked it the last time it stopped behaving, but was too tired and not feeling well enough for the trip, so he’s going to hold off dealing with it until tomorrow.  In the mean time — we still can Skype-to-phone until then, as he’s got unlimited minutes nights and weekends, and I’ve got unlimited Skype until June of this year. 

     That’s about it for the time being.  I think everything’s caught up for the moment.  Off to post, watch Kill Zone and play a game or two…  Until the next time.

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