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Entry 06/22/2008 04:43:43 PM – Mentat 419

     My last day of unemployment and collecting is finally here…  Today…  Tomorrow, I start a new job not too far from the house – and given the amount of traveling that I’ve routinely done in the 20+ years that I’ve been working, this particular job will be the closest I’ve ever worked to where I’ve lived.  Less than 8 miles according to the odometer.  This is also the first full-time job that I’ve gotten without going through a temporary agency or a contractor in over two years, and prior to that in five.  The best part of it is that in three weeks, once I get through the three weeks of training, I’m going to be working nights…  *grinning*  Yes, that’s right, I’ll be back to being Nightbreed. 
     It’s rather interesting how I got the job.  It’s even more interesting how quickly it came up on me. 
     Got a call earlier in the week from a woman named Brenda telling me that she had only just received the resume that had been submitted for their consideration and that she was calling to schedule an interview for the middle of the week.  I agreed and showed up on time.  So, I go through a two-part interview.  Part one involving the technical aspects of the call center position — which I did really well, answering the questions given to me with such detail that the second part of the questions when he asked later were already answered with the first parts.  If anything, I had missed two questions, one involving NSLOOKUP  which I’ve only used once and that was when I was working a project at Brown University.  The other involved a NAT (Network Address Translation), but took a stab at it anyway and was able to explain the function of it correctly.  The second part of the interview involved Customer Service, which I’ve always done well, given that I usually have the personality to deal with people over the phone.  In fact, during that part of the interview I spoke about the experience I had with one particular dental office in Oregon (when I used to work at Practice|Works) that would routinely ask for only me to help them with their problems.
     She had explained to me the hours were 2nd Shift and asked me if that was all right, and I made a comment that it’s alright, as well as 3rd shift which is what I preferred first.  When she heard that, her tone changed to something even more positive than what she was conveying in the interview. 
     Toward the end of the interview, she tells me that the orientation and the hiring for 2nd shift won’t be considered until 14, July.  I thought that was all right, as it corresponded with the end of my unemployment benefits, and that I would most probably be maxing them out. 
     Friday comes along and I get a couple of calls.  The one that I answered was a wrong number for someone asking for a woman (this is the group of friends that didn’t know she had changed her number.  The other that went to voicemail was from Human Resources for the corporate office for the place that I had interviewed at. 
     Calling it back, they made an offer and informed me that orientation would be on Monday (tomorrow) and that the offer was tentative based on the drug screening and background check that was currently in process at the time of the call.  I was able to discern from the conversation that they were in a hurry to fill the third shift position.  She told me the pay, and the differential for working third shift, and that because it was 3rd shift, it would be 10 hours days and that I would be working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
     Fantastic!  I get the three busiest working days in the week off!
     So, tomorrow, I’ve got to be up really early, head down to the airport area and try to get a drug screening done, and then over to West Warwick for the new employee orientation.  Not sure how long it’ll last, but I get the impression that it’ll last at least half the day.  Then from there I don’t know what goes on for Monday, but I think Tuesday, I’ll be at the office in Smithfield, starting my training.  More on that as that progresses. 

     I’ll be back shortly.  I need a disco nap before I try cutting into the other part that’s bothering me. 

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     Okay, so I took my disco nap, and then I went to play in Yahoo Chat for a little bit with my friend Luke before winding myself down for the night and getting ready to get to bed shortly.  Tried to get hold of D during the course of the evening, and just as I was about get him to sit down and talk to me a little bit, like a broken record, he got dragged off by another relative to go to the store to pick something up for supper.  I know I wouldn’t have much luck getting him to talk to me in the state that he was in, given that he had a few beers and was really giggly — a sure sign that he would be evasive, instead of wanting to talk about anything important or meaningful.  And coupled with the fact that I was feeling particularly needy last night after a couple of beers, I can tell this is going to be a train wreck waiting to happen.  Both in the way that he’s going to handle it, and in my dysfunction of what typically happens when I get needy and feeling as though I’m being turned down for it. 
     Either way, it’s not a good omen to be going into when starting a new job. 
     I’m going to cut this entry off before I say anything that I’m going to regret, or cause myself to think things I really shouldn’t be thinking in this state.  I’ll write more tomorrow after I get enough sleep, go through orientation and have time to cool off.  Until then. 

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