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Entry 06/04/2008 02:16:49 PM – Mentat 414

     T-Minus 1 Day and counting. 

     This will probably be the last entry that I do prior to the trip for if I tried to write an entry tomorrow — it’s going to be pretty brief.  I haven’t packed yet, but that’s usual for the likes of me, given that I usually do the packing at night prior to going to bed, or given that I’m leaving at 4 in the afternoon tomorrow, during the morning to pass the time.  It’s a good stress-reliever for me, as it gives me something to do with idle hands, and keep my mind working instead of stressing through, "will I make it to the airport on time…" and so on. 
     Checked out the weather reports for Seattle, and it looks like I’m going to be faced with slightly cooler weather than here.  Well, at least cooler for the last couple of days.  Right now it’s about the same temperatures that I’ll be expected on the left coast, which means that I needed to spend a couple of dollars for a windbreaker for both the chill in the air as well as the impending drizzle and occasional rain that’s also in the forecasts for this weekend.  Heh — chances are I’ll look like a Yankee there, given that I’m going to do the Yankee thing, and wear shorts with the coat while the rest of the natives dress a little warmer.  *shrugging* Not that I care really, given that I do shorts with a parka during the winter as well. 
     I also got the walking shoes that I ordered from Famous Footwear a couple of weeks ago, and not a moment too soon too, given that they were supposed to be in end of last week.  Then the scheduled shipping date changed to the next day.  Then it didn’t show up in spite of the fact that the tracking information stated that it had been delivered.  But didn’t really get delivered given that I had been home the entire day, and mail came and went without the package being delivered.  I got it the next day.  Turns out the postman that ran on Monday wasn’t too familiar with the area, and forgot to drop off the box on Monday.  Come Tuesday though, the regular man was doing the deliveries and the box came in…  I know I shouldn’t complain too much…  In the two years I’ve been living here all the packages that have come here…  By Fed-Ex, UPS, even USPS have always been on time at worst, to two days early at best.  This was the first time that it was actually late.  So… Heh, I’ve been breaking them in today and like the fit and feel. 
     Went shopping today to pick up a couple of things that I’m going to need for the trip.  Soap, Shampoo in case the place I’m staying at doesn’t have any (I went cheap, so it pays to be cautious and prepared), a book for the long parts of the trip when I get tired of listening to my iPod.  Heh, would you believe Eragon?  Seemed rather ironic given that it was D that totally tore up the movie because he had read the book first.  That and the fact that it’s an easy read, as I wasn’t in the mood to head over to Barnes & Noble and try to pick up something a bit headier in the Sci-Fi realm (like Polaris and The Engines of God from Jack McDevitt). 

     Of course, like old times, when I went out shopping, I completely forgot to pick up at least one thing in the twenty things that I did…  A new wrist rest for the home PC.  *chuckling*  Went into the kitchen Monday to give this one a cleaning because it was looking pretty damned grotty looking and when I was wiping it off from the washing I gave it, I realized that the thing had not one, but two holes in it.  So I did a little ghetto fixing, and temporarily taped up the holes, thinking that I would pick one up when I picked up the items for the trip.  And didn’t!  Ha! 
     Either I’ll have time tomorrow to do it, if I can drag my ass out of bed early enough.  If not, well then I’ll wait ’til I get back next week. 

     Let’s see…  Handed off my old Creative Labs Zen to my aunt today before the trip.  I hadn’t used the thing in more than a year and a half since I got my iPod, and given that she has a modest collection of MP3s, thought it only natural to give it to her when she’s wanting to listen to music without playing it throughout the house.  It’s only a 1 GB Zen, so it’ll allow her to listen to about 12 – 18 hours worth of her music, which at the moment is able to hold her entire collection and leave her with something like 176 MB free space still. 
     Gave her a basic rundown of the thing, as well as the interface for music, so she’s more than happy at the moment with it.  Heh, maybe she’ll use it like I used to when I’d walk back and forth from the bus stop.  Of course we’ll see how that goes, given that she’s made several promises to herself that she’s start walking a little bit, and has yet to actually do so. 

     Had a dream the other night about meeting D.  Yeah that particular dream was pretty damned frustrating given that I haven’t heard word from him since the last e-mail that I mentioned in the last journal entry.  It was a short dream involving him stopping by at the hotel I was staying at, with us chatting a short time before the two of us headed out someplace. I don’t remember where it was we were heading.  Dinner, I think.  Or someplace casual to hang. 
     I remember that I had come up behind him and placing my hand on his shoulder and telling him that I was ready to go, but he had said that we were in no rush and could stay here at the hotel room for a short time.  I sat across from him, for a short time before the dream morphed into another dream (that I totally don’t remember), and shortly after that, I woke up frustrated that I had such a dream. 

     As I said, I haven’t heard anything from Damion since the last e-mail.  No doubt he’s still helping out his aunt.  He told me not to worry, and that he wouldn’t leave me in an informational black-hole as he had promised that he would respond to the e-mails that I had sent him once he had the chance and once he thought through everything that I had posed to him in those e-mails…  But I get the sinking suspicion that I’m going to be stood up in Seattle, and that he’s only going to get the chance to respond to everything sometime after I get back. 
     I’m going to fire off an e-mail tomorrow before I leave with the information on how to contact me in case he’s in town and he changes his mind.  I haven’t thought through on what I’m going to do if he completely stands me up, in fact I know I’ve been holding off until I’m back from Seattle to make any sort of decision — be it the promise I made during the phone call just under three weeks ago — or the compromise I made mention of in the last e-mail I sent him. 
     I think I’m going to continue to hold off and see what can be seen of this trip and meditate on it when I get the chance. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  After this, it’s a nap, watch a little television, and then start the packing.  Until next week then…
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