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Entry 06/28/2008 11:45:39 AM – Mentat 420

     Oh, I can tell this is going to be a fun day today.  I mean, it’s the weekend, I’ve gotten just enough sleep…  I could’ve used more sleep but 6 hours at the moment is more than enough.  I’ll probably grab a nap later on in the afternoon like I usually do.  I’ve tried to start a journal entry about three or four times now, all of which I’ve removed because I was just a scatter-brained nitwit.  I couldn’t listening during the music while trying to write because even the happy-sappy 80s music that I was listening to was too distracting, too loud, or too annoying.  So far, I’ve got the television going and it’s the right kind of background noise that it’s not annoying me, or finding it too distracting.  But start the egg-timer, I’m sure that it’ll be only a matter of time before I find it all of the above. 
     So I’ve gotten through my first week of training, and I’m tripping over all sorts of paradoxes in this.  That out of the class of two, I’m the full-time employee for a change.  Yeah, the other man in the class — Curtis is his name — is the temp instead, and according to him this is the first time that he’s ever been a contractor in a company.  Had a fun moment at the beginning of the week when I — the experienced contractor — explained the basics of contractor/temp life, which he got a kick out of.  Right down to the joke about "blame the temp" and how that works. 
     I was also impressed by the amount of understanding I had for some of the more arcane parts of DNS that I only touched when doing reverse DNS lookup when reporting spammers and denial of service attacks.  The guts of the SOA were interesting to learn though.  I’m going to need to look into a GUI interface for NS Lookup — particularly given that sometimes we have to copy the information and DOS window copying is an annoying pain in the ass even with the VB script that I used to use back in the days.  I have a tool at home that I can use for that sort of thing (and more) from Axence Tools (http://www.axence.com) that provides complete NS Lookup and the ability to export to text or copy in it’s entirety to whatever window that I use but I’m not sure whether I have sufficient privileges to use it at work.  I’ll give it a try when I get situated after training. 
     The bike ride to work is a bit of a chore, but I think it’s mostly because I’ve been sedentary for the last 9 months.  God, I’m so out of shape *chuckles*  It’s about three miles from the mall (Lincoln Mall) to the office, and it’s a mixture of uphill/downhill (mostly uphill on the way to work) which I don’t mind at the moment…  Although it’s annoying as hell during rush hour because Douglas Pike barely has a bike-path/road for me to ride and people are rather ignorant about the sides of the road.  Not to mention that I’ve acclimated to the temps and humidity here — which leaves me dripping with sweat by the time I get to the mall.  I think it’ll definitely be easier to handle during the night shift, given that temperatures and humidity here seriously drop after 7 PM, and stay low by the time I get out of work in the morning.  Haven’t worked out the parts about the winter — but we’ll see what we’ll see the closer I get to that season. 
     Personally I can’t wait ’til I’m actually Nightbreed again.  This particular transition’s going to be more than a little bit tough as I’ve only got a couple of nights to do it.  But given that I’ve got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afterward, I think I’ll be able to swing it.  More on that once I get through the next two weeks of training. 

     Finally got to talk to D last night, after it having been postponed from last Sunday because he decided to be impulsive and go out and have a good time.  Tried covering many of the things that have been sitting in limbo since the time I announced that I was going to Seattle to meet him.  Still have plenty of issues that need to be covered, but at least I felt like things were going in the right direction.  It’s all a matter of trying to get him to realize the most basic aspects of himself and accepting them for what they are, instead of shutting down and withdrawing because of the usual fears. 
     He used an interesting word when trying to talk through all this…  That is that he feels like such a "rookie" in all this.  What I don’t think he realizes is that we’re all rookies when it comes to relationship building, because with each relationship comes a different set of dynamics.  Sure, some people can figure out the dynamics of most of the common elements, but the nuances change from person to person to person. 
     I know that I didn’t quite explain it but some of the more important points were made.
     So now it’s all a matter of him figuring it out and puzzling it out for himself.  And once that’s done where this is going to go.  And that means, time… 

     Well that’s about it for the moment.  I haven’t been in much of a mood to write, and as you can tell, I’ve been dickering about this since about brunch-time.  I’ll write more when and if I get the inspiration.  Until the next time.

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