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Entry 05/13/2008 04:49:30 PM – Mentat 408

     T-minus 23 days and counting. 
     Yeah, that’s right.  I’ve got a countdown going.  I bought the airplane tickets and reserved a hotel room for my trip to the other coast to finally meet D face to face.  Although I have to admit that while I’ve been excited and in a sense relieved that I’ve finally gotten the stimulus check from the IRS in order to plan this trip, at the same time D hasn’t been exactly thrilled hearing this.  While I don’t believe in portents and omens, I’m left with an ominous feeling about his lack of enthusiasm about my heading to Seattle for 5 days. 
     Sure, he hasn’t exactly been in the right place for this.  First he has some sort of fight with his sister on Mother’s Day that gets him seriously torqued up.  Torqued up enough that his back started bothering him Sunday night.  So much so in fact that he had to take a pain killer for it.  Then yesterday, he’s unusually quiet on the paging front, partially because his back was continuing to bother him…  Partially because he buried himself into a book that he had acquired for the rest of the day.  Then as I was chatting with him last night in Furcadia — he called it an early night because his back continued to bother him — because he had done more heavy lifting at work yesterday as well. 
     Today?  More quiet.  Not a single page…  Not a single message from him.  There isn’t much doubt in my mind that he’s assuredly buried his nose once again in his book while he’s at work. 
     Still though…  The ominous feeling remains.  Hopefully, it’ll pass soon enough when he’s finished his book, and he’s gotten his back straightened out once again he’ll seem more enthused about this. 

     In other news…  The tweaking with Linux goes well.  I found a program that replaced the instructional set that I’ve been using to get Ubuntu to play DVDs, but at the same time still have an outstanding issue with both Totem and VLC from being able to play DVDs.  God, it’s a mess with Totem and VLC.  Sometimes they’ll play the DVD and go right through the menus to the movie.  Sometimes it’ll pull up the menu — but neither Totem nor VLC will recognize the mouse commands to access the options.  And my personal favorite — sometimes the DVDs won’t load up (mount at all). 
     I had been only been half-going through the forums to find an answer and actually stumbled across an alternative program: Ogle.  Written by a couple of German University Students, Ogle does precisely what it’s supposed to do:  accept menu commands, mouse commands, Full Screen, Window.  About the only thing that it doesn’t actually do is auto-load when a DVD is mounted.  It doesn’t seem that it’s part of the options in the menus commands — so I’m going to have to look into that.  Oh, and a minor issue is the amount of processor and load time Ogle takes to play the movie.  But if that’s the price I have to pay for a better clarity and resolution in the movies — then so be it. 

     I also tried out using a set of phone tools in Linux for my phone.  Seemed to have worked, but at the same time it seems to have knocked out my ability to use the phone tools in Windows.  I think it has to do with the way that Linux accesses the modem commands vs. how Windows does.  I think there’s a method of resetting the phone in order to get the modem to reset, but for the life of me I don’t remember the Security Codes to get to the phone and master resets.  I’ve got an e-mail out to support for the Windows software to see whether they will be able to help me, if not, then in a couple of days, I’ll call AT&T Support to see whether they can help me reset my lock codes. 

     Not too much else for the time being.  I’ll write more this week when I get a chance.   Until the next time.

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