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Entry 06/15/2008 10:30:04 AM – Mentat 417

     It seems that there was some excitement here last night that I slept through because I had a beer before I went to bed.  My aunt tells me that last night at about 3 in the morning, she had woken up to head to the bathroom and when she was coming back, she saw some light from the front of the house.  Thinking that my uncle was up and was having a small bout of insomnia, made a comment aloud, "I hope he’s not up."  She tends to think aloud usually when she’s tired. 
     As she headed to the front of the house, she saw someone with a flashlight going through the front window.  Naturally after whoever it was that was gone, she had done a quick check to ensure that nothing was stolen, and to also lock the windows.
     I urged her this morning after she told me this that she should call the police and report it, if only to ensure that more cruisers come to this side of the world for the next couple of weeks, as thieves tend to make another attempt sometimes if they think the house has something to steal.  She’s taking it pretty casually, for right now she’s off with my uncle to morning mass. 
     Strange though that they didn’t go through the front door, as it had been removed the last couple of days, with it only being a locked screen door. My aunt and uncle have been working on getting the door stripped and re-varnished because the paint job on it was getting old and cracked.  But instead they went through that particular window because the screen on it comes off easily and is the window they use for the air conditioner for July and August. 
     My aunt’s also talked about keeping those windows locked, but what’s weird about that is that they went through the front windows on the porch, which has more than enough lighting from the street lamps for anyone in the neighborhood and anyone driving through to see what was going on.  While I know it’s a really quiet neighborhood, at the same time, there are occasional folk driving up and down the street, as I’ve been out there on the porch at that time in the morning, either talking on the phone with D, enjoying the night air either because I’m going through a bout of insomnia myself, or as Nightbreed because it was coolest at that time in the summer. 
     We’ll see how this turns out when she gets back…

     Had a moderately disturbing dream that had left me pretty uneasy when I woke up to the alarm this morning.  I know it was multiple dreams that were sort of slapped together by my conscious mind, as it had covered several states, and at least three themes.  The first part of the dream involved me traveling to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia — I don’t exactly remember which, but I did know that it was in PA as I thought about Jeannie in it.  I was in town with several other people that I had personally known, but in reality I have no idea who they were.  One of them had to get to the hospital because there was something wrong with him and that he needed to get to the hospital for some sort of treatment that he has missed.  I went with him and stayed for a while, noticing that I needed to be at the emergency room because there had been blood on my thigh. 
     Getting to the hospital with my friend, and seeing the waiting room was filled with people, I knew that I personally had a long wait ahead of me whatever the problem was — as I was still conscious — I would probably be last in.  My friend had priority not because of the treatment that he needed to have done, but that he had been inpatient before and still had his medical bracelet on, so he would be escorted to the right place quickly for the treatment that he need to have performed.
     I got a medical bracelet myself at one point, but the wait was still going to be long for me, so I left. 
     The next part of the dream I was on some sort of tour or bus trip along the coast of a lake (I think). I was traveling with several older folk and at one point on the bus tour, we were able to get out of the bus and take a walk along the shores.  While on the shores, I had found an old wind-up toy car that looked like it had been made sometime in the 40s or 50s.  It had been water-logged having been along the shore of the water and while I think it worked, I handed over to the older woman telling her that she needed to let it dry out first before trying to wind it up.
     She told me that she remembered owning a toy like this when she was a child, and thanked me for giving it to her. 
     I then began looking through the water and came across a huge piece of rutilated quartz.  This piece of quartz also seemed to have been fractured and would crumble when I applied pressure.  It was weird because it was acting more like rock candy than quartz.  I had broken off a bigger piece of it and used the remainder to polish off the rougher edges.  I gave a piece of it to the bus driver, and the remainder to anyone that was interested in having a piece, keeping the piece that I worked on for myself. 
     A couple of days later, I was back in the city that I had left.  I was feeling better, and there was no evidence of whatever happened to me that caused me to bleed could be found.  I made my way back to the hospital that I had originally waited in for treatment, and knowing that because I still had the medical bracelet on me would have priority. 
     Showing it to the nurse/receptionist, she had a conniption.  She told me that the problem that I had could be fatal if it hadn’t been treated immediately, and that in my disappearance, it could have serious ramifications for her career. 
     I told her that I could be more than discrete, and covered for her if they ask me questions about this.  I was completely oblivious to just how life-threatening my situation was. 
     The last thing that happened in the dream was my watching her walk away toward the Treatment Rooms and me being annoyed that I would have to cover for her, when it was her fault to begin with. 

     I think I found that my having some life-threatening problem and being completely oblivious to it was the most disturbing portion of the dream.  Particularly given that I was more concerned with this nurse’s pride and keeping the discretion that she screwed up than with my own condition.  While I’ve been in positions where I’ve been on the verge of death, other people’s pride and vanity is usually the last thing that I care about in those situations.  I care for their compassion, I sympathize for their issues — but it has never been over something as petty as someone’s job. 
     I was glad that the alarm woke me up from it, and I did go back to sleep for about an hour before my body realized that I’ve gotten something like 8 hours of sleep and I’ve slept enough. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  I have an e-mail that I need to write to someone that I haven’t talked to in some years, and another for D that I’ve been stumbling through like a complete retard.  I’m trying to write something inspirational, but for the life of me, it’s either coming out feeling completely sappy, or missing the points that I’m trying to make entirely.  Maybe if I get a little bit more coffee and stop trying too hard in writing it, I might have better luck.  *crosses fingers*  Until the next time.

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